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:( :( :( With luck someone who can help will see this, I can't make threads for some reason. <br /> Ok so I have been enjoying Cats and Dogs all day. So cute. Good work Sims team. <br /> But I ran into a vary upsetting bug just a moment ago. When my Daughter's Puppy aged up into an adult St Bernard (not sure if the dog being a Large Dog matters or not.) and I dressed it in a nicer outfit then the one the game generated, almost everything I had changed in the house undid itself when I left CAS. The Masterpiece the Father painted of his Daughter holding the then Puppy gone and the easel back outside. The terrain Painting gone. The old Mailbox back at the edge of the lot. The dog dish was missing from the auto feeder. The Club gathering never happened. The only thing to stay the same was that the dog was still aged up. <br /> Please someone get this in front of the right


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