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Full Sims 4 Premade Makeovers

RexySimmerRexySimmer Posts: 119 Member
edited May 2017 in Sims and Modeling
Hi Simmers, For a long time I have been working on giving all the Premade households in The Sims 4 makeovers, I researched each Sim on the Sims Wiki and the Household Bios, to find out their kind of character, how they might dress depending on were they come from, I used Maxis Match CC a lot. I won't edit their faces too much but I will try and enhance their natural features. Feel free to share your views!
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  • RexySimmerRexySimmer Posts: 119 Member
    153mm8k.jpg Katrina Caliente

    jsownr.jpg Nina Caliente

    eh13yd.jpg Dina Caliente

    I kept with the latino theme that runs through the family, Their eyes were narrowed slightly and their skin is more tanned!

    ev6dqt.jpg Don Lothario

    This Casanova will be getting into a lot of trouble... He has his olive brown skin and his Glossy black hair!!

  • RexySimmerRexySimmer Posts: 119 Member
    9uz0x0.png Geoffrey Landgraab

    2zjcs8w.png Nancy Landgraab

    2942d6e.png Malcolm Landgraab

    I'd say the Landgraabs are looking good now, Geoffrey needed to look richer and less fat and old, Nancy is my favourite, I tweaked her face slightly, Malcolm I think is now like the 'Hot, Rich Bachelor'. What do you think?
  • RexySimmerRexySimmer Posts: 119 Member
    1zwi5pj.png John Landgraab-Zest

    As much as Johnny was a splinter faction of his family he still has some Landgraab features, He aspires to make his fortune in comedy before speeding off to his own private island, He now has a casual look and seems a bit more rebellious with the shaved haircut. Share Your Views!
  • RexySimmerRexySimmer Posts: 119 Member
    2e3qq0n.png Mitchell Kalani

    e5qnaq.png J Huntington III

    akj49i.png Gavin Richards

    1z72780.png Zoe Patel

    Mitchell didn't change that much apart from clothes and hair, he still has his chilled, laid-back look to him. J has a plum hairstyle now, which I think works a lot better than his old one and I edited his face to get rid of his massive jawbones. Gavin is still nerdy with the look of a succesful person in his suit. Zoe has her old happy self with plenty of yellow and long, dark brown hair. Good Change or Bad Change?
  • RexySimmerRexySimmer Posts: 119 Member
    oen89.png Bella Goth

    52na5l.png Mortimer Goth

    2coptag.png Cassandra Goth

    140ekq0.png Alexander Goth

    I went very heavily on the red and black colour scheme, I really like Cassandra, and Bella is cool but her dress seems a bit more 'Crumplebottom' (Chances are you don't know what I mean) than Goth but I like it all the same. Mortimer seems more rich and intimidating and less shy and depressed. Alexanders haircut... No words can say...
  • RexySimmerRexySimmer Posts: 119 Member
    edited May 2017
    3492d82.png Bob Pancakes

    2yxhlx4.png Eliza Pancakes

    I didnt change Bob that much, He is a bit more laid back and scruffy in terms of clothing, Eliza is one of my best looking sims now, Her hair is nice, her freckles are amazing, her clothes might be a bit to 'hipster' but meh.
  • ZaszZasz Posts: 337 Member
    How did you get the cleavage lines like on Nina Caliente? They amazingly realistic, better than anything in the game.
    333 - Only half evil.
  • RexySimmerRexySimmer Posts: 119 Member
    ih17ol.png Dennis Kim

    2r4lzsi.png Vivian Lewis

    25s31as.png Eric Lewis

    2hz1klt.png Alice Spencer-Kim

    291nf45.png Olivia Spencer-Kim-Lewis

    The Spencer-Kim side of the family got an asian look with bold patterns and the colour blue and purple sprouting out a lot. The Lewis side of the family has a lot of orange as the matriarch Vivian has always worm orange. The Final Generation, Olivia had everything from both sides of the family in her outfits and hair. Wow. What do you think?
  • RexySimmerRexySimmer Posts: 119 Member
    25rfqsh.png Travis Scott

    nyux36.png Liberty Lee

    2istxg7.png Summer Holiday

    I think I captured them from their traits, Travis has a young, fun outfit, Liberty is purple and bubbly and Summer is very pretty and summery. Do You like the changes?
  • RexySimmerRexySimmer Posts: 119 Member
    @Zasz For the lines it is a bit of CC, which is great called Pralinesims Venus Skins
  • RexySimmerRexySimmer Posts: 119 Member
    sql83d.png Mila Münch

