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  • I voted no because if they constantly kept on releasing content a bit too much, the game would probably be more broken than it is right now, the sims 4 for me is still very playable with all its DLC although it has a few lags here or there and a few bugs, I want it to stay atleast playable, I would say bug fixes should be…
  • I turn the aging on in all the sims but set to long
  • Oh my goodness me, I've never laughed so hard at my sims for a long time 🤣, I have 3 sisters living in an apartment in the city, a young adult, teen and child, the oldest sister is a party animal that likes to woohoo with married men, her next door neighbour hates her for sleeping with her husband, she was missing parties…
  • That's odd, the sims 4 base game should come up as free and you should be able to purchase cats & dogs on its own aswell, it should be coming up when you type it in the search bar
  • Unfortunately yes, the base game luckily is now free, however you might need to buy cats & dogs again
  • I would love a kit that adds classic sims objects for example heart bed and tub, in the sims 1 there was an air fresher, the dancer in the cake, the classic purple flowers in a circle red bowl
  • Here's burglars from the sims 3 for those of you, that has only played the sims 4
  • They will sneak into your sims house at night with a sack, you can place a burglar alarm to alert the police or your sim could fight them, they steal things like toilets and beds lol, objects that get stolen if the police catch them you get insurance however if they get away well they get away @LeGardePourpre
  • I would absolutely love for those guys to come back, every franchise needs a villain, burglars were the sims villain, the sims 4 world is a little too perfect, Imagine if films and games didn't have a villain, Ariel would be singing about her collection all the way through of little mermaid 🤣 how boring would that be lol
  • Okay relax, didn't mean for my discussion to put you in a bad mood, apologise to your mum for me , I do think if they were to be added you should be able to turn them off or have it as part of a lot challenge " bad neighbourhood or something" so for simmers like yourself that really don't want them back, don't have to have…
  • I personally don't rush myself, I play with generation's so what one generation doesn't do, the other will, the sims 4 is an never-ending game so you have plenty of time to play all the packs
  • They could also add traits like lucky, unlucky, daredevil, new food stand that brings cotton candy and snack foods @Rouensims
  • I was definitely able to install it, obviously I can't play it yet, it has a lock on it, I turned on my playstation yesterday and it downloaded 🤔 @Bluegayle
  • I'm really not sure, do you play on console or pc ? @Serendipity38
  • It should automatically install itself, yes you can download the pack the now then when it's the release time and date, it unlocks @Serendipity38
  • That's me all organised for the release of growing together, I have my game updated and the pack installed, roll on the 16th 😊
  • I wouldn't say it's free, you have to pay £3.99 subscription, it's only if the console player is already on EA play will benefit, I'm not paying for an subscription just for the sims 4 considering I've spent about £1,000 on this game already, pc and console should have the same official content aswell, the only difference…
  • I've heard alot of simmers being not happy about the new world, everyone is entitled to their opinion each to their own , but the way I see it that I'd rather the developers focus on gameplay alot more with this pack which it looks like they have, it's been confirmed that there's 12 lots which I don't think it's really…
  • I love having chaotic gameplay 🤣, I hope John and camilla show up as ghosts in the house, I had the aunt Catherine strengthen the connections to the physical world 🤣🤣 @Ellupelluellu
  • Well my game has been quite an soap opera today 🤣 , my family the Baker family have had 2 deaths, before my game today a had a family of 7 and a cat, it consisted of an grandpa ( the fathers dad) , aunt ( the mothers vampire sister), mother, father and 2 children a son and daughter, the grandpa and aunt are married and…
  • I'm a mummy to two kitty cats 😊, it feels mad I'm turning 28 soon, your daughter will be feeling the same, were almost 30 🤣🤣, I was meant to be born on the 14th of March but I was having none of it, I was soo stubborn even before i was born🤣, I was coming out when I wanted to 🤣, what was strange my sister was meant to be…
  • This pack sounds amazing, here's the link of the confirmed features, omg midlife crisis, oh yes
  • The sims 4 is releasing infants for everyone, will be base game update on the 14th of March, the expansion will be released on the 16th of March
  • Poor soul 😔 I'm glad she's doing okay, that's horrible to hear, I hope that animal got destroyed, I got attacked by a dog when I was 7 not as bad as your poor granddaughter, the dog almost ripped my pinky off, there's a part of flesh missing from my hand, I was terrified of dogs for a very long time, I'm kind of still…
  • Omg is your granddaughter okay? That's horrible 😔 @GalacticGal
  • The sims 4 is very lacking in family gameplay, this pack in my opinion is well needed 😊, I love occults, I personally couldn't play normal sims all the time @Atreya33
  • Yes 26 of March (UK mothers day date) is my birthday date, that is crazy 🤣, my mum always says I am the best mothers day gift 😊, i am her second child and daughter, my mum told me that she bought my sister a trike and said it was from me 🤣, my older sister wasnt amused that a was born 🤣🤣 she was only 2 and a half @SERVERFRA
  • Im very excited, this is the pack ive been waiting for 😊, I'm a family player and occult player, I'm all about playing my family for generations and having an interesting family tree with occults aswell, changing up the gameplay everytime, new generation, new gameplay, all my households are related to each other in a way…
  • I've bought both, I love clutter makes my sims homes look lived in and as for the cas kit, my sims are needing more sleepwear options, I play on console so kits for me personally is a welcomed thing

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