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What happened in your sims 3 game today?


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    emorrillemorrill Posts: 8,155 Member
    Hey everyone. <3

    Are y'all feeling a little better about the forum shutting down? If not, I do understand. ((((Hugs)))) I'm kind of feeling better about it.
    I have a feeling it won't be as bad as we might think it'll be...and that we will still have a Sims 3 section with most of our beloved threads present to keep posting and interacting with each other on on the new forum. <3 Trust emorrill on this y'all. ;):kissing_heart: Everything's gonna be alright. 👍🏻

    I sure as heck won't be going anywhere and will continue to post on here with the time we have left when I have time. :star:

    I just got done reading all the recent posts and have a few comments to share:

    @meerkattime Hey girl! :smiley: Great to see you post on here! Send me a PM and let me know how life is going. <3 I completely sympathize with all you said about the forum shutting down. :pensive: You practically took all the words and feelings out of my mouth and head. I also know that all good things must come to an end, but I don't like it because I never want the good times to end... :cry: But like I said above, I'm getting the feeling that it might not be as bad as we think it will be. 💜

    @Turjan I enjoyed reading your posts. :) I'm glad you feel up to playing and posting. I hope all is going well with your mom. <3
    It's pretty sad how limiting the base game feels huh? :confused: But you've made it all work. :star:

    @Brandontaylor Loved your throwback posts. :grin: It was very nice to see so many of your great sims again. :blush:

    @MamaSimTee I LOVE seeing pictures of your gameplay and your sims! :smiley: What a nice surprise treat. :blush:
    Cute Kitty! 😸 And cute tiny house too.
    I too love the Haute Hacienda items. 💜💚🧡

    Keep the posts coming everyone!

    Long live this thread! 🙌🏻 :mrgreen:
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    BrandontaylorBrandontaylor Posts: 4,828 Member
    @emorrill Thanks! I'm going to prepare another few in a bit.
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    BrandontaylorBrandontaylor Posts: 4,828 Member
    edited February 22
    Throwback Posts, Part 3

    Continuing with some more throwback posts. I will start with a save that I was going to try and was initially having some fun with. However, I ultimately did not finish it.

    That story was going to be about SuperSim, a Sims version of Superman. These two Sims were the equivalent of Jor-El and his wife, Lara Lor-Van. Those two, of course, are the parents of Kal-El (Clark Kent/Superman). I think I did a fairly decent job on my version of them.

    I also created a few villains of the story. In the middle is my equivalent of General Zod, his wife Faora (or Ursa, depending on universe), and the dimwitted Non. General Zod, of course, is an iconic villain of Superman's who was sent to the Phantom Zone prior to Krypton's destruction. It is one reason why he is still alive to fight against Superman.

    This one was supposed to be a scene taking place at the Ruling Council of Krypton. They were discussing charges against a rogue Kryptonian whose experiments had caused the destruction of one of Krypton's moons, Wethgor. That is actually based on a real DC Comics storyline.

    This picture was a concept I did of a Green Lantern Corps member, Tomar-Re. Tomar-Re was the Green Lantern of Sector 2813 at the time of Krypton's destruction. Sector 2814 is the next sector, which included Earth. Eventually, if I continued the story, we might have met the Sims version of Hal Jordan, the first Green Lantern from Earth.

    Here is another picture from that abandoned save, and it is one of Brainiac intercepting one of Jor-El's probes. Jor-El sent the probes out to try and figure out what planet to send his infant son to in an attempt to save him. We all know that he'd eventually chose Earth, where Kal-El would be found by Jonathan and Martha (Clark) Kent. Jonathan and Martha would raise Kal-El as their son, Clark Kent, who would go on to become a famous Daily Planet reporter, marry Lois Lane, all while also secretly having the alter ego of Superman.

    Next up is a save I did for a while when I didn't know what I wanted to do in the game. That save was one where I played Christopher Steel, and he ended up falling in love with Blair Wainwright.

    Then, there was the Ava Sinclair origin story I started. This was supposed to be a younger Ava before she made it big in Sunset Valley.

    In this picture, we have Ava's brother Adam explaining to her how their uncle is presumed dead, and how their parents are evil maniacs searching for him and Ava.

    Ava ended up having an affair with Boyd Wainwright. In the original Ava Sinclair story, Boyd Wainwright was the father to Avery Keaton, whom I shared in a previous throwback post.

