• I wish there were more lots added in Glimmerbrook, Forgotten Hollow, Copperdale. I was so disappointed. Every expansion or game pack never has enough empty lots. I see a cave in Forgotten Hollow and I never understood why that was not added to the Vampire pack. I thought maybe it's a teaser for something to come but nope,…
  • Took my teen to school and there was a teacher standing in front of the class naked. I guess she was showering in the rain before school. I decided to let this play out. She never changed back into clothes. The teens sitting there like nothing unusual here. :o
  • I have noticed with a high friendship and romance they will get the want to propose.
  • Update - I did have my half alien have a baby with a full alien. We have half alien kid. My sims half alien sibling had twins with full alien and both were born aliens. So I got my alien babies lol
  • Thank you so much! I do use that mod. I will do that!
  • Wow, my sims are crushing on everyone lol.
  • She is elder now with about 5 more days to live. She STILL has this want and the crush is long gone...she is ghost. Her teen son had a crush and is now a young adult and still has a crush on a girl he dated as a teen. I like the crush part but as usual, it's goes all whacky in game. My original post she was a young adult…
  • Anyone know a cheat to get rid of crushes on a young adult sim?
  • Since there are 4 of them, I will experiment! LOL
  • They're teens now and all they can do is the secret alien handshake. Their alien dad died of old age recently.
  • Same! I'm on about the 5-6th generation. Just took my teen to school and of course sadness and the rest are very uncomfortable. The teens aren't aging either so it's the same sims their parents went to high school with! No idea why some of the teen townie sims aren't aging.
  • I noticed a change in my sims personalities. They will be mean to someone for no reason. It's either sadness or someone being mean and they're not even angry. They just start yelling at their kids or spouse. I would love to see some drama stirred up in my game other than sad sims everywhere. I even see sad sims walking…
  • LOL! It's so bad to send your teen to school and then everyone is sad. My sim is in a good mood. He's consoled so many sims now he likes to console others. It's like well, we're at school and everyone is always sad. Let's make our round of condolences for the day and do it all over again tomorrow.
  • Thanks Gagea, I'll try those tips!
  • The mother is human and the father is alien. All 4 kids have human skin tones. This is the first time I've really played with an alien. She met him and proposed to him on the first date and he refused lol. I found out in cas he is alien. They're in the child stage now and I haven't played them. Too many for me to keep up…
  • Well that's pretty cool lol. Weird thing is, her alien boyfriend was there and she got up, went outside and the next thing I know she was beamed up. I NEVER have alien abductions, and this is maybe the 5th generation and the first time it's happened. She came back, they tried for a baby and had triplets. That never happens…
  • I went to cas and they didn't have an alien form. They were through woohoo with alien sim and no alien crib. I thought there was a chance. Now I have 4 toddlers lol.
  • Yes I have MCCC.
  • What is a patio warmer?
  • Maybe why he didn't show up she didn't do the promposal thing. One of sims did that and her date did show up. She left him in the dust anyway. She aged to Y/A couple days later.
    in Prom date Comment by gbaisden January 20
  • This worked! Demolish and undo the action worked! They're trees now instead of a mound of dirt. Thank you!
  • My sims live in Newcrest. Going to try all the suggestions...thank you everyone. Will let you know if anything works.
  • I have a greenhouse so would they grow inside the greenhouse? Everything else is growing fine except the money trees.
  • I can't remember which sims game had a stop that option. I wish they would bring it back. I also wish we could scold someone else's child for making messes in our home or stop that would be ok with me.
  • Ok thank you. They live in Newcrest and no cats around so probably what's going on.
  • Do you need 2 cats in the household? I only have one cat. Also, this cat just stands for hours in front of the fireplace until in the red. Ask what's wrong and she says she needs a clean litterbox. I have the most expensive litterbox and it cleans on it's own. I've checked traits and nothing that would cause this odd…
  • I hear you. I just drag food out to a counter and let them grab a serving. That has saved me a lot of frustration and possible rage quitting lol. They are so cute and well done but boy are they frustrating and the high chair problem doesn't help when you have a "hangry" tot, pop up says they're defenseless little things…
  • Yes, I had some of the sims before high school but some after. I'll try and thank you.
  • The fear about extinguishing fire can be deadly. My sim had this fear and conveniently, the stove caught fire not once but twice. She almost died the first time. Level 10 cooking skill and an expensive stove. She has the fear again. I see another stove fire coming. Yes, I have a fire alarm and now she installed the fire…
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