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  • Hi :-) I don't have it but the Loud, fast and Clash bedroom set has some nice, grungy-looking makeshift furniture & some decorative st. signs too:…
  • Very beautiful pictures as always! Thanks for sharing :D The clothes look lovely & very versatile, which is nice! A lot of the clothes in the store are so themed.
  • Hi, :-) It does it to me too lol, & I also own all the worlds. It's obviously an advertising method, but why they advertise to people who own all the worlds, I don't know lol! Must be an oversight on their part.
  • Oh I didn't know that, that's good to know, I guess it sees it as a bad popup! Hopefully it didn't! I'm on google chrome and in general, the ads show up for me there when I'm around to check.
  • I agree wholeheartedly Danger! Lol, don't get me started on how stale the base game accessories are, and I feel as though the subsequent eps could have given us some more options. I was disappointed that IP only came with new sunglassses :( Where were the tropical bangles and necklaces? lol
  • Hi! :-) Sometimes, it just doesn't show up for a day (or period of days), I have experienced both instances. In fact, I remember one time where it didn't show up for so long that I thought surely that they had removed the promotion, only to have it eventually resurface. My advice is to check the store page as daily or as…
  • Interesting! Thank's for your responses guys, I was worried I my game had a bug (no pun intended lol), in that I wasn't seeing any. :P It does sound like they are rare like anothermauz says. I hope we all see some soon. Ha, it's kind of funny that we actually Want to see mosquitoes, lol.
  • Rec'd. :D I love the extended hull of the ship and the decor!
  • :D Thanks guys for asking and answering this question! I could not for the life of me find any and was looking for what it looked like myself.
    in Kelp Help Comment by SadieStar June 2013
  • Hi rbridges, The pizza oven bug is caused by a messed up CC merge file, and is/was a common problem. Here are detailed instructions on how to fix the issue: Let me know if it works. :D Most important thing do NOT delete the…
  • Hi wyldangelm, I was just about to post the contact us section, but ddsims3world has got you covered :D Here is their phone number if you don't have luck with live chatting: 866-543-5435 :-) Good luck, I'm sure you'll get your points back, this is a common issue.
  • Congrats BlackZanie! Thanks again Tk for nomming me! :-)
  • Even if you don't make one, what you said above was a valid review in itself :D Thanks! Yes Gabby & Cinderelli! I SO miss the group smustle from ts2!! I really wish they had included that action in SN. I also think the ST shower is prettier. For those of you that are visual learners, here is the Quxxn's review on youtube:…
  • Agreed with your specials statement! I still can't believe that there hasn't been a sp sale :/ We've been patiently waiting since January... I also can't believe that there hasn't been a Sunlit Tides sale! I have it but I know that there's lots of demand for it & what would be a more perfect time for a ST sale than right…
  • Definitely! :D The 'hydrotherapy' moodlet or whatever is like one of the most helpful moodlets ever, if your sim is athletic :D
  • Rec'd :D Very beautiful & modern! I love how you included the massage tables & the cool colors you used inside are very pretty! :D
  • Hey Danger! Thanks so much for taking the time to put this list together & for thinking of me! :D You can remove me from the list though, (I own the first, non-shiny BB, i.e. the one they first released without the stairs and buccanneer's bounty set) so I'm glad they're giving this freebie out that comes with the whole kip…
  • :D Wow Corey you really should build more---you're very talented!! A boat is not an easy thing to build. Rec'd :D
  • You're welcome! Jaline brought up something that I forgot to mention--the Aurora skies festival lot replaces one of the long, rectangle shaped parks in the center of town. It has the same name I believe, so you merely have to delete one & plop the festival lot down. :D
  • This would be a really fun interactive career. It would be perfect given they plan to focus on more expressive sims. I can see the poses now! :D
  • Exactly, I fear this as well :/ Ts4 is no where near release date, & they are going to tease us by dragging out the release of 'meaty' info as long as they can. Mentioning team members/dev stuff is just filler for better stuff coming later on.
  • Unfortunately, there is no death by flies in ts3. I wish there was though! It was really creative. I also miss death by satellite from ts2, although the meteor death is pretty much a direct substitute.
  • Wow, the ballet bar is so cute. Now the ballet after school activity from GENs will be enhanced! :D I also sure hope that sims of all ages can use the bar, we need more athletic equipment :D
  • A mermaid demo/ more info! They have really skimmed over them thus far besides that blog post.
  • Hi, sometimes in order to place community lots in store words you have to bulldoze the empty lot. Don't worry, it won't get rid of the pre-laid out space of land, but it will 'free up' the space allowing you to place it. Make sure you then change the lot marker to 'big park' or whatever the festival lot is labeled. :D…
  • Yay that's awesome news to hear. I too hope ST goes up for sale. I have it but it's about time for it to go one sale--ST was released a year ago. If it doesn't go on the DD it needs to at least go on the sale price. Lots of people would snatch it up right before the release of IP, it is a perfect time for a sale. :D
  • I know this isn't the exact answer to the question, but even though I'll be buying it immediately, I may not play with it all that much as I don't see how the base game could keep me fully enthralled as all the ts3 packs since I have so many & so much store content. I could be pleasantly surprised though.
  • A blender/smoothie maker that makes concoctions that come with moodlets. It would further enhance the gardening skill. I know we have nectar, but still, I miss the juicer from ts2.
  • Yay indeed!! :D You beat me to the FR :D Unfortunately I have to go to bed now for work tom, but I will be online tomorrow and we can chat :D If you have questions already about anything Liz, feel free to post on my mypage, or I will come to you and we can talk about whatever! Talk to you soon & goodnight :-)
  • Thanks for sharing these pics Cat and good eye Kate for spotting the third mermaid! :D I LOVE how the tails seem dimensional and multicolored. :D Should allow for some creativity. :D
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