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  • Yes, I love the CAS stuff and the objects and I'll probably just leave the Sim to do laundry if they feel like it.
  • Not working for me either, totally clean fully patched game using Sims 3 camera options and nothing works.
  • Couldn't stand them in any previous incarnation and am delighted they're not in the game personally but I certainly would have no problem with them being put back in for those who do like to play with the toddler life stage. For me they were just a huge big pain in the backside although Generations did improve things…
  • Having toddlers or not doesn't bother me in the slightest, they were irritating as h*ll in Sims 3 and I used to give them the bare minimum life stage to get them to age into child stage asap.
  • My choices would be: Ambitions - adds new careers and building to the town Seasons - adds weather! Island Life - opens up a whole load of new interactions and introduced a limited amount of Open for Business style game play with resorts Then the next three are probably the next "must haves" for me in any order. Generations…
  • I had that as well, the bride instigated the wedding in a private ceremony, they got married but his name didn't change and neither did hers and he didn't move in. I used Twallan's Master Controller to add him to the active household and change his name but it did show up that they were married on the Relationship panel.
  • The Sims 3, all EPs and Stuff Packs and ALL patches have correctly installed via the Launcher and are running without any problems whatsoever on my Windows 7 laptop. I also know of at least four other people running the same set up with Win7 and not having any issues at all.
  • Urm, I have Windows 7 on my laptop and have successfully installed Sims 3, all EPs and Stuff Packs and patched up to date so I'm not sure why someone has said they're not compatible with W7. All my updates are done through the Launcher and all update without any issue.
  • Unfortunately, if you have your language set to English/United Kingdom, it doesn't show any patch information since July. I usually have to change it to United States to get updated news properly.
  • Have you tried saving while playing instead of trying to save and quit? That's the easiest way to lock up your game as it cannot cope with having to save all the information in one big chunk. Have you got enough RAM in your computer to start off with? Try using the SAVE AS option and giving this neighbourhood a new name…
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