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  • If you have Spa Day installed—yoga mats!! They cost 125 simoleons, and you get like 32 bits, and only 10 pieces. It’s the quickest way I’ve found to balance out my bits and pieces, because I used to have way WAY more pieces than bits.
  • Thank you!! I’ll see if I can get a less skilled sim out there with some strawberries in tow. I’ll do anything at this point to catch this menace 🙄
  • Haha, no, that's true of course. I just generally suck at sticking out a family for more than three or four generations, and I suck at playing by any and all rules that I set for myself, so I want to challenge myself to do the Legacy Challenge completely by the book. I might bend the townie rule just that once, though, so…
  • Hi all! I've just started my legacy in TS4 (first baby on the way!) and I could use some help. I'm planning on having a pretty straight-forward family tree, mostly to challenge myself, since I usually end up with about five children and at least four different parents between them. My founder and primary spouse will have…
  • I've got some good news for you! You really, really don't have to go through all that trouble to change your sims' traits. Simply press ctrl+shift+C to open the cheat code window, enter "testingcheats true", then enter "cas.fulleditmode on". Shiftclick on one of your sims, choose "Enter CAS" and voila! You can change…
  • I'm a bit late to this discussion, but I've managed this and here's how I did: 1. Make sure they have a high romance bar. Like, really high. The highest. It helps later. 2. Have one of them Insult the other a few times, until they are angry enough to Fight. 3. FIGHT! 4. Now they should have a really low friendship bar (for…
  • How long do you reckon before they scrap emotions and double relationship bars? :roll: :hunf:
  • Only because I'm curious, Memima11, please describe you're ideal sims game. What would it look like, what would be in it? What wouldn't? (I just really feel for a good laugh)
  • I'd like to add emotions to TS4 field... ;)
  • This gives me strong feels of a certain Hunchback of Notre Dame song... On the topic, though, that doesn't really look like Bieber, so... But it's quite a nice-looking sim! :D
  • Well, you could just look at it as a challenge to find new, interesting ways to play. TS4 will limit you in your preferred way of playing TS3, but I'm not sure that's a bad thing. New game, new ways to play! What did you enjoy most about TS 1 and 2, when you didn't have CASt? Try to find that special thing about TS4 that…
  • You do know we're getting a Build Mode Video, right? Like, today? They aren't ignoring us anymore xD
  • Eh... Google? Is that allowed, btw? Because I can delete it if it's not (though I'd rather not delete it ;))
  • Didn't they say - way back, like last August - that there would be emotions for all life stages, and that the emotions were different for all life stages, i.e. more complex for adults than for example children? I have no idea where, but I am rather sure I heard this :)
  • Well, I just used it because I wasn't creative enough to pick furniture looking good next to each other, so I just made everything the same colour. Now, hopefully, there will be sets of furniture, making the furniture presets match each other. As long as it doesn't look horrible, I can live with it.
  • Really? :D Wonderful! Only four more months to wait then :)
  • I hadn't seen it before! And yes, the hair does look more detailed, especially by her temple. You know, the hair gets better for each pic. I'd say, by the time the game is released, even the most rabid hair haters won't be able to complain :)
  • We won't get no game in August. Six months is perhaps a little much, but if we get the game in four months, I'd be pleasantly surprised. I'd say we get the game in October, despite what release date we've seen on a few places. Unless EA confirms it, I don't think we'll have the game by 2 September.
  • Some minor glitches half a year before the release of the game isn't a very serious problem, is it? I believe it will be fixed before the release, and if it isn't, it will hardly affect the gameplay. Overall, the sims' movements feel quite natural :)
  • Yeah ;)
  • Let's just be happy those times are more or less over... ;) I want to be away from school for several days to play TS4 too :evil:
  • This all looks great! I really can't wait :mrgreen: One small suggestion, though. I believe this thread will grow significantly over the next couple of weeks, with all the new info we get all the time, so I think it would be a good idea to put the updates in the original post. That way, someone new to this thread wouldn't…
  • I can live without it, really. I mean, I used it all the time to make sure furniture was made of the same kind of tree and covered with the same kind of fabric, but it doesn't matter that much. I can live with presets.
  • We've been through this. Last August. If you're not over this yet, perhaps TS4 isn't the game for you.
  • Oh yeah, definitely!
  • That's also true when it comes to... Well, just about anything in The Sims. It's a life simulator, meaning it simulates life. Doing the dishes is a real life chore which is in the game; why couldn't lawn mowing be too? samuel695, I think it's a great idea! :D
  • This is really off topic, but... It's so confusing seeing two people with practically the same avatar arguing :XD:
  • You're right, actually. The City Hall could be used in many interesting, relationship-related ways :)
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