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  • I have this one as well..My sims go to work, work for one hour, come home..the kids seem to go to school ok though.
  • My sims had a destination wedding at a restaurant..the caterer did nothing except sims spent the entire time in the bar ordering drinks and bar food..not a total loss..everyone seemed to have a good time...did I mention that the bartender we hired was my lady sim's first boyfriend who she became enemies with? I…
  • I get the disconnect thing once in a while..the main problem I have with the gallery is, the items I have uploaded to the gallery, don't show downloads/favorites...always zero, when I can look at the history on the right hand side and see that my most recent item did indeed get some would be nice to be able…
  • I'm waiting for the new EP to come out, see how much that adds to it..I basically went back to TS2..I missed the quirkiness/surprises of the gameplay..TS2 would throw a lot of wrenches in the works..lost jobs, fires, the social bunny, you get the idea. It seems way more challenging to progress your sim through an…
  • I'm giving this mod a try..thanks for the information! :)
  • I've been really getting a kick out of 2..I have my sim married to Julien Cooke(a premade), and shortly after their wedding, Julien was stargazing, and was abducted, becoming preggers. Julien came home after the abduction and needed comfort from his wife. His wife ended up preggers, on the same day. A few days later, we…
  • I have TS2, 3, and 4 on my computer..4 just doesn't hold my attention, and I cannot explain why. I recently started back up with 2, and I just cannot get enough! The quirkiness of 2 is so fun, plus the chance cards, and sometimes, you just don't know what is going to happen!
  • Yes-Contact Origin, see if you can get hold of a rep that will give you the Sims2 Ultimate Collection..should be free..but do ask at the same time of the compatibility with your MacBook air..the Origin Sims 2 Ultimate Collection was updated to work with newer computers..wouldn't hurt to ask.
  • Sims 2..the burglar music creeped me out when I played late at night... :#
  • I have to agree..props to the development team for TS2..I have TS2, 3, and 4 on my computer..I seem to get totally lost in TS2..can play for hours on end, if RL would let me.. :)
  • I just recently headed back into TS2..I had an elder man marry an adult woman, and his single adult daughter live in the same house..the elder man was kin of a skirt chaser..we even had his own bachelor pad built in the back yard..locked the door so only he could go in/out..I was trying to get him to fulfill his want of…
  • I'm seeing the same thing as @killerpoet..never had an issue until now.
  • Feel free to take a look at mine..annaptx..all the best to you in your town re-do! :)
  • I am on the elder end of simmers..a tad over 50..There are elements that I love about all versions of the sims..I stumbled onto the franchise at TS2..I had just gotten a computer, and got TS2 to keep me busy, as I had just gotten a divorce, and needed something to occupy me after the kiddos went to bed..I do miss the humor…
  • Did you by chance, happen to make a post in TS4 technical? I think you may get an answer faster..this is a terrible bug! I got in game for a few mins just to see what the deal was, and my sim asked for a job boost, and she is a detective, and actually lost job performance...the day was horrible! :s :s
  • @Dannydanbo : I don't know why..the pics show up when you quoted..weird.
  • I downloaded the mod, and put the venue in the tray folder..I still had to download the venue from the gallery. When you plop the venue, make sure you put it down on a generic lot, or you can change the existing lot to a generic lot in build mode. When I had the teens in my household try to set the event, I couldn't choose…
  • Perhaps she was practicing her water slide moves..?? ;) It did look kinda eerie.
  • Since the last update, I find the gallery no longer auto connects for me..when I go to gallery, I get a message saying I'm offline..I'm feeling as though perhaps the servers are getting busy...??
  • I would, since the sp's aren't terribly expensive. More kitchen gadgets in various looks would be great...kind of like the TS3 Store pack that had two different kitchen looks..appliances, counters, etc. to complete the look. I miss the steampunk stuff.
  • That's cool..what level painter is your sim, and does that painting come from any particular category? I've not seen that one either, but I haven't done much with the painting skill...perhaps I should.
  • Oh, yes..a swimwear/pool accessories pack would be great!! :) Yes, I also think having some a bit more baywatch-esque would be great..I don't see that would be too revealing..we do have bikinis.. B)
  • I'd like to enter! Having just watched the trailer, of course, I'm excited for the water slides..looks like the sims can do some new sliding moves..nice!! I also like the bird feeder..that's new. The clothing and Hairs look great as well..this looks like a really nice pack in general. I would like to make a community lot,…
  • Oh, yeah..I had forgotten about the "tinkle music" I have TS2, 3, and 4 on my I want to go revisit.. B)
  • I would imagine that cleaning out the game cache files might help a little, if the OP is not in the habit of doing so..those files can get ginormous.
  • What a great story!! :)
  • I'm addicted to cheats, like our friend catloverplayer..I especially like the wishing well cheat..bwahahaaaaa.. >:)
  • I like the look of your restaurant..looks cozy. :)

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