    2h57cxd.png Gunther Münch

    10h21rb.png Wolfgang Münch

    35i5bud.png Lucas Münch

    The Münch family hail from Germany so I gave them, Mila especially very old-fashioned clothes, to fit Rural areas of Germany, because they live in a farmhouse, Gunther is still his Gunther-ish self, Wolfgang has a crazy hairstyle now and Lucas hasn't changed much. What do you think?
  • RexySimmerRexySimmer Posts: 119 Member
    edited June 2017
    Working on more sims!
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  • RexySimmerRexySimmer Posts: 119 Member
    55p2tg.png Jacques Villareal

    34gx8b7.png Luna Villareal

    ddkxlz.png Hugo Villareal

    23rttt5.png Max Villareal

    The Villareals are a rich, powerful family, presumably from Spain, They have the biggest house in game, so I gave them equally rich and elegant clothes. What do you think?
  • Glitter_bugGlitter_bug Posts: 67 Member
    RexySimmer wrote: »
    1zwi5pj.png John Landgraab-Zest

    As much as Johnny was a splinter faction of his family he still has some Landgraab features, He aspires to make his fortune in comedy before speeding off to his own private island, He now has a casual look and seems a bit more rebellious with the shaved haircut. Share Your Views!

    I love love love your Johnny Zest. He's a babe.
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  • RexySimmerRexySimmer Posts: 119 Member
    10de44j.png Candy Behr

    nwcu81.png Yuki Behr

    I gave these sisters really crazy clothes and hair and make-up, They Both wear solid colour schemes; Pink and White for Candy, Blue and Purple for Yuki, These girls seem like people who really belong to the nightlife of Windenburg. Share your Views!
  • RexySimmerRexySimmer Posts: 119 Member
    2poxlbm.png Ulrike Faust

    25umuj4.png Maaike Haas

    I gave Ulrike a more edgy, dark look with a lot of black, Maaike's face was adjusted slightly and her clothes are more 'schoolgirl-ish'. Do You like the new look?
  • RexySimmerRexySimmer Posts: 119 Member
    xkxhsh.png Dominic Fyres

    2dw6e04.png Moira Fyres

    21j4qyr.png Siobhan Fyres

    315o9zo.png Morgan Fyres

    Dominic and Moira pretty much stayed the same style, Dominic now has a full-length beard though, Siobhan looks more like a rich 'Daddy's little Girl' and Morgan is no longer dark and rebellious because that look did not match her traits at all.
  • RexySimmerRexySimmer Posts: 119 Member
    @Glitter_bug Thanks! :)
  • RexySimmerRexySimmer Posts: 119 Member
    2ue0j5y.png Jade Rosa

    28ip0co.png Eva Cappriciosa

    k148r7.png Marcus Flex

    153vf29.png Paolo Rocca

    Jade Rosa is now officially a complete and utter Gold Digger, her revealing dress and amount of make-up says it all, She has her eye on Jacques Villareal. Eva looks cool with her new haircut, I need more short-haired females. The boy's have more Downtown, rugged looks which suit them both well. What do you think of the new Partihaus?
  • RexySimmerRexySimmer Posts: 119 Member
    iy26ue.png Bjorn Bjergsen

    29x9ldu.png Clara Bjergsen

    2j1khmv.png Sofia Bjergsen

    4tlm4l.png Elsa Bjergsen

    This Scandinavian family have Bjorn and Clara as the typical Jolly, Embarrassing parents. Elsa is a 'Heidi' type child now. And Sofia is now truly one of the Paragons. Do you like them?
  • RexySimmerRexySimmer Posts: 119 Member
    1zqzdd2.png Sergio Romeo

    21ke74i.png Joaquin Le Chien

    These 'Bros' are a cool pair of rich bachelors. Sergio has the same style shirt but slightly different he has more of a men's hair gel advert haircut, Joaquin has the cool, DJ look still with the DJ sunglasses, I edited his face quite heavily. Good changes or Bad Changes?
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