    Pictured here is Ava's former fiance, and her father. They were discussing Ava after they kidnapped her from an open field in Sunset Valley.

    Her mother was also involved in this, and when Avery was born, Ava's mom stole her for some nefarious purpose.

    And going back to the Christopher and Blair Steel story, these were the triplets that I had them have in game.

    And with my other posts, a bonus picture is below.

    I gave Brandon Taylor a makeover at this point, so he's wearing different hair, and a sweater knitted for him by Molly Weasley. Brandon was researching ways to save Beatrice Haywood from the cursed painting she was in. His whole storyline is about breaking the curses in Hogwarts, something his brother, Jacob Taylor, was obsessed with as well. Brandon found out about Jacob's friend, Duncan Ashe, who died at Hogwarts as a result of Jacob's obsession. This meeting here was in the Prefects bathroom, with Bill and Charlie Weasley supporting Brandon. As some of you Harry Potter fan's might know, Bill and Charlie are the older brothers to Ronald Weasley, who of course is one of Harry Potter's friends later on.
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    BrandontaylorBrandontaylor Posts: 4,828 Member
    Throwback Posts, Part 4

    At this point, I had went back to Christopher and Blair, letting their children become teenagers. I don't think I went much further than that, because I don't remember them ever becoming adults.

    Then I switched up what I was playing, and was going to do a story with a younger Cornelia Crumplebottom in Bridgeport. That one didn't go that far, and I really don't even know what direction I was going for with her story.

    Around that time, I was starting to have issues with the laptop I was playing at that point, so I ended up downloading an empty world. I genderbent Hank and Ava, and had them live off the land. That save didn't really go that far either.

    Around 2020 or so, I decided I was going to do, yet again, another Ava Sinclair reboot. As you can tell, I had trouble letting her go. :D

    When that didn't go as planned, I was going to do a Supernatural story in Moonlight Falls. I created a stern woman and a whimsical man (kind of inspired by Minerva McGonagall and the Jude Law version of Albus Dumbledore), and they were going to raise four supernatural children and teach them (kind of a house version of Hogwarts). That was yet another story I didn't get very far on.

    But then, due to some events in my personal life that I won't get into here, I had to get rid of internet. That meant I was only playing Sims 3 at home, but was unable to share anything to the forums or this thread. I decided to randomly play with a Sim from the bin that I had given a makeover to. This woman would, unknowingly to me, become the matriarch to my longest running save ever. Emily Jones, a witch, was just the start of a line that included such Sims as Emily Jones, Eric Jones, Melanie Langerak, Ariana Langerak, Daisy Goth, Lily Goth, and others in what became known as the Goth Family save. Next update, which won't be posted until next week, I'll do a throwback to important events in that save.

    Couple of Hogwarts Mystery bonus pictures are below, since this throwback post was smaller than the others.

    In Defense Against the Dark Arts, Brandon had to duel a boggart in the form of Lord Voldemort. At this time in the Harry Potter canon, the real Voldemort was in his spirit form, hiding out in Albania in a feeble existence after trying to off one year old Harry Potter in 1981.

    Severus Snape, being his normal Snapey self. This was during a storyline where a 1000 year old pendant put Brandon's girlfriend, Penny Haywood, into a deep sleep.

    Madam Rakepick was a former Curse Breaker at Gringotts Wizarding Bank, but was now teaching Defense Against the Dark Arts. In Brandon's attempt to break the Cursed Portrait curse, he was going to need to go to Knockturn Alley, a place just off Diagon Alley where Dark witches and wizards did their business. That is the place where Borgin and Burkes was located. At one point, a young Tom Riddle worked there years before he became the Lord Voldemort we are familiar with.
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    Silverofdreams30Silverofdreams30 Posts: 7,247 Member

    yaya, you posted photos I like it so far.
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    Silverofdreams30Silverofdreams30 Posts: 7,247 Member

    No problem, I plan to post here as long as we can.
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    KarritzKarritz Posts: 21,942 Member
    edited February 25
    I managed to get the video up onto YouTube. I think it took about 10 minutes to load. I got it started and had to go out and when I came back a few hours later it was on YouTube and had some views. The the new internet connection is a lot faster when loading larger files.

    Here is The Perfect Genetics Challenge Generation 2 Episode 17.

