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Game Options Menu isn't showing after latest update.

I updated my game today and the Game Options menu is blank every time I click on it. I went through all of my scripted mods one by one and found no solution. I have no idea what could be causing the game's options' text to completely disappear, leaving only the graphic options tab. Even when I click on it, it's blank. Is anyone else having this issue? I can't disable all of my mods because the options won't show. I updated all of my scripted mods since they tend to be the issue for my game after updates but nothing seems to be working. I am confused if it is the mods or this update causing the issues. Honestly, if it's the update then the devs really need to look through their logs.


  • 3KNPen3KNPen Posts: 2,425 Member
    edited February 23
    It does sound like a Mod Issue. I would just physically pull your mods folder completely from your game and see if that fixes the issue. If it does check THIS thread to see if any of your mod sets are listed as not working update the ones that need to be updated and add the folder back in and test to see if it's working again with them in.
  • HenriettaStrifeHenriettaStrife Posts: 41 Member
    UI Extension Cheats was my first guess but no, the issue continued even after removing it from the mod folder. I saw Shimrod's mod mentioned in the list. I do have one of his/her mods. Thank you, I will see if that is the issue and report back.
  • 3KNPen3KNPen Posts: 2,425 Member
    Pull out your whole mod folder run a game repair and then restart to see if you still have the issue. If you don't slowly add your mods back in to see if you can weed out which one is causing the issue.
  • HenriettaStrifeHenriettaStrife Posts: 41 Member
    Thank you for your help. I repaired the game and turns out it was the U.I mod all along. Apparently, I had removed the script but forgot about the package part of it. Odd how some people say this is still working for them. I hope it gets updated soon.
  • 3KNPen3KNPen Posts: 2,425 Member
    Yeah I still have my UI Extensions mod in (because I'm lazy lol) and it hasn't done anything negative for me other then some on the actual Sim UI looking a bit wonky everything is working as normal and the mod is even still functioning like it should.
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