Luma_Bear32910Luma_Bear32910 Posts: 109 Member
Does anyone make real-life pets for sims 3? I'm horrible at making them.


  • CrazyCandySimsCrazyCandySims Posts: 143 Member
    I made my first cat, Taylor, in Sims 3. I also plan to make my other two cats, Nella and Bingo. I'll post a picture of Sims 3 Taylor sometime.
  • cursednocturnecursednocturne Posts: 29 New Member
    I've been slowly getting better at making different cat patterns recently. I made a realistic looking tortoiseshell pattern recently, and soon I'm going to try and make my cats Axel and Simba (though the latter may be more difficult considering you can't make one-eyed pets).
  • rosethesimmerrosethesimmer Posts: 24 New Member
    I've made my uncle's old dog, Kelly, a Brittany Spaniel (I think). I just used the games default instead of customizing, though.
  • Luma_Bear32910Luma_Bear32910 Posts: 109 Member
    Sorry it took forever to respond, I want to take some time to play with the pets because, I would love to make my own instead of just use the default breeds/coats
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