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  • Yes it does, sell off the private lots, then use the money from the sale to buy that house for the sims moving out. Thanks :)
  • Oh my god, I'm changing and rebuilding Sunset Valley, too, but I created a whole thread to track the rebuild because I tore out all of the houses, too ;D
  • I love seeing everyone's sims in screenshot threads but I HATE HATE HATE scrolling past the same pictures five or six times because people quote the entire post to comment two lines on one of the pictures. Delete the image codes for the pictures you're not mentioning or just skip the quote and begin with @(insert user's…
  • Hey, I have a theory ;) Maybe the reason they release expansion packs with bugs and bits missing is because secretly they've actually been working like little beavers since they released the game to make an insanely awesome expansion pack, so that's distracting them? Just a theory, lol ;) I'm not complaining about the new…
  • Awesomesauce ;) I'm not getting much done atm, but it should be awesome at the weekend ;)
  • Thanks for the advice ;)
  • Oops, doubler.
  • My interests would probably suggest Generations, but I want to know if Showtime is worth delaying Generations for, especially as the price hasn't dropped for it yet.
  • Only 3 different talents with showtime? You can sing, do acrobatics or do magic? Is there comedy? Poetry performing? "Rod boasts that The Sims On-Stage is, hilariously, the most popular poetry site on the web." and there's no poetry reading?
  • D: That doesn't even make sense! I hope they patch that in, one of the problems with the Sims 2 cited in the big Sims 3 PC Gamer article was how disconnected the expansion packs were, why isn't this possible?
  • Sorry, this is OT, but @boptop892, is show reviewing a career? I so want the music critic career if it is.
  • I'm not really in support of fantasy stuff, tbh, at all. Considering buying showtime atm, but wouldn't buy this unless it made a significant amount to the game.
  • D: Aw, but have fun changing the lots, anyway ;)
  • • I can't remember the address, but I built a house and moved a family in ;) Edit: Added image (image is linked)
  • More for my own reference than anything; §16,000 + §2,000 for adult + §1,500 for teen + §1,000 for child + §500 for toddler Sorry, just making family starters atm.
  • @VanillaTwilight93 Hey feel free ;) And if you ever get the urge to upload it, I don't mind, srsly, just credit me in the thread or whatever ;) @LynAnn1996 Yeah, it really makes a difference on lots if you get the terrain right. I started a legacy before this project,…
  • @LynAnn1996 Cheers ;) I love terrain textures on my new pc, the detail makes stuff look more real. All of the lots I've built so far in Sunset Valley have had a variety of extra grasses mixed in :) @niac1234 :D Cool (: And I'm glad you have the lots! I love that tutorial, though the basement alone took me ages ;)
  • That's cool :) Right now I'm trying to build something kinda like Lorelai's house from Gilmore Girls, and later I'm going to go and build the rest of the criminals' house.
  • @LynAnn1996 I might have to after I add the sims to the town; it's really hard not to use all of the extra stuff once you have it, the problem is that some creators prefer to have people link to their main download page instead, which kinda sucks. Idk; if I take out my mods and it turns out I've been using a lot of them…
  • [img] "width=580"[/img] This is an image of the ground floor of the victorian-inspired building I'm working on right now, loads of work so far and still way more to come... This house is intended for Sunset Valley's new major criminal family; since I realised that behind city hall, a less…
  • Currently working on a home inspired by this thread;it's gonna take a while!
  • How do you get rid of the tiny triangles that float above your foundation when you use CFE?
  • Okay, I'm starting to thing there's something up with my launcher, because I definitely exported all three of these but only two turned up... Update! • Built 7 Sun Song Avenue; "Sandy Cottage" 1br, 1ba; 30x20 lot; §24,611 Link is missing [img] "width=500"[/img] [img]…
  • @BGateGWayB Oh sure ;) I'm not copyrighting the idea or anything, just drop me a link so I can see what you do with it ;) I would never have been able to manage this on my old computer either, the Sims 3 was the first thing I installed when we got this awesome new pc :) @JaydeeXP That would be awesome ;) I can't guarantee…
  • The plumbob pictures one was mostly landscaping as the rabbithole takes up a lot of space. @LynAnn1996 I get around the cheap furniture problem by totally cheaping on the walls by recolouring the pool wall and I also use a mix of the absolute cheapest furniture and the second or third cheapest. For "Pewter Place" above,…
  • Another update ;) • Built 2300 Pinochle Point; "Pewter Place" 1br, 1ba; 30x30 lot; §11,361 Link currently missing - I forgot to export this one! [img] "width=500"[/img] [img] "width=250"[/img][img] "width=250"[/img] • Built 2200 Pinochle…
  • Thankyou, and good luck with your CaW project! I love building the lots but my patience never seems to last past the terrain stage with CaW ;)
  • That's pretty dire if they couldn't be bothered to even just clone the mesh; it's been bothering me somewhat that all of the fruit trees are the same because you can't identify them from a distance. I see a lime tree, so I harvest it, then it's actually pomelo :P
  • Yeah, I agree our My Pages should be a place whe can showcase what we've done in the game, with widgets or something where we can post links to our favourite things and things we're proud of.
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