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University is coming!!!!! I am super excited about this addition. I've looked at the trailer a few times now. I see more diverse hair and clothing styles. I see the use of bikes, balls, bathroom stalls. I also peeped out possible shower woohoo? Lots of ways to increase skills, ways to use and further develop the emotional skills, and it looks you can have a true college experience. I wonder if the seasons' length plays a part in how long the semester is. I wonder if you take an aptitude test to enter and earn scholarships based on your scores? I wonder if we will get new personality traits. I wonder if we will get extra simoleons or just a career boost. I wonder if sororities/fraternities will do volunteer work as well as party hard. Can we make clubs outside of the university for fraternities/sororities? I wonder if there will be some sort of moodlet if you drink too much. Can you get pregnant while at university? Will they have to drop out?


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