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  • Since Mrs. Crumplebottom is an universal object instead of a full Sim, any changes to her character file will corrupt the whole game, not just the neighborhood. This is one time where uninstalling and reinstalling is necessary, then make the objects.package read only and put in mods to stop vampires from biting her.
  • Do you have the Visitor Controller? (You can find it here: I don't remember if you have to register to download.) You can use it to ban strays or all Animals from coming onto your lot to weed out if its the Strays causing your crash.
  • Does your Sim have the Kleptomaniac trait? My Klepto Sim kept stealing expensive cars and it ended up in the inventory. I generally made him use the mailbox return it. (I don't have University, so I don't know how the traits affect the Uni World.)
  • 1. Showtime 2. Pets 3. Generations I do live without those since I've never bought them, and I don't feel the need to buy them. I love Ambitions and World Adventures and I would miss a lot if I uninstalled them.
  • I have never bought or installed Generations and I occasionally get a message about my teens getting mood swings. The teen with the mood swing will get wishes to be mean to their siblings, but that is the only difference I've seen of the teen with mood swings. There is a curfew at 9 pm for children and curfew at 10 pm for…
  • I'm not playing Sims 3 right now because real life is being an evil 🐸🐸🐸🐸, but I will play Sims 2 and Sims 3 again when life settles down. There are no new patches for Sims 3 since 1.67 so if you have that one and mods for Sims 3 that are compatible/made for 1.67 then you can play it with out needing to patch ever again. I…
  • It happened too fast for me to get a screencap, but the weirdest thing I've seen is the Grim Reaper slapping one of my teen Sims. She was going to school at the military rabbithole (through a mod) and after an elder inactive Sim that had been working in the military career died, Grim slapped my teen. I have no idea why.…
  • I'm glad that apparently my graphics card can't handle Sims 4 from the updated reqs thread, because this would annoy me no end. Sims are stupid around fire, and I can only imagine bad things happening if they have to put out fires themselves.
  • From what I've seen you need Ambitions to be able to register as self employed. I have Ambitions and Supernatural and can register as a self employed alchemist without any problems.
  • I got DDS to work by downloading the 64 bit and 32 bit DDS for photoshop. I also needed to edit-> preferences -> Plug ins-> and click enable additional Plug ins to get DDS working in my photoshop.
  • I'm in my early 30s. Its amazing the age range of people that play the game teen to 70 or 80 (I've seen someone say they are 80 on a different forum) so it its a game that appeals to many.
  • I've always wanted a combination of Bon Voyage and World Adventures. There are times I'm in the mood for a relaxing vacation, but other times I'm more in the mood for the Adventures. I like the Adventures that came with World Adventures, I just don't like the bugs that came with the EP.
  • You can ask here: or here You do need to register to be able to post.
  • No. I'm always careful to make sure that the mod level is compatible with my patch level for Sims 3, and are compatible with Apartment Life for Sims 2. I use Dashboard to make sure none of my Sims 3 tuning mods conflict, and use HCDU to see if my Sims 2 mods conflict. Mods can cause problems if the player doesn't stay on…
  • Did you download and install the 64 bit and the 32 bit DDS plugin for photoshop? I had to download and install both to get DDS working in my Photoshop.
  • It doesn't show up when I put it in the mods folder. I had several packages in the mods folder but they weren't showing up in the game. Later when I tried again, I kept getting that message and thought that is why it wasn't showing up in the game.
  • Thank you both for the information.
  • Sims 2 July 2010 and Sims 3 January 2012
  • Its going to take more than just one thing to change my mind about not buying Sims 4. I know my play style, and I know what annoys me. The over the top emotions already annoy me just from what I've seen in the trailers. I don't like the bloom I see on the promo pictures. I've gotten a little more used to how the Sims look,…
  • My avatar is as close as I could get to making my Sim self.
  • No. When I was playing around with the Sims 4 Demo, I really missed the ability to change the color of clothes, hair or eyes. I know how to recolor clothes and hair for Sims 2, so the lack of CASt doesn't bug me when I play Sims 2, but when I was playing with the Sims 4 CAS Demo it did bug me that there wasn't a way to…
  • My guess is that having a competitor that put out a game very similar to Sims would be a good thing. It may make EA put more effort into the game unlike Sims 4.
  • What I'm getting is that Sims 4 keeps track of relationships behind the scene, but doesn't have a visual representation for the player. There are glitches in the Sims 2 family tree of some Sims in Belladona Cove if the player doesn't have a cleaned template.
  • I use a mod for Sims 3 to only have the most important memories like getting married and having a baby, and it cuts out the stupid memories like visited the park. The 20 friends memory for Sims 2 is probably tied to the Popularity Aspiration have 20 friends LTW. It will be interesting to see if Sims 4 does have memories,…
  • That is my main problem with the CAS Demo. I have a hard time getting the features to move the way I want them to move, and end up not making the Sim I want to make because of that. I prefer sliders.
  • I have Win 7 and used Fraps ( ) to take pictures of my Sims in the fullscreen Demo, and then used paint to reduce the size. I used the choose file feature in the profile on the site to choose my edited Fraps pic and viola Sims 4 avatar.
  • I'm still going to switch between Sims 2 and Sims 3. I am not going to buy Sims 4. Just because a new game comes out, I don't feel the need to buy it if I don't see several things that make me want it. CAS was the only thing that interested me about Sims 4, but I wasn't going to buy the game just for CAS. After playing…
  • I started seeing signs that my GeForce 8400 couldn't take Sims 3 Seasons and above, and got the card I have now the Radeon HD 6670. So the question is if Sims 4/the Demo will be similar to Sims 3 before Seasons or after, and the 8400 may or may not be able to take it.
  • I found the link to here from Sims VIP.
  • Intel Core i3-2120 CPU@3.30 GHz 8 gigs of RAM in the computer, 2 Gigs on the Video Card Radeon HD 6670 video card Win 7 64bit

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