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  • Nope. A friend recommended them to me once but I didn't think they sounded very interesting. TSBM has a vast collection of books.
  • Nope... Just praying for the best :wink: TSBM listens to Christmas music in January
  • Hi all, how is everyone? I've just started a 100 baby challenge on my tumblr, as that felt more suitable to me for short updates on the challenge. You can see all the chapters as they appear here:
  • Chapter 1.14 is out! I published it yesterday but forgot to post an announcement here... A shorter chapter compared to the last one on Harvestfest. Chapter 1.14:
  • Following chapter 1.12, chapter 1.13 has just been published. Elias tries some romance, the kids meet some gnomes and the Harvest spirit is enjoyed. Chapter 1.13 of the Campbell Countup:
  • I'm back in the world of simming! First term back at school after the summer is always very tiring and taking up a lot of time, but I have finally managed to write about the screenshots that have been sitting on my laptop since the last chapter. The author's note at the end of this new chapter will explain further, but…
  • Chapter 1.11 is out! This story's going a lot faster than Beatrice's Legacy did, so the heir vote in coming up in a few chapter's time. However, now that school has restarted after the summer break, chapters will probably be posted less frequently. As always, chapter updates can be received by following my WordPress or my…
  • Just updated my banner image (in the spoiler in case you are on mobile so cannot see it in my signature). The silhouettes are very unlikely to represent the future generations for two reasons: the first is that as we are only on Gen 1, I have no idea what the future heirs will look like; the second reason is that the heirs…
  • Just released chapter 1.10 of the Campbell Countup! Today's chapter includes relationship and skill building, and an anniversary (sort of). You can read it here:
  • False. I would like to but I don't think I'd be very good at it. TSBM is enjoying summer.
  • Hi all. I'm JamesSims. I was writing a legacy, but the save broke and I haven't managed to fix it yet, so I started a new one. It's called Campbell Countup and you can check it out on my WP site here!
  • Hi, I just found this thread. I started this story fairly recently so it's not too far to catch up if anyone new wants to start reading it. Story name: Campbell Countup Author name: JamesSims Story URL: Description: This story follows Noah Campbell. Despite starting with only §1800,…
  • Today's chapter includes Meredith going on a painting spree, whilst the kids get to build their relationships with each other! Chapter 1.9!
  • Today, there's even more birthdays! What will the twins be like as they grow up? Read chapter 1.8 here.
  • I'm back from my holiday and just published a new chapter of the Campbell Countup. Link here:
  • I'm home from my holiday, and, as promised, another chapter is here! This chapter is from just over a month ago when the Sims Sessions were in game, and Noah's family is going to one. Campbell Countup - 1.7
  • Meredith announced her pregnancy last chapter, and now she gives birth! And there's a surprise on its way... Chapter 1.6! I am now on hiatus, so there won't be any new chapters for a few weeks, but there will be plenty when I'm back!
  • We have a toddler! Winterfest has arrived! Meredith shares some Big News... Chapter 1.5!
  • Chapter 1.4 of the Campbell Countup!. Noah and Meredith make some money. and then Meredith gives birth!
  • Chapter 1.3 is out! Noah gets to know Meredith more, and puts proposal before her. Will she accept it? Here's the link
  • Chapter 1.2 is finished! You can read it here, 1.3 shouldn't be long in coming :)
  • I've just started a new legacy :blush:. It's called the Campbell Countup (link).
  • For some reason, the save for Beatrice's Legacy has broken. While I am working on fixing it, I have started a new story. It is called the Campbell Countdown, and you can read it here. I don't know how long it will be till the save is fixed, if I ever manage to do so, but I will update here as soon as possible after.…
  • @capturethemagic I think I agree with @SnowBnuuy . A little extra or different something added to the stereotype can help the readers focus more. It makes the character not just "the same thing as always", which can get boring sometimes, but the character has more depth and feeling. You could also portray them differently…
  • @amp107 I use MCCC in my legacy. I think that as long as you're not using it to cheat for the legacy household, such as money, relationships, skills etc, it is fine. I have my settings so that it doesn't effect my active household, only other ones. This means that my spares also get married, have children, have children…
  • Update: 5th April. Due to some rl stuff, I will be unable to write so often. New chapters will still be published but I'm not sure how long the gap between each one will be.
  • Due to some rl stuff, I will be unable to write so often. New chapters will still be published but I'm not sure how long the gap between each one will be. I will still read everyone's stories though :smile:.
  • Good. I made some rocky road yesterday, and I ate that today. Mum ordered pizza, and now I'm stuffed from too much food. I'm hoping to do some writing now.
  • Good. I'm hoping to play tomorrow and write some more. It's nearly Easter so hopefully I can play more often.
  • I've just published chapter 1.28, Winterfest, here: It is very nearly one in game year since I started writing the legacy!

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