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  • I chose the Bjergsens cause I think they're boring. I mean, they even all have the same hair color and their backstory is basically only about how their teenie daughter wants to become a musician.
  • I need more flat shoes for my female sims too. It's so unrealistic that my gardener runs around in heels but the only flat shoes at the moment are glittery flats, sportswear and male shoes (which look awkward on female sims).
  • I send my families, including my very large ones, on holiday too from time to time so I'm super happy about the 8 bed home.
  • @simgirl1010 No, the easel came with the world. It can be found in the backyard of the museum!
  • Of course I had to explore the GP with my favourite couple, Miriam and Mabel Kent. I wanted them to elope in Selvadorada (after Miriam left Mabel at the altar, more on that on my tumblr) but since that's not possible it became a vacation to restore their broken relationship. Either way I really enjoy the atmosphere in this…
  • I'm not sure if you were talking about the lot size or about the house itself - I personally like 30 x 20 or 40 x 30 lots and the houses I prefer usually have at least two and up to five bedrooms. But hey, that's just me and I'm not sure if I'm a good indicator as I never download houses from the gallery.
  • Thanks for your help, guys! And because I want to contribute something to the thread too... Did you know you can't get married on vacation? :disappointed:
  • I have a question but it's not worth opening a separate thread for so I hope someone here can help me know something :smile: What happens if I send a pregnant sim to Selvadorada, will she give birth there? Because I'd rather she didn't :lol:
  • One has nothing to do with the other. It wasn't either multitasking or no loading screens. Both could've been implemented. I like the loading screens, the open world caused the computer to have to render a lot more and my loading screens are merely seconds that would, in an open world, be spent rendering all the objects.
  • I feel the same. Strays only exist in Brindleton Bay and almost none of my families live there. I would've loved to be able to adopt an elderly cat and I do plan to open a sanctuary for elderly and sickly cats in real life once I've settled down somewhere with enough room.
  • Mabel and Miriam (Remember them?) went on a date at the Simizu. In the middle of the meal Mabel left the table for a second to go freshen up a little as her hygiene need was low and guess what happened? Their waiter swooped in, picked up Mabel's food and started gulping it down right infront of Miriam! He stole her date's…
  • The Major Chords club was meeting at the Munch's home and little Lucas seemed to be very interested in Summer's songs.
  • I chose the funerals because it would be nice if the relatives and friends of sims that passed away could say farewell to them. It wouldn't have to be a traditional funeral either, just a small ceremony would be nice, maybe it could include sending the ghost to the netherworld together or the host could say a couple of…
  • I would love to have more relationship options in CAS. Boyfriend/Girlfriend is a must because there should be something between a couple having no relationship whatsoever and a couple being married. More family options would be great too. I'd love to be able to set their relationship values with a second dropdown menu that…
  • There's a couple things that I think they will still add, I assume at least seasons and a supernatural expansion will still come. Besides that, I don't know. I'm gonna be honest, I'll be glad when most people will move on to a new game. When those who constantly complain have something new to complain about the people who…
  • Is it possible to add another level of zoom between the closest and the second closest? I can either see one generation only or it zooms out to where I can barely see the portraits. Also, what size pictures is best so the portraits aren't blurry? Edit: I think the zoom issue is caused by my browser because when I use Edge…
  • I read all book titles and descriptions. I especially like Atlas Hugged (though younger people probably won't understand) and chuckle at it every time. Small things like that are proof to me that the sims isn't just for kids because no child would understand that reference.
  • This is another thing I don't understand in this game. It's like, we have aliens, vampires and male pregnancy but kids can't have unnatural hair colors, what sense does that make?! Luckily there is a mod that fixes this: http://simscommunity.info/social/resources/genetic-unnatural-hair-colours-for-kids-game-packs.334/ You…
  • Thank you so much for your help, that's perfect! I love that hairstyle and now I'm finally not limited in color choices for the outfits anymore. I appreciate your help a lot!
  • Yeah I don't know why they didn't make them related either. They could've just placed them in the same household, make them related, gave them a horrible relationship and then have Johnny move out. Which is what I did for my savefile because I have MC command center and I really did not want those two to get paired up…
  • Uhm, @aujineh, Nancy is Johnny's mother. They don't have a relationship ingame but I'm still pretty sure that that's canon. I used to hate Johnny as well but I've grown to like him when one of my sims had a baby with him and he cared for his daughter devotedly. And I love the Pancakes, they're one of my all-time favorite…
  • So what if it's optional, a bad idea is still a bad idea. Seriously, let others have opinions that differ from yours. I'd much rather have private schools, boarding schools and Uni back than going to school with my kids.
  • It would likely come with kids and teen clothes, which I would very much like to have. Why are you even opening a thread if you can't accept others' opinions? Why do you have to start a discussion with everyone who doesn't like your idea?
  • All of them, please. But also that they happen more often naturally in the game. My sims don't die enough! Okay, that sounds really macabre but unless I force an unnatural death on them all of my sims die from old age. Though I did decide to not help them in the case of a fire anymore. From now on, they either put…
  • I don't think so and I'm glad about it. I don't really like the active careers and it would be very annoying to have to click on a "Send to school alone" choice box for every child in the household every single day.
  • I'd love if there was an update to babies but I very much doubt there will be any.
  • Oh I'm sorry I should've probably specified that I meant the child hair, not the one for adults. Apologies!
  • Both. Or either :lol: That would definitely fall into the love to hate category, @StrawberryYogurt :smiley:
  • Does anyone know where I can find the Diwali hair without the clip? The yellow and white never matches my kids' outfits but I really like the hairstyle so if anyone has an idea where I can find it without the flower in the back, I'd be grateful.

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