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  • Enter me please! Thank you for the giveaway. <3
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  • I would not buy this pack on release. I would wait for the gameplay videos and reactions. I have regretted buying many packs too early.
  • This is what I expected them to be. And tbh unicorns don't fit well in a western styled world. For me, unicorns live in a fairytale forest and not in a desert. Imagine a cowboy riding a unicorn. :D But I believe it was a bad decision. Unicorns would have been a selling point for many player. Release is on thursday and I'm…
  • I would be ok for less content for keeping the same price, but then I expect them to focus on really new content. The horses in this pack are no working horses so there is no need for another northamerican world. Other worlds could have offered new ideas for gameplay and styles we don't have in the game. What I also miss…
  • Exactly my thoughts. Did they ever prerecord a livestream? It felt so weird. Now I'm waiting for the videos of the content creators to show us the real gameplay.
  • Maybe it's supposed to be an ghost town because of the ghost horses in the trailer? ;) I watched the livestream to learn more about the ghost horses but they didn't talk about them.
  • Ok, I didn't recognize this. Are the shirts with the stars also new base game objects? It's nice to have but I expected to see more new content of the pack and not of the basegame.
  • The live stream was as dissapointing as the trailers. They showed us nothing new. I wonder what this colaboration with native americans is meant to be. So far I have only seen a few recipies and deco objects. That's all? What I liked was the cross pack compability with nectar making.
  • I got Horse Mom. Thank you for the giveaway!
  • I know that miniature sheep and goats exist. But we've seen animals in only size. Shouldn't be there a difference between adults ands babies? As the one goat was bottle fed I believe this is supposed to be the size of the babies. Cleaning the vineyard is a good sense for having sheep but we already have rabbits. It's just…
  • I still wonder what the gameplay trailer was for. It was wasted money and time. I also wonder the baby sheep and goats are for. Will they ever grow up? As the pack has not enough gameplay for an EP I will wait for a sale and buy for the price of a GP.
  • I won't play Sims 5 if it:* is free to play * has microtransitions or an ingame shop * has no free cc * forces you to play online * is multiplayer * has subscriptions * has time gates * has an online marketplace where you can buy other player creations for ingame money * doesn't support cheats Free to play games with…
  • Enter me, please. I got grunge.
  • I don't buy kits but for a really good world I would make an exception. Nothing against american styled worlds but there are so many wonderfull places I miss in the game. For example there is still no african world.
  • Maybe they spent too much time in developing all the fake houses and cars that there was no more left for better trees. ;) There are worlds with different types of trees like Sulani, Mt Komorebi or Selvadorada.
  • I know and I have tested it. But I don't like playing with Laundry Day. My sims never have washing machines in their houses.
  • I stopped preordering packs because I have been disappointed too many times. Yesterday when I was playing with the infants my thoughts were like "I need to buy Growing Together to have more possibilities for the infants." I would say this was the intention of EA and it was hard for me to resist not buying the pack for only…
  • I'm the middle child. Please enter me to the giveaway.
  • There is no need to pre-order a pack for the bonus items. I will wait patiently for the first gameplay video and the I decide wether the pack is worth the full price, wait for a sale or dont' buy it.
  • I know what it is meant but there are much more women with a mastectomy caused by breast cancer than women who where transformed into a man. We always talk about inclusion and the medical wearables are the right way. When we talk about mastectomy scars we should also talk about women with breast cancer. That's the reason…
  • I'm not sure what to think about top scars. Why are they for masculine Sims? In my language it is translated with mastectomy and this reminds me of breast cancer and not gender transformation. Breast cancer usually affects women.
  • It is possible. I played it several times in the past. Even with no part-time job it is possible. There are so many ways to earn money without a job.
  • I miss the point "I'm not interested at all". Currently I don't play the Sims 4 so I don't care if it comes to an end. And that's the reason why I'm not interested in the Sims 5. I don't trust the brand anymore and what I heard so far it will be not the game I would like to play.
  • I'm not sure if I would like this in the game. On the one side I know that diversity is not only about the skin color or sexual orientation. I have a lot of experience with disabled in my family. My mother needed a wheelchair, my father had hearing aids like my siblings, my uncle is deaf, my doughter struggles with…
  • I totally agree. But why should they repair the game as long as the players still buy new packs and kits? I haven't played the sims since the last patch. There are enough games out there with no gamebreaking bugs. They call the scenario update a bugfix so the list seems to be longer as it is. Updating scenarios instead of…
  • I like some of the more challenging scenarios. But most of them are a waste of time. The new scenarios from the patch yesterday are more like tutorials for new players and that's my issue. Aren't new players able to play a sandbox game anymore? Aren't they able to create their own households? The scenarios are so many lost…
  • I play since Sims 2 and have bought every pack. Since COL I haven't spend any money on the Sims. It not that I wouldn't like to have new content in my game but nothing was worth the price. My current state is that I'm bored of the game. I want to play but I have no ideas what to play. I need new input but I'm not so…
  • Really? That could have been one of my selling points when the pack is on sale. I didn't play the game for a while. I had no ideas what to play. Last week on patchday I gave it another chance. I was very dissapointed even if I didn't buy HSY.

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