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  • The legacy challenge requires a computer with a lot of RAM (at least 4g) and a dedicated graphics card. After about four generations, your town is going to get overrun so make sure you also have some NRAAS mods, like ErrorTrap and OverWatch, which will help clear out your game. Also Master Controller (will allow you to…
  • I have never had it and I've been playing the game for ten years. I wonder what it is.
  • I think the Sims3 is miles ahead of the Sims4. The graphics for the Sims4 are cartoony and the Sims are more stupid if possible. I hear things like "in the Sims 4 you can have group conversations," but the Sims in Sims 3 do that and they actually LOOK at each other. Or I hear how the creators were saying, "your Sims will…
  • I have from the store, door of death and life and when my adult Sim died, the grim reaper brought him back from the grave as a baby
  • I didn't eat meat in my younger days and when you first start eating it, it does take about six months for your body to adjust back, so you're not wrong at all there.
  • Doesn't one of the towns have a babysitter that's horrible? I recall it is probably because they are absent minded and hate children, or something like that. As for the swing, I was never able to get that to work right. The Sims are always speeding up the swing making the kid sick or worse, the other Sims autonomously take…
  • I lover Luna Lakes, but I am pretty much alone in that
  • I have some Simpoints left over but there isn't much left I want and I am not going to buy more Simpoints. Now that it is so old, I do wish there was another way to ensure the content will be around longer. I have backups but they can get corrupted too over time.
  • I have the Gold but the balloon is not worth it. It just teleports the Sims. The learning center is OK but you can buy the walker and the playpen separate now, so I'm not sure if it's worth the money.
  • Thank you that was the problem. I was tweaking "retuner," so I assume I probably went into this mod by mistake and hit something? Thank you, I always appreciate you getting back so fast and you saved me a lot of time, by preventing me from reinstalling each mod one at a time.
  • I know this is old but I just found this out today. Two non-fairy Sims were able to shrink down and woohoo in the fairy house belonging to the housemate. Neither one of them were fairies.
  • Bonehilda is the one character that consistently beats up the burglars and wins always, so yeah, she is rightfully an alarm.
  • I tried this but never could get around the social. The cats that know how to hunt, will go hunt and eat their pray. I even found out that cats over level 5 (at least in my game) would attack and eat the big birds like Parrots and MaCaws and Falcons (if you have them in the house). I was trying to see if I could basically…
  • The only time this happens to me is when I find out these Sims have some sort of 24 hour job, like clerk at the elixer shop.
  • Funny you should have this question, I just was looking for one tonight. I thought it would be harder. I sent one Sim to rummage through the rich people's trash (in Twinbrook), I bought a miner (from the consignment shop, I put it in the backyard) and had another Sim dig for one and I had a third Sim work the claw machine…
  • I see Sims3 EPs and SPs on sale at Amazon. I believe you can download an app and set up a "deal alert" for anything that you may want.
  • I like Sunset Valley the best, it's the original and I love the townies too..
  • I waited for sales, so there's not too much I disliked. The cows are dull compared to the chicken coop, which even the ghosts and zombies will autonomously fight with Charles. I found with NRAAS mods like "error trap" and "overwatch" a lot of the issues with store items go away. I found all the world's playable if you…
  • I've never had problems, but I know the deep fryer has problems if you put it on public lots. I would try Googling NRAAS and looking over there.
  • Every once in awhile I would get issues with burglary. One time I was playing in Aurora Skies and every single night for 7 days, the burglary showed up and stole something and the police were absolutely useless. It had to be a glitch because I've looked into the game files and there is a formula for burglary and this is…
  • I can't begin to tell you how many Let's Plays on YouTube I've seen with Hank in them. He seems to be a favourite.
  • Andrew Arcade does probably the best Let's Play of a Sims 1 "Let's Play" on YouTube. He's pretty thorough and he plays it straight but also shows you were you can get mods to help if you can't manage it. Look for him on YouTube.
  • I've had the perpetual fight glitch too. Sometimes Sims just repeat actions over and over. I had similar one where my Plumbot would cook a meal put it on the table and Bonehilda would rush over and take it and throw it away. Then the Plumbot cooked the meal and Bonehilda would throw it away and it went on till I got rid of…
  • I have this too, is this a bug or is it like with the ice cream machine in Sims 3 where the attraction is to great for the Sims? My Sims always choose it whenever the fun drops the least bit, so I assume the attraction value assigned to it is too high.
  • Perhaps it's corrupted. For instance, I have never been able to download Lazy Game Reviewer's "Duke Nukem" Sim but I can download and use the other Sims he made and put on the exchange.
  • I was watching Nerd Cube's "Let's Play" of the Sims 3 and he failed to realize this. His evil genius was insane and Nerd3 was totally lost on why the Sim was so stupid about clothes.
  • I've used the hates children trait to play the daycare career, as it makes it more challenging. The Sim gets more negatives but can still do it fairly easily.
  • Amazon quite often has sales on Sims 3 stuff. Last July I got the three missing stuff packs I didn't have for $3 each. They even had the deluxe edition of Supernatural, which I wanted for the pea shooter for $5. So keep looking. You get a code not a physical disk and you just enter the code on your Origin Client and the…
  • Fireplaces are hilarious, radiators are not. Seriously, I've never been able to kill a Sim by freezing, some Townie always shows up with a hairdryer to save them.
  • I found lag is caused by stuck Sims mostly. I found with NRAAS mods, "Error Trap" and "Overwatch" and removing the Scott Family in Island Paradise, I have eliminated 95% of the lag. Pets, and especially deer are always getting stuck, there's another NRAAS mod which will let you get rid of deer and strays or set them to…
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