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  • As far as I know, they've never said that "burglars are too dark". I believe it was one YouTuber's speculation and people started to repeat that, as if that's some official statement.
  • I enjoy them all to be honest, but I guess Spice Festival is my favourite because of general atmosphere (and free food ;)). I like to begin my Sims' weekend with it, especially with teens. GeekCon is probably the one I attend the least, but just because it happens on the week and during a day, so when a lot of people are…
  • When it was revealed that pets will take the Sims' slot, I didn't care at first. But after time, I have to admit it's a bit limitting for some families. It'd be nice to have 1-2 extra slots if you play with pets.
  • The idea of these text isn't so bad in general, just the execution is rather poor. I find it also weird that these texts are usually send by Sims that my Sim doesn't know very well. So... what's your point? You're suggesting that you want to be my friend too or what?
  • I'm actually positively surprised!
  • Until recently, it was alway Full Screen for me. But not so long ago, I've tried Windowed Full Screen, and I feel like my game runs a bit smoother. It's definitely easier to check something on the Internet etc., because when I minimize the full screen version, it tends to lag afterwards for a moment. The only disadvantage…
  • Yes, but I'd be fine if there's fewer of them, but the quality is better. I like the idea of stuff packs. Because they're focused on a certain theme, it's easier to decide whether or not I'll be using its content.
  • Well, they weren't lying about not getting too hyped. Don't get me wrong, the patch is good, but at the same time I feel they really could've simply said 'Hey, we're doing a livestream, just because we want to make it a more regular thing, even for not big features'.
  • I've done it almost entirely from the manage world, and I feel that was the easiest way in the end. Especially that some of these family was not placed in the world, so I would had to move them in, load the household, move them out... I know, I'm probably nitpicking a bit :) I'm just creating my own kind of starting file…
  • That's more or less what I ended up doing. That's more work than I wished for, but oh well. I was just really hoping for some cheat like funds_of_any_family [value], or some equivalent of that, but apparently there's no such thing. Thank you anyway :)
  • The problem is I'm more interested in reducing the funds, not increasing :) But thanks for suggestions anyway @luimistelija and @poemetragurl
  • Do you have to know the other family, using MCCC for transfer, or you can transfer between any family in the save?
  • Same here! The 3D eyelashes with Maxis-Match only CC don't look terrible, but I still prefer the blocky one. I've had that one Sim recently, she's quite pretty, but unfortunately she got her dad's eyes without eyelashes. They looked really weird on her. I was trying to use eyeliner to make it work, but finally I ended up…
  • It came with C&D, though, so way before Seasons :)
  • I guess that's true, now when I think about it. But at the same time, I'd like to have a bit more control over that. It'd be nice to maybe have some more additional pre-sets, like focused on certain colors, and not only for the themes of premade holidays.
  • I've noticed that adjusting decorations for your house doesn't change them on the neighborhood houses. Is that suppose to be like that? If so, it's a bit of a shame. I've created a summer holiday and I wanted to give it bright yellow decorations. It doesn't look that good when neighbors are using some pre-sets (which are…
  • I don't delete premades, but I usually don't give them make overs either - unless some of them become more relevant for my main families, which doesn't happen often. But I still like having them roaming around in their original forms :) Although I feel I'll be changing their hot&cold outfits, so I might do some changes…
  • Thank you for answering @loubyloulou :) I've seen that one in fact, but haven't try it yet. It's a bit shame that the shadowing on a forehead disapears in the edited version though, but it still seems better than EA version.
  • I'd love to see such system too. I believe I've even said something like that in some other thread :) The only thing I'd change is randomizing part. I'd be better if we could simply tag the outfit as appropriate for more than one weather.
  • In most of my saves I play with aging off. I prefer to do the Story Progression on my own, have control of what's happening outside my households. I use MCCC Story Progression just in one save. In other words: I don't really care about SP at all, I chose the option for toggle mostly because I know it's quite popular wish…
  • It depends much on their traits. In one household I have the free spirit cat and the affectionate cat. I often don't even notice that the first one is gone on his little adventure, while the second one is needy all the time. I have Playable Pets mods, so I sometimes check her need's decay and it's super fast on that one…
  • I just remembered something. Some time ago Graham posted this: Was it discussed at all? Could that be related to what's coming next?
  • I assume the very next one would be some stuff pack. After that maybe witches GP. It's too soon for next EP, and the beaches could be not recived very well now as it's potentially gonna have some summer activity people were expecting in Seasons. I feel that the Farm GP is on rather early stage of development (if it is at…
  • You know what's funny? Some time before Seasons came up, people were asking if Sims would autonomously change outfits when going outside/inside. And I was thinking then 'Of course they will, what a silly question'... I really hope that one is a bug.
  • Swimmable water coming to TS4 confirmed. And ninjas...?
  • I'm starting to think they didn't really handle the outfits system very well. In my opinion we don't need more categories, except for outwear one, but rather some way of marking the outfits within existing categories, depending on temperature. I'm not sure if that would be technically possible though.
  • @seven_seas_of_rai Without mods and turning off the autonomy - I doubt it. The only option left is to try to keep all of your Sims occupied ALL THE TIME, so they have no spare moment to perform autonomous actions.
  • At first I was like 'Oh, c'mon. I know you shouldn't put your arms on the table according to savoir-vivre, but give that poor Sim a break!' But then I got it :tongue: And I agree, it'd be nice to see these animations in game.
  • I could understand that the scarecrow itself doesn't get covered because of his ability to come to life. But it's in fact weird that there's no snow on its tree. Maybe there's some heating so it won't be cold when it's finally woken up :tongue:
  • Hopefully it's a bug, but it also sounds similar to TS3 situation (at least for me). When a Sim gets a wish to throw a seasonal party, it would only count if it's the said Sim who does the interaction of planning and inviting guest. A bit of shame, especially that usually most of family member get such wish. So, could be a…

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