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  • Hi! I made my own challenge also (its a 6 generation legacy challenge "the Broadway challenge" based on musicals) is there any way I could get it added to the list? Here it s for anyone interested
  • Has anyone tried this out? I'm looking to bundle but I want to get the best prices.
  • The same thing happened to me. I ended up losing the whole dark form of my vampire-mermaid sim trying to fix it... Is there anyway to stop the glitch or are you forced to max the vampire lore skill and make the vampire cure to fix it/eat mermaid kelp twice?
  • @Luclylu Back when I was doing Snow White (I finished all and I'm on my added generation of Tinkerbell) I didn't move in Snow White's husband/prince since the household gets full at 8 and all the 7 dwarfs plus Snow equals 8. I prefer to leave the prince out of her life but the other princesses should live with theirs.
  • Generation: Tinkerbell (LONG GENERATION 😶) As a child you were separated from your twin sister before you could talk. You didn't have any friends until you met this one, special boy. But that all changed when he found someone else.. When Tinkerbell is a child, the story begins (This generation contains contents from the…
  • Planning on adding this one to my game Generation: Alice in Wonderland You never had any friends your whole childhood. Life was boring and your were alone with your old timey parents. One day you decide to run away and live your life...full of wonder. When Alice is a teenager the story begins -Must have Erratic trait -For…
  • This is adding to @staceymookenzie 's comment on a bonus round. 2020: -Teens and children must call a friend or family member every weekday to represent zoom -If a sim goes outside, spin a dice to see if they get COVID-19 (evens they're good, odds they get the virus) -If a sim gets the virus spin a dice to see if they die…
  • Finished Belle quite a while ago but I wanted to share a challenge I added for her. You can go by these rules or add them to the ones the challenge provided [b]Beauty & The Beast[/b] -Mother must die in your childhood -Beast must take you from your family once your a YA -You cannot speak to your father until you and beast…
  • Finished Mulan and im on lil Jazzy (Jasmine- I just like calling her that...dont ask) for me Mulan is extremely buff since I decided to make her max her fitness. XD
  • @AmeRose I dont have specific links since I'm on a phone rn but I have good creators. Go to TSR (The sims resource) and type "Trillyke" she has a lot of clothes for teen/ya for hair type "Anto" hope this helps!
  • I know Melody (Ariel's daughter) isn't an OFFICIAL princess but can you add her for optional?
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