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Dault3883 New Member


  • thats just a canopy bed if it was a full size bed instead of a single then it would look proportionally correct. its not hinting at anything imo
  • they have said they have years left so i think they are just getting started who knows this might be the last sims game they just might keep upgrading and updating it like Microsoft does with Windows 10
  • i dont think witches are next cause they just now started asking about them i think we will get something else first and i hope its a University pack but i want my kids to still live at home and i want working pool tables like we have had in the past
  • Not likely due to the performance side of it with that many objects besides for the most part Malls are dying doesnt really make since
  • forget the tombs i want islands and pirate flags man Caribbean life
  • im going with i would want for an EXPANSION pack a island pack because while i want seasons i see seasons as more of a game pack not an expansion pack usually expansion packs come with a new city and i cant see a new city with seasons but with islands could see a chain of islands in a city/world so yea i would want a…
  • there is stalls that you can buy that sell fish in buy mode and you can do the same with all the food stalls now whether you can buy the one that sells fresh fruit and vegtables i dont know i will look into it
  • Mountain dew but i also like mello yellow and sundrop pretty much i like citrus soda's and its frustrating to see all these coca cola signs in sims and none of the other soda's like pepsi mountain dew a&w rootbeer and dr pepper and such after all coca cola isnt the only soda out there
  • i currently have vlad locked in a jail in my second level basement LOL and have had him there for two game days tried putting a dance floor over the roof (since the jail is two stories tall due to the bars being that high) hoping he would die from the sunlight but he didnt next step i think will be to make a jail out side…
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