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For everyone who participates in General The Sims 4 Discussion forum, please take the time to read this thread and remind yourself of the behaviour etiquette. I also recommend that you refresh yourself on the main Forum Rules and our Warning/Banning process.

This is meant be a place where everyone can talk freely about how they feel about the game, whether it’s positive, negative or somewhere in between. The General Discussion section was designed to provide a place for “general discussion” about The Sims 4. A place where people can discuss the game, and its many possibilities.

If you aren’t sure whether you should post something, read the rules and then decide. And, to misquote Thumper’s mother, if you can’t say anything nice, then perhaps you should consider saying nothing at all.
  • If someone expresses an opinion, don’t just post a cutting comment that says they’re wrong. Post a rational argument for why you disagree, and respect the OP.
  • If someone says they love The Sims 4, then please acknowledge that they have a right to feel that way. Just because you don’t agree, that doesn’t give you the right to mock or laugh at them.
  • In the same vein, if someone says they hate The Sims 4, then they have the same right to feel that way and to express that opinion without being afraid that they will be mocked or laughed at.
  • If you can't contribute to the discussion, then please don't post anything.
  • Being funny is wonderful. Being funny at the expense of another person is not wonderful. Being deliberately mean is simply being mean, and is against our Forum Rules.
  • Ganging up on people is unacceptable, and is against our Forum Rules.
  • Derailing threads with rude comments and disrespecting the other posters, just because you don’t agree, is not acceptable, and is against our Forum Rules.
  • Please keep threads on topic. That topic is the one created by the OP. Respect the OP, even if you don’t agree with them. If you want to go off-topic, well, that’s why we created the Off-Topic area.
  • If you have a personal issue with a poster, then take it to PM. Try and resolve it between yourselves without involving everyone else on the forum.
  • If you have a dispute that cannot be resolved peacefully between yourselves, then that’s the time to put in a Report and involve Moderators.
  • If you see a post from someone talking about harming themselves or threatening to harm others, do not respond but report it immediately. If you feel it is very serious, report it and also PM a moderator.

And finally, you will notice a theme here and it’s about respect. Respect the opinions of others even if they don’t match yours. That’s all it takes to create a great forum, a forum where people feel safe and can express themselves freely.

Thank you.
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