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  • Yeah, birds don't have to be the biggest pack, they can be a Stuff Pack like hamsters. Okay not like hamsters. Much better than hamsters. But still not so big that they take up a place on your Sim's family.
  • Maybe if gameplay was added to Teens themselves that symbolised the events of pre-teen - you don't need a completely new stage, just more gameplay to take place shortly after a child becomes a teen.
  • I would never turn down more gameplay but I feel like there are things the Devs team could be doing that would have more substance to them than programming the two years that make up 'pre-teens'. Occult stages, cars, burgulars...
  • All things considered, a LOT of packs have classical style decor in them. You know, statues, art, plant decor... that kind of thing merges with Medieval fairly well. I don't feel like we need more Medieval items. I feel like we need more interesting futuristic items that don't just look like Modern Art.
  • The pathetically low number of carpets - especially when you'll see more of your carpet than your wall - definitely irritates me.
  • I'm predicting normal clothes, just black.
  • What happens if you've just made a recent self-discovery? (Ace Noob) To be honest it kind of explains why I liked large households but they never got married. In fact it explains a lot of things.
  • Discipline Kit. Tired of being a casually neglectful parent? Sick of your children being taken away because you can't get them to focus long enough to eat a full meal? This Kit gives you the ability to (lists all sorts of awful things). Now your children will be taken away from you for good reason - unless you can cover it…
  • For once I like the idea of new clothes, but the bookshelves are definitely not impressing me.
  • Today I kicked into gear my new family. They're dedicated to the Growing Together pack, made with likes and dislikes of conversation topics and activities and even colours and music, but that doesn't mean they have to be happy. Especially since they live in a Haunted House. I don't bother with likes and dislikes of decor…
  • The ability for both genders to have babies is being made fairly redundant now.
  • Here's a thing about lights in the Sims - if you put one light over another, or very close, it won't glow any brighter. Similar, if you increase the size of a light, it won't increase the light radius. Sometimes people make pictures with about a hundred lights, which is okay for show but not okay for your electric bill.…
  • Argument 1: It's new, we can't expect perfection Argument 2: It's the server we use to play our EA games. Perfection is necessery.
  • Look at my nightclub! Look how it sparkles, look how it shines! (Not yet complete, so it's not up just yet). But on the outside, that's likely the thumbnail. Except it doesn't sparkle enough, so there's work to be done. So yeah, a good picture, at the right time of day, from the right angle, in the right neighbourhood,…
  • I been pre-building all week. And I'll be repairing all of next week.
  • I'm going to go straight into Build-Buy mode and find out how I can use it on my spooky Jason Voorhees lot.
  • I checked and my library was empty. I'm not gonna do the update for a few hours.
  • Plus, after the update and install there will inevitably be bugs, (There always are with ANY game). Obviously Modders are going to get to work instantly, deciding what needs changing, but even then there will be patches and hotfixes that will alter things.
  • It's not so much being lazy as it is that, you know, Mods aren't EA content and the Sims team isn't big enough.
  • If you have new shelves they probably won't break, as Sims can't take most things off shelves anyway, only view some of the items on them.
  • There's gonna be two things for Modders to fix. The Infants update, and the Growing Together install, which depends on whether you install GT or not. So people with GT may have to wait a bit longer before putting their Mods back in.
  • As I personally expected, we again have a big world that most of it you can't even visit. When are devs going to catch on to this complaint? Also, going to the movies can be classed as gameplay about as much as in real life going to the movies can be classed as socialising. I mean, the pack looks really nice and I'm…
  • I downloaded a popular nightclub off the Gallery (by kipikipi94), and then I set to work on it. It's still kind of WIP. It's now called The Crystal Butterfly. The gems decorating it may be made of silicon, but the management assures you that the employees are not. It may look similar, but it shouldn't, because I managed to…
  • It would be nice if your neighbours looked after their babies. I was doing an exorcism once and the household had four bassinet babies in it, all constantly wailing. The residents made not one move to comfort them. At the same time Social Services made multiple calls TO ME telling ME they would take away the babies if I…
  • Would be great to have drums and then while your teens are practicing their drums it's infuriating the entire household with the racket. Still, upright pianos will be nice because it's insane that we need a huge classical piano to learn it. Even large houses have trouble fitting them in.
  • I have some Custom Shelves (for displaying Collections!), and that's all my custom content at the moment. I'm gonna remove them for the update but I seriously doubt that shelves will be broken. Still, I have removed a couple of bigger mods.
  • If you have anything modding CAS it will break. If you have CAS content, some of it may break, some may not, but instead of the slavish task of going through your CAS content one item at a time to find out what works, it may just be simpler to delete all your CAS and download new, better CAS in a few days - it's being made…
  • I have been redesigning a Gallery 'nightclub' extensively. A slip of the finger (I think I was putting in a fountain) and I unwittingly deleted two floors of the basement. Cheerily unaware, I saved the near-complete building, only to go down a floor and discover my horrific mistake half-an-hour later. And no, 'Undo' did…

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