Sims 4 Little Club challenge

Sims 4 Little Club Challenge!
Hi I am Linny, I am 12 years old and I am a BIG fan of The Little Club! I love Sims 4 too so i thought of making an Sims 4 Little Club challenge! Here are the rules:
- You have to chose 2 of your favorite Little Club members
- Make them in CAS but make sure they are a “young adult” even the baby’s!
- They dont have to look exactly like there MC skin you have to make it in your own unique way, if you can still see who it is!
- The little club member has to have its own YT channel so you cant start with Baby Ellie or Baby Ariana or people like that! but if you get a baby you can do that, just dont start with it!
- You can do the money cheat for renovating the house so it looks like there own house! But make sure you put it back to 20.000 after!
- They need 2 bedrooms, a bathroom, kitchen, living area, and garden
- One of them needs to have a job
- You cant let them fall in love with sims that are not little club members
- You can only ADOPT a child, but it has to be a little club member
The members:
- Little Kelly
- Little Carly
- Baby Leah
- Baby Angel
- Little Ally
- Cassie The Cat
- Little Donny
- Little Lizard
- Tiny Turtle
- Little Ropo
- Max The Monkey
- Donut The Dog
- Baby Max
- Baby Duck
- Sharky
- Scuba Steve
- Alfie
- Evil Little Kelly
- Raven
- Little Leo
You can add people like Baby Ellie and Baby Ariana if you adopt a baby/child/toddler!
Please Tell me if you did this challenge and who you made!
Credit to: All the Little Club members for making awsome videos! And to Sims 4 for being an awsome game!!!


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