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  • I'm currently playing the Pancakes and they have 4 boys. Two single births and then twins.
  • In my main save for them, they had five kids. They were actually pretty decent parents. I believe I'm on the 5th generation of their family line.
  • I love this game for all the water activities. Sims can swim together, kiss in the water, talk with a dolphin, float. It's awesome!
  • I have one main save where I've made it to the fourth generation. That's big for me lol. Otherwise, I create new games. I had one save where I deleted all the premades.
  • I've started a little world building of my own. I deleted a majority of my saved games, except one, and created a new game. I deleted all the families and have started creating my own families to place in houses. I just wanted to try something new and give myself a challenge. I do use Mods in my game to make it a bit more…
  • I love big families. Usually 4, but sometimes less depending if I think they can handle it. In one version of the Pancakes family I played, they had 5 kids. They were actually good parents.
  • I've recently been playing Alexander Goth and his family. A big snow storm came through and they had fun building a Snowpal with their son Rylan.
  • Dina Caliente's oldest daughter. She just aged to young adult. One of Katrina Caliente's youngest daughters
  • This is my latest home I created for one of my sim families. Bottom floor interior I have a few uploads under my gameplay login name mdchica83
  • This is one of my favorite Sim families. The woman is part of the third generation of a family I created. She came out so pretty. She has passed on her looks to her daughters while her sons look like their dad. I downloaded their dad/her husband. One of my prettiest sims born in game Her husband Their oldest daughter Their…
  • Malcolm Landgrab and his wife Their sons are teens now One of their daughters Their other daughter When both boys were toddlers. They're not the same age, just close in age I love this bathing suit
  • Cousins enjoying a night out at the bar. One of my favorite couples. They are high school sweethearts. Here they are as teens. Their wedding Family Their dog Their oldest son Two of their daughters
  • Katrina Caliente's daughter and the Bheeda's oldest son. He's proposing to her. Katrina Caliente's grandson. Toddlers are so adorable. He was dancing in the leaves. The Caliente's during the holiday season. Two of the Pancake girls.
  • Don and Nina's daughter is on the left, with the dark hair. I downloaded the other girl from the exchange.
  • Don and Nina's eldest daughter just married her girlfriend.
  • Don and Nina's oldest daughter marrying her girlfriend. The Pancake's. Their children are all grown up now.
  • Here are some of my favorite pictures from my games. These two are the third generation of a family I created. They're twins. I love this couple. They passed each other and checked each other out (without my prompting). Six kids later, they're still together. These are the grandparents of the twins above. I just think this…
  • > @Wooldrop said: > A new build. I have tons to add to my creation thread (hopefully tomorrow) > > Origin ID: WoolDrop > Name: Brick Family Home > 6BR (5 Furnished, 1 empty)/6Bath and some other rooms This is a truly gorgeous build.
  • It always amazes me the wonderful creations people create in the Sims world. Wonderful work!
  • LOL. She doesn't look very happy
  • > @auroraael14 said: > I play with some and delete most of them. I always keep the Goths, Pancakes, Benali, Bjergsen, Pizzazz, and Hecking. They also have all had a makeovers. I always remake Cassandra and Alexander. Alexander is just a bit unfortunate nose wise.
  • Sometimes I really get into playing with some of the premade families. For some reason, I love playing the Pancakes. In one save, they had five kids and I played them quite a bit. They were pretty good parents and were attentive to their kids.
  • > @kittymeow said: > New sim I made! I'm loving that hair. Awesome!
  • @Koteyka said: > This is definitely my favourite screenshot. It happens to be a very accurate recreation of the iconic "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" TV show scene from the episode "Restless". :D That's such an awesome picture. I'm so glad they swings finally.
  • > @RedDestiny92 said: > I was thinking, I've played many saves and looked in on the Bheedas sometimes they have one baby boy or girl, twins mixed or not, triplets they've had all girls so far I always like to see what they have. I love the picture you have of the toddlers playing with the sprinkler.
  • I have some favorites I like to play with. The Pancakes are a favorite. So are the Caliente's and Lothario's.
  • For me, it depends if I feel like managing a wedding. Sometimes they're fun and sometimes they're a disaster. One thing that I don't like is I can't invite both sides of the family to the wedding.
  • > @Simpatsyann said: > Rare shot of the Winchester brothers arriving in Bedford Falls to investigate reports of a rogue angel. That is an awesome picture! I love the Winchesters.
  • Hello everyone. I've been play the Sims since the Sims 1. I've always looked at the forums and love seeing everyone's pictures of what their sims are doing. I'm so glad they finally included weather in the Sims 4.
  • I love all the pictures on here. Whenever I can post pictures, I'll definitely share some.

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