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83bienchen Member

I have no idea who used the code, I have been at work when you posted it. I'm very sorry.


  • KittyCoSim
    Hello, I just downloaded your better food quality mod along with the addons for packs I own. Your sims4me_betterfoodquality_bars.package spammed errors stating about unowned packs and mentioned specifically about creating caviar, I don’t know what pack caviar is from but I edited the file to delete that part (leaving the other two in there) and now everything is working smoothly I think. If ever possible, maybe have the caviar as a separate addon?
    April 17
  • Sabirah90
    Hello, I just wanted to tell u that the "bienchen83_townieoverhaul_lessfame" does not work anymore, I think its needs update, cuz game keep all time generating new DJ and not use the old ones like before.
    April 15
  • slaysimmerxx
    Hi Bienchen! I just wanted to ask, I've been looking for a mod that adds foods to the health nut lifestyle, and people keep recommending me your more healthy food mod, but I can't find it on your website. Is this a mod you still have? Thanks!
    April 12

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