Family tree error.

Hey everyone, can someone help me please?
I accidentally used a "get rid of ghosts" action in MCCC, and my sim's grandmother desappeared from the family tree. It's there, but without any info about her, like her name, her photo, the way she died.
I tried the ID cheat to add again a grandmother to him, tried S4PE, tried fulleditsims, but none of this methods worked...
Can someone help me with this?

Thank you!


  • criscris7criscris7 Posts: 28 Member
    Try to take the mod MCCC out of your game.
    This mod make a mess in my game too, created unwanted marriages, several babies were born senseless.
    And worse all the houses of the cities were occupied. :s:/ I hope your problem be solved !!
    ID macrista9
  • JoanaFerreira745JoanaFerreira745 Posts: 481 Member
    Hi, if you want to make a question in english, please do it in the american forum, here's the link!
  • malikabrazilmalikabrazil Posts: 7,297 Moderator
    Tópico trancado. O idioma oficial do fórum brasileiro/português é o português, nem todos falam outros idiomas. ;)
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