    This continues on from Episode 16 and we begin with the final birthdays for this household. Then we see the sims going about their daily activities. In the end Don take the four newly ages up Young Adults to Vice City.

    Next episode will begin in Vice City so we can spend some time with the vairous sims living there. Then Don will return to Mountain Lake and the three little born in game imaginary sims will return to their parents and Don and the rest of his travelling group will move next door to James's house.

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    TECHSPERT50TECHSPERT50 Posts: 65 Member
    Hii everyonee!! havent made too many posts but i thought the forum shutting down was the perfect oppertunity to start commenting a bit ahahah, I was at Taylor swifts eras tour a few days ago so i recreated her and some of the backup dancers in my sims 3 game today, i cant attach images here, so i posted them on my sims 3 page if your interested
    hope your days going well!!
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    TurjanTurjan Posts: 1,721 Member
    edited February 23
    @Sprottenham I had a short game in Bridgewood once. It's nice to see that again.

    @Brandontaylor Great throwback posts!

    @Karritz I'm glad your videos work again for you. Just one comment: I personally would appreciate if you could turn the music volume in the videos a tad bit down, but I guess that's personal preference.

    @MamaSimTee That's a cute little house! I hope you have fun with the challenge.

    @emorrill Thank you! I'm playing to get my thoughts moved to other things. No, it's not going well with my mom, except that she doesn't seem to have any obvious physical maladies. Anyway, that's life, I guess. Yeah, the Sims3 basegame is quite limited. I'm surprised how little money the sims make. At the moment, I simply assign houses to couples that need one, for free. Then again, given the premise of my game (there's a storage facility with building materials and furniture for the taking), it's probably alright. In such a tiny, isolated community, money shouldn't play any role, anyway. Maybe, I should provide slum shacks... :lol:

    @TECHSPERT50 Welcome to the thread!
    Just some smaller update.

    I built separate garden lots behind some of the houses, in order to simulate that they actually produce enough food in that area, without this taking over the whole lives of the sims. I probably shouldn't overdo this though.
    The housing style is the current iteration of the starter lots.

    We also got another community lot, a gym.
    The settlers also found a whole building set for a traditional Simerican diner in the warehouse. They finally had developed the means to move the big pieces to a lot and build the diner, which also provided a new type of job.
    With the new generation on the horizon, I built a new house type, a similar, but simplified version of the first series.

    Happy simming!
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    SprottenhamSprottenham Posts: 1,174 Member
    @Turjan Alright, well the band didn't spend to much time in Bridgewood. They were only there to play a concert and then they had to move on. But atleast the town is part of 'my world' now which of course gives a very small chance that parts of the story may return there later. :P

    And then...

    The Bushweeds bands wagon rolls on...

    Chapter 12.4 - The Bushweeds Autumn Tour 2023: part IV - Bright Neon lights

    So here we go again.. In the last chapter, the band had just left the small mountain community of Ravenswood to head to Lake Onebega for their next concert.. and they were already running short on time! Were they gonna make it or would they be to late for their next gig?


    Well of course they were gonna make it.. ;)


    The band was happy to roll into town and find their next venue - The Grotto - but that was just the beginning of this night..


    Kajsa felt a little nervous as she approached the bartender to apologize for them being late as she wasn't sure how she was going to take it.. and how the concert of this night would go.. would it turn out alright? Would it be a success.. or a failure? ;)

    Click here (or any of the pictures above) to read the chapter and find out. ;)
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    KarritzKarritz Posts: 21,942 Member
    edited February 25
    @Turjan thank you. I'm glad you've enjoyed the latest video. I will try to turn the music down a bit more. It is barely audible to me at the moment though. I'll have to be more selective of the music I choose as turning some of it down more will result in only occasional notes being heard for some of it, and that'll make it really annoying to listen to.

    EDIT: The reason I started putting the music into my videos was after getting copyright claims against my videos by someone, presumably the person who did some of the music for the Sims 3. I wasn't in trouble with YouTube but that person claimed all money I might get from those videos if I ever monetized them. I have never yet monetized any video, but I didn't like the idea of someone else getting all of the income generated by my videos, especially when I wasn't aware of music being in the videos. It seemed a second of music from a hifi in one of the houses would result in that person claiming all earnings I might be otherwise entitled to. So I have music turned off in my game and I add music from the YouTube Audio library just in case some music from the game is ever accidentally recorded. I've noticed some of the music still plays in the game even though I have music turned off. I've also noticed YouTube is now putting ads on my videos but I don't get anything for that because I'm not monetized. I need about 760 more subscribers before I can even think about monetizing.
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    lizzielilyylizzielilyy Posts: 4,937 Member
    edited February 29
    Generation V Chapter Fourteen: Lessons Learned

    In the aftermath of rebellion, Kressida's teenagers make their amends while their eldest brother graduates High School and embarks on adulthood. Time waits for no Caretaker as we bid farewell to a fond favourite.

