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  • Hi i love the whole idea of this challenge and i duno if u are still following people play this but im going to be starting an LP on this challenge within a few weeks. My channel is Nebula Sims on youtube and its not letting me comment a link sorry
  • @ Cloudseeker hi i restarted the challenge on my youtube since i had to reinstall my game etc. uploading part 1 now and i have pre-recorded part three and the game crashed urghh but i have a question if one of the 5 sims you get pregnant has multiples do u have to keep and the children in the household becuase there…
  • @cloudseeker can we use the incest and poligomy mods ???
  • @cloudseeker does that mean that if my sim has 2 children and the first is an yd and has a kid to progress ontothe next era does that mean the second child who is a teen maybecome pregant ???
  • @Cloudseeker @Lydiaa88 Can we use the teen pregnancy mod to progress through eras
  • Parts 2 and 3 should be up later today and you know the goal about having 5 kids with different sims? Can I make my female pregnant with 5 other sims since Lydia has done the opposite since people could see both options???
  • > @ewright9 said: > *sigh* My elder Sim (John) will NOT kick the bucket! His last day was almost a week ago, and I'm currently in the process of trying to make Mary woohoo him to death lol :D > > Is anyone else having problems with their elders not dying when they should? > > On a side note, goal success! I managed to find…
  • > @Cloudseeker do you know the collectables that you find when u open the boxes when you are digging up fossils and you get little statues of people from my sims can we sell them and add them towards the £60,000
  • @Freedomdeep Lydia's answer is correct but as far as i am aware the answer to your second question is that the founders you create in c.a.s are generation 0 there children are generation 1 and there kids (your founders grandkids) are generation 2 so they would start the next era
  • @Cloudseeker i am lydias friend del rey simmer and started my today I got some rules confused and btw for people without outdoor retreat they could make a roof in a tent shape and put the straw roofing on like they just found some dry grass in a field ??? That's what I did if that's ok
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