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  • Thanks!
  • Does anybody know why my game will not start or play at all after this latest update from EA? Up until now I've played on patch 1.67 and am not interested in anything above that. I do not play online at all.
  • I think this change came about w/the HSY pack. It is one of the global changes that they make w/every ep. :( So when they grow from teen to YA, you have to select their LTW again. : /
  • Atreya, you guessed right. I believe that this does come w/the teen pack since there are new teen only aspirations. Yes, I am doing the same thing now (except if it is a teen only aspiration). I must say though, that this kind of startled me b/c I didn't know what was happening. I thought it was mod related, but it isn't.
  • The one the I had was for both teen and adult (Wellness)
  • I finally got him brought back to life. In hind sight though, I *could have* gone to Willow Creek and fished from the rivers, but I kept him home through the winter and leveled up his fishing skill. I put him in front of Okenstead and he got an angelfish within a few min. :)
  • Thanks!
  • Unfortunately, I looked in the Gallery, but nothing. No Ambrosia and anything else that would help. I'm working on getting his fishing lev to 8 (I think) to be able to catch the Angelfish.
  • How long does it take for the sim to master writing to be able to write that book? Besides that, he is already dead and I added his ghost to the household. Since this happened though, I went to gameplay options and unticked the option for weather to affect sims. Now none of my sims will get hot or cold.
  • Thanks! He is lev 8, almost 9 in gardening. I believe I remember now seeing the grafting recipe for the death flower. I didn't know what it would be used for at the time so I ignored it. : / I might cheat his fishing level up. He's currently at 6 1/2. Edit: I found out that grafting a lily onto a snapdragon creates an…
  • It was both originally, but I found the tombstone in the family inventory and placed it. I clicked on the tombstone and added him to the family. Now, I just need to revive him. Thanks for the suggestion! For the record, he is lev 10 in cooking and gourmet cooking. I would just need to get him to a minimum of lev 8 fishing.…
  • Thanks! I never thought about looking in the household inventory! I looked and it was there! I'll look into resurrecting him. Thanks again!
  • I found a better option than the thermostat. There is an option in Game Options to not have the temperature affect the sims. :) I'll look for the urn in hers and the household inventories.
  • I did look under everything and also below the foundation. There just is no tombstone at all. Also no ghost. Where do I find the thermostat for the house? I've looked everywhere, but cannot find it. I looked in "outdoor activities" (suggested by somebody), but it is not there. I'm not sure why it would be in that category…
  • Well, I've played this household in the current save for about 4+ days now and so far, no tombstone and no ghost. This is sure looking more like a glitch than anything else. I do still have the original save and am thinking about going back to it.
  • One other question though, is it common for sims to get heat exhaustion inside their house?? I've not been playing w/seasons all that long yet.
  • @StuffyMarx ROFL!!
  • I just started the "Unlucky Chef" scenario from EA. I created him a gloomy, erratic, clumsy sim and has the "Essence of Flavor" and the goal of becoming a master chef. He lived by himself and got to the 3rd level in the culinary job and was cooking and started the stove on fire, burned the kitchen up and died in the fire.…
  • Thanks Peapond! I might just do that and I do have GTW. It did take forever to complete this quest. Fortunately, I had motive decay off (I don't have the game open atm and don't remember the actual name). One question though (I've not played this game for at least 4 years or more), do the sim owned stores still sell just a…
  • Try some Chamomile tea or some licorice tea. Those are supposed to help w/that. You can probably find those in a natural foods store or section of your grocery store. As for the emotional deaths, I'm w/DaniRose on the "no emotional deaths mod!" That is essential! I think the devs went WAY overboard on implementing some of…
  • Actually, strawberries are very easy to grow IRL. The best type though is "June Bearing." That just means that they produce one crop a year in June. The berries are much bigger than the "Everbearing" variety (they produce berries all season) which produces smaller berries. If as you say, your dogs like them too, just put a…
  • It sounds like somebody needs to make a mod or something to block that if it's not possible for them to have a litter (altered). That's the way it works IRL!!
  • I finally took him to Oasis Springs to the pond there and catch frogs. He *finally* caught a Bullseye frog which completed the scenario. I tried breeding different ones, but no luck in getting anything different than what he already had.
  • Originally, I think I was trying the fish w/bait at his own pond which didn't work. When I went to Sylvan Glade, I was able to do it. Maybe any other place except the home lot works. I finally completed the "catch or breed 8 common frogs." I'm not sure how b/c I had 8 different common frogs, but it wasn't registering. My…
  • I use Blue Stacks for other android games. It's handy b/c I am unable to use the tablet b/c of problems w/my hands from when I worked. Otherwise, I have to wear a wrist brace which is pretty uncomfortable. I tried Free Play, but just couldn't get into it.
  • Only in sims! LOL IRL they eat your leafy greens, lol. For that matter so do deer! Again, only in the sims. How about a cat? LOL I have one cat IRL who is *always* keeping the rabbit population in control, LOL
  • Thanks! I was wondering about the challenge that comes w/the lot, i.e.. the foxes. I do not have Simple Living or Off-The-Grid yet.
  • I would love it if they gave us the color wheel back!! We could color not only hair, but everything. Sims 3 is still my fav!

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