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    KarritzKarritz Posts: 21,942 Member
    Update on progress on the next episode of Perfect Genetics Challenge.

    Don returned to Gary's house in Mountain Lake. I reunited the three little imaginary friends who were born in the game to their parents. They had moved to a different house and it is a much bigger and more comfortable house for a family than the house I'd put their parents into when they first got married and there was just the two of them. They are still on the shore of the lake. When I moved the girls home I gave their house a makeover. There wasn't much to do. You'll see what I did if you watch the video.

    Then I went back to Don who was still at Gary's place with his remaining charges.

    I spent some time in each house emptying the inventories of sims who belong in the house I was in at the time. This makes the game run faster and it's much more smooth play. A very full inventory can bring the game to a complete stop. It will begin running nicely again once the inventory is reduced in size but that can be a painfully tedious process once things get that bad.

    Anyway, after emptying relevant inventories I moved Don with Denise, Daryl, Byron and Riley to James's house.

    I was in for a surprise, although I'd been seeing signs of what I might see while playing in Gary's house.

    It turns out James and his wife, Carla are now divorced. Carla is living there with their four children and the four imaginary friends made real of their children. Carla's boyfriend is Percy. Percy is James's younger brother. Percy was the youngest of Don and Olivia's children before little Oliver was born. I think Percy still lives on his own in the small house I placed him into when I moved him to Mountain Lake. He isn't living at Carla's place.

    James has a girlfriend too. She is Mabel. Mabel is a plant sim who started out as a member of Donna's household. Donna is Gary's wife. I had been thinking of moving Mabel to Vice City. Maybe I'll have to rethink that. I don't yet know where James is living. If he's moved into Mabel's house then Don will be with him after James's children have all aged up to teen.

    All of James's children, including the imaginary friends made real, have some skills. But they are not as skilled as the others I have just trained. I will probably get them to do a bit more training now but won't spend the time with them that I spent in Gary and Donna's household. I can come back to James's children and train them later when they are ready to age up to Young Adult and move to Vice City.

    I'm looking forward to moving Don to Mabel's house as there are some very interesting sims living in it and I want them to age up too. They all came from Donna's house originally. They are mostly imaginary friends made real and plant sims. One is an evil plant sim fairy hybrid.

    So things are getting interesting. I have started recording game play for the next video but it'll be a week or two before it's ready to load to YouTube. At least my load time is no longer an overnight process since I got the new internet connection.

    Happy Simming

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    Silverofdreams30Silverofdreams30 Posts: 7,247 Member
    Great updates, I soon will post another one of mine.
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    MamaSimTeeMamaSimTee Posts: 963 Member
    Camping challenge update.

    Disclosure: I don't think I'm going to win this challenge, this round. But it's fun to share. And I can try again if I fail.

    Jessica has about 5 days left before the challenge ends. She has managed to upgrade from a 1 room shack to a 1 bedroom house. When updating, I didn't do much furniture wise. I used what she had already as well as what she found dumpster diving, and a bit from buy/sell. I also gave the kitty a bed, but still no litter box. He has a spot outside I created (forgot to take a pic) which is a "sand pit"

    Pic of the house from the street.


    The door is to the bathroom. Sitting area with bookshelf.


    Kitchen area. Still pretty sparse. The items were from the first build.


    Bathroom with just the all in one in it. Sorry about the bit of the roof missing.


    Bedroom. Again, sparsely decorated.


    That's it for now.

    <insert inspiring comment here> :)
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    texanskytexansky Posts: 1,347 Member

    I am enjoying your castaway story so far. I love all of the custom rabbit hole buildings you have. They fit the island style perfectly. The couples didn't waste any time and have been busy. :wink:

    Still enjoying your Evergreen Legacy, and admiring your writing skills. I've heard bad things about the free vacation opportunity and always click the x to cancel it.

