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  • I own all the sims 1,2,3, and 4
  • I would like all of my sims 3 games downloaded into origin. I have acknowledgment so I own those games and would like them back. The only reason im playing is because i can not get my sims 4 to keep working on windows 10 and it still is not working
  • I like the fact that things will be easier to move around and to design. The fact that creating your sims to look anyway you wish does impress me. My question is though will there be expansion packs. Also is it able to be played on windows 7,8,vista and xp. There are still a lot of people who have the xp and the vista…
  • 2nd picture, the girl that looks like she is ready to fight "Figure 1 Come on put your dukes up, this side of the room off limits. So stay on your side of the room", got it !
  • Where can i find the patch for the world adventures, my sims3 was acting up so i ended up taking everything off. now i'm trying to redownload them but the world adventures does not give me a updated patch. for some reason my sims launcher duplicated all my down loads. that is why i took them off. did not have a problem…
  • MY main users interface puck has disappeared totally, so anyone has any suggestions please let me know. the tab key does not work nor does the tab key. :x this game really is buggy as all get out. Instead of bring out new games please they just need to fix the issues the game has not.
  • Has there been a solution to this problem. I have not been able to play my sims 3 now are several weeks or months I really do not remember how long.My main user interface puck is still gone.
  • :( I'm having the same problem,I did not have it until I downloaded the highend loft. Now I have no way to create a Sims or even play the game. My main user interface puck has disappeared all together. I have not control at all. But as I said it worked fine before i downloaded the expand packs. so how do i get it to come…
  • i'm just trying to get my sims life time wish after i create them because i can not save them or play them in a game. after I pick the traits you are suppose to pick life time wishes except my are all blank and it did not happen until i bought and downloaded the hel
  • I just have little time blank hearts. i pick what i want me sims to have, natural cook, good humor,and family orientated etc. than my life time wishes pop up but that just has blank little white hearts. so what i'm i doing wrong. i removed all the games then replaced them and it still comes up the same.
  • I purchased the high end loft, downloaded it and now when i create a Sims i can not put in the life time wishes they are all blank and when i click on the question mark the pop up is blank. everything worked good until i downloaded the high end loft. can anyone help me, are we suppose to customize them now? :? :twisted: :?:
  • recently you answered a question for me on manually patching the game. It states that there is a super patch need, and you need to know you region how do i know what region i'm in. I'm sorry I really do not play Sims 3 that often because I always have problems, and I really want to do things right. I also have a question…
  • I have Sims 3 deluxe package, high end loft, and out door living. I just purchased the high-end loft and after i added it to the game my life time wishes comes up blank, it acts like I'm suppose to added something. how do i do that after I create my Sims. please help me. it is very frustrating. Kathy :( :!:
  • Well I'm back in school again, what a trip. Has anyone thought about what I asked for or sujested, instead of having just regular stair what about also making sprial stairs, they do not take up much room
  • :P very nice looking house, Mmyoko!
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