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  • what copper mine???
  • I can start th egame, go into buy mode, but as soon as I go to play a sim it crashes. I wonder if my comp gets too hot in this weather. I can play sims2 with no problems. and I do have a computer fan underneath my laptop. and its always on. I uninstalled all my game, eps and stuff, and reinstalled it all. still no joy.…
  • Thank you, the broke family were my favourite family to play.
  • I've only just got this EP. and I usually play with the net down, as my game usually crashes when I'm online. so i am jubious about this. I need to find the preformers and go play them for a while. it does annoy me when the sim I'm playing doesnt even know any preformers and still wants to host an act and his a gardener.…
  • I hope you have loads of fun. can I make a small suggestion though, your first post with the green on white background is very hard to see, for anyone like me who has scotopic or is coloured blind, that is very hard to see. :roll:
  • Thank oyu Chemical. I'll go look at that. :D Thank all of you for your help.
    in how can I Comment by dollylover May 2012
  • Thank you Joel for replying, I know someone must know. :?:
    in how can I Comment by dollylover May 2012
  • i'm nearly alway shaveing a pop up error everytime I start to play, and I always save evry ten minutes real time play, which is annoying. I also have the net off when playing because when i'm connected it just makes it worse. but I have no idea if my game is uop to date, doe sit update when your not playing??
  • simsister how would I make a doll family, sims3 is like playing with moving walking talking dolls. little people. :lol: kidsinlove, will give that a go thank you. and congrats on your 18 birthday.. :D
  • :lol:I'm laughing away at all your comments, there soo true. I also play with full free will, just to see what they do. hmmmm. what annoys me is I put two sinks in the kitchen to wash up, I thought large family two sinks. no they only use one and the same one every day, and stand around complaining they cant get to the…
  • I wont be buying this, it looks silly in my humble opinion. I only want weather now. I have everything but the posh car one an dthe EP with the apartments, got sick of being invited to a party and everyone complaing their hungry. and those silly stars. :evil:
  • mine used to do this, and then the game would crash. I got myself a tilted metal tray with holes in it, and a fan. now it works great, it doesnt overheat, but it still crashes occasionally. :evil:
  • I just tried updating my origin to make sure Im up to date with all my updates and i got an error message, so maybe they are off line at the mo. :(
  • :lol:I've just spent the last hour looking at teh other tutorials as well. this great, off to give it a try. well done.
  • I get this sometimes, and find someone has placed a plate under the table. but for the living room, I have no idea exscept what has already been mentioned.
  • Thank you, does it help to have a good relationship with the ghost??
  • she is a ghost, whats a Oh my ghost ??? ok my sims need to improve their cooking before they can make ambrosia. thank you for your help. :D
  • :D I love your story. and had to laugh when you said now she has had her baby, she can get back to training. these babies take all my sims strength and waking hours. I did have the relativity mod, but I couldn't get on with it so took it out again. I have one question, how did you catch a wild horse. I've tried making…
  • I can't even get that far, when I tell a sim to feed treat, talk to, or what ever action I tell them, towards the stray, the stray gets up and walks away. before my sim can do anything. :( I think you just have to persevere, like getting a sim to move in, it takes a lot of time. :?
  • :Dthank you. :wink:
  • :D downloaded, Thank you. I usually get a sim to mak ethe perfect garden, then move him out, and place the garden as a community lot. this saves me many hours of work, Thank you. its so pretty. :D
  • I havent had a cat yet so didnt know they can hunt. have you sent them out hunting on their own, with the dogs this skill seems to go up higher when they hunt on there own, after learning the first bar.
  • I always find seeds where the crooks are, you know where the crook job is, also I've found most snales ext there to, as to the money tree seed, that can be anywhere, it's among the special rare seeds.which can be found anywhere. :D
  • Ln was my least favourite and i uninstalled it, I couldnt stand everyone getting celebrity stars, and some sims not being able to talk to others with a higher star rating. and always being invited to parties, were people were starving. though I did like the apartments. generations and ambitions and the Adventure one are my…
  • I find that freezing and crashing is less when I'm not connected to the internet. but there are few threads here that may help you better.
  • open sim launcher and get your pics, select open file, and move them to desk top, from here you can upload them to PB. once you have done that, select the IMG code and copy that into your post. the IMG code will show, once you go into the thread, you'll see your pics. or you can upload them straight to EA in your profile,…
  • I'm playing a downloaded family called Leach, (well I think I downloaded them.) there very poor and the teens are sharing the parents bedroom. we have just extended their tiny house to an extra bathroom downstairs. no pets yet except a wild lizard. my other familys have pets, but I found with pets in the house, the game…
  • I've only had the deformed pets a few times, but here is my normal sim pets. Bailin an adopted horse, we adopted him as a foal. his first walk out and their pet dog
  • yaaaa I worked it out, here are mine. and my most favourite family at the mo. I downloaded the teen and used her to make her family, she is the teen girl. going to her prom they have a dog and a horse now, will get pics of them. :D Love everyones pics.
  • I get the freeze and the crashing, but when it's working well my pics are like yours gamekitten. I can't upload any more pics here. even though I choose upload, nothing shows up here in my profile. :(
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