    I'm so glad you have resolved your internet issues. Kudos to your son for providing a faster means to upload your videos. I have enjoyed every one of your Perfect Genetics challenge videos, as well as many of the others. I watched all of your 30 Grandchildren Badge videos as well. I'm slowly working my way through your other video playlists.

    Are you fairly new to The Sims 3 or have you just registered your copies of the game on the 21st? Regardless, welcome! I hope you are enjoying the game so far.
    I couldn't locate images of your version of Taylor Swift right away. However, I marked your post as awesome, so you can soon post images here. I look forward to seeing the images of her.

    It looks like you are having fun with my Camping Challenge. I hope you can finish it. I made it easier as I used all of the free wall coverings and floor coverings. The only floor that wasn't free was the bathroom tiles. When I played the challenge using the base game only, with just the bench to sleep on at first, it was the only way I could complete the base game challenge. The base game challenge takes a lot of forethought and preplanning.

    Thanks so much for trying it and sharing it here.
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    MantleJackalMantleJackal Posts: 374 Member
    Just spending a lovely day at the beach.


    Absolutely nothing can go wrong here...wait?

    Wait a second...

    Is that...?


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    KarritzKarritz Posts: 21,942 Member
    edited February 28
    @texansky thank you. I'm glad you're enjoying my videos.

    As you will probably have realised by now, I like to get my new sims very well trained. Then I keep them to be reused in future games. The next episode of The Perfect Genetics Challenge will open with the sims I've moved to Vice City. Since you will know the 30 Grandchildren Sims, you will probably recognise a new sim I've added to the Vice City population. She is Win, the blonde imaginary friend made real who loves to have a very animated face.

    I got about 14 screen shots of Win when I was trying to get her with a 'blank' expression. I failed. She rotated through a lot of expressions autonomously until I finally realised I wasn't going to get her face at rest shot. Here are a couple of shots of her that I did get.



    I don't know what I'm going to do with her in the game. She's living close to other sims I've moved to Vice City so I suspect she'll eventually interact with them autonomously. I'm noticing lots of autonomous activity among the citizens of Mountain Lake during this visit to that world.

    My son's employer is the one who provides the new internet connection. The download speed hasn't changed much but the upload speed has changed dramatically. The price of internet connections here varies. I had a cheap connection and the download speeds were reasonable, but the upload speeds were terrible. I could have got a slightly faster download speed by upgrading my connection, but the price of fast upload speeds is way beyond my capacity to pay. My son's employer obviously is running a business and is able to get the fast upload speeds. They would need them too as you wouldn't be able to run a business with an upload speed that takes most of a day to load a relatively small document.

    I am going to be doing a bit more on The Perfect Genetics Challenge today.

    Happy Simming

    EDIT: And about those other video series that I've already loaded to YT. All but the mermaids and the Isla Paradiso Bunch series will have more episodes added eventually. I'm still wondering about the isla Paradiso Bunch. If I ever work out how to do a live stream I might stream play in that game. I will use them though in other series with occasional visits to their worlds by sims from other series.

    EDIT AGAIN: The 30 Grandchildren Series is complete too. Other complete series is Caroline and Friends but that story continues in Caroline and Friends at University, And Oscar's Childhood is finished but continues as Oscar's Teen Years.
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    MamaSimTeeMamaSimTee Posts: 963 Member

    I like the challenge very much. It gave me that "boost" I needed. I think once I complete the current one, I am going to try again in another world. Right now Jessica is in Twinbrook. I may try it in AP or Sunset Valley as they are the 2 worlds I play the most in. Though I love playing in all the worlds I have because each one brings their own unique flavor to the game.
    <insert inspiring comment here> :)
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    texanskytexansky Posts: 1,347 Member

    Thank you for showcasing different musical artists and groups in your The Bushweeds Autumn Tour 2023. It's fun for me to hear things I have never heard before. I enjoy listening to them.

    Thanks for your Throwback Posts. Lauren Steel is gorgeous! I can see how she became one of your favorite Sims. I'm sorry you lost her save. That must have been frustrating being unable to recreate her.

    That must have been creepy finding a skeleton at the beach.

    My downfall with this challenge is that I don't do enough rock hunting to know where the gems, metals, and space rocks are in any world except for my Alryne Valley (I put them there, so I know where they are. :smiley: )

    I did play this challenge with Christian Payne and his dog Charlotte. @CravenLestat created them, and Christian was featured in