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  • Ellupelluellu
    June 15
  • Ellupelluellu
    Ellupelluellu changed their profile picture.
    June 15
  • Ellupelluellu
    You really go to setup that car alarm at your undies????
    June 6
  • Ellupelluellu
    Someone got a lil dirty...
    June 3
  • GalacticGal
    Hello, Ellupelluellu,
    Please forgive my intrusion, but I have been noticing a consistent error in your use of English. I do realize it's not your first language, which is why I wish to help you out. And I do hope you receive this in the manner of which it is intended. I greatly respect you.

    You have a tendency to make a common error many English-first people make. They use a term such as would of (or could of, or even should of). This is totally a phonetics error. You see, these are all examples of a contraction: Would have=would've which equals the very same sound. Same with the other two examples. I won't bog you down with the particulars.

    I do hope this will help you in the future.

    In all humility,

    May 27
  • Ellupelluellu
    May 16
  • Ellupelluellu
    May 7
  • Ellupelluellu

    I want this back...
    April 22

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