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  • Chapter 1.2 - Audition (first half) Upon arriving in Roaring Heights, Violet was optimistic. Her dream of moving to California had come true, and she thought it wouldn’t be so hard to become an actress. After all, her drama teacher in high school always told her just how talented she was, and she had always been involved…
  • A few days later, Mark texted Violet with information on where and when they should meet. That friday, she arrived punctually at the bar, but Mark wasn’t there, and neither was any of his friends. Violet tried to act cool, even though she feared she had been stood up, and found herself a seat. “Can you hand me a vodka,…
  • I love families with many children, but they always end up driving me nuts. And it's kind of boring, because I take months to raise all those kids, and it takes too long to change generations. Still, it's a rewarding experience, and it's awesome when my sims have more than twenty granchildren.
  • I'm currently playing a legacy challenge and I'm loving it. It seems that I'm more interested in the game than I've been in years. My founder came from a little town to the big city (Roaring Heights), with a dream of becoming an actress.
  • I'm terrified of roller coasters, but my sims aren't! It's always a pleasure to do in game what I can't do in real life.
  • I just started a Sims 3 legacy challenge blog and I'd love to have new readers. If you read my legacy, I'll surely read yours too! The link is above. Hope you all like it!
  • I love Riverview! I can’t stay there for more than a few generations because I always end up missing the beaches, but it’s wonderful to build farms there. I bought the chicken coop, the corral and the tractor in the Store just to play in Riverview.
  • Welcome back! It’s always wonderful to have more people in our small Sims 3 community. My favorite form of playing is documenting everything I do in a blog. Now I just started a legacy challenge in Roaring Heights, and I’m already working on my new blog.
  • I always use the “make me an offer” tool when I want to buy something in the Store. If I don’t get any good discounts, I simply don’t buy it, because everything is just too expensive for me.
  • I like to play in Roaring Heights, there’s a few nice cafés and bars there. Unfortunately, I still have to add some Bridgeport buildings to increase the quality of the gameplay.
  • I love reading Sims 3 legacy challenge stories! I always read them slowly because I fear that I won’t find any good ones in the future. I also just started to write my own, wish me luck!
  • I actually don’t hate Sims 4... but I think Sims 3 is much better, and I would love new content.
  • Where’s Jaycen Hendrix? I love him, he’s my sim’s husband!
  • I don’t know if it’s already been said, but when you save a household (with house, at least) to the library, the food in the fridge spoils. Also, if a pet with high hunting skill has a puppy/kitten, the new pet will be born with high hunting skill, without being trained.
  • It’s hard to pick one. I can’t live without Lucky Palms, Hidden Springs... and my absolute favorite Midnight Hollow. I love creating creepy stories there.
  • I've never had a boy since I started playing Sims 4, actually. I don't know why! I've had a few saves, and about a dozen kids so far, and they are all girls. I'm not complaining, but I think it's odd - anyway, I've had recently installed a pregnancy mod, and I'm intending to use it when I find myself really wanting a boy.
  • Well, at the end of the day, life is all about pursuing your happiness. And I'll be happy while playing the new EP, so why not?
  • I like the idea of taking a break and going on vacation. However, only two worlds are not a lot, and I get easily bored. It would be so nice to have a few more, with different themes - that nature/forest thing is not [b]my[/b] thing. I would like something more like a historical town, where the Sims can go shopping, visit…
  • Oh, I hope so, but I don't think we will. I'm sure we're getting a couple game packs, some stuff packs, but probably not another EP. I honestly hope I'm wrong, though! I would appreciate more EPs so much.
  • I'm currently playing the Not So Berry Challenge, and that challenge has specific tasks, so I don't think the new EP will make so much difference (although it would be nice a little adaptation for Seasons and Cats & Dogs). Of course, I'll still give them and their homes a makeover, and do fun season-related activities in…
  • @PinkHairGuitar Oh, so is mine. To change it, I had to uninstall the game completely and then install it again. I wish we had the option to change the language in game, but I don't think it's possible...
  • Family comes always first for me! Squeamish?
  • A while ago, I tried to play in German, and it was so upsetting. It looked as though everyone had the same names. So I just went back to English, and now I have a huge variety, even though most townies have asian-sounding names. I don't mind it, but it's weird when I see people with physical characteristics that don't fit…
  • I usually keep them in the household, but focus on their children. I make sure they are happy, but that's it. It depends on the story I'm telling, though. Sometimes there's still stuff for them to do.

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