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  • I Wrote my own version of a Barbie Challenge, specifically A Legacy, using many of the more modern movies. Please tell me what you think about it? I cant work out how to post my own post, so i thought id get some ideas from others. Barbie Legacy You can start this challenge with Barbie already as a teen, or you can have…
  • > @Ashubii said: > or Supernatural Creatures Legacy Challenge > > > Put together by @Haids5987 and I > > About > This challenge is designed to be story-based, meaning how each Generation comes to fit into their supernatural role will depend entirely on the player. Did the Sim make a pact with a Witch or Demon? Or did their…
  • Okay so I was playing this challenge, but things kinda went sideways when I decided that I wanted tiana to run a store but didn’t have dine out, also wanted to make her famous, so I kinda just followed the rules changed some that wouldn’t work with the storyline that I had, and have now written out for you all to compare,…
  • I acually started the challenge differently from what the rules are, I started with snow whites parent making a story of how she ended up with the evil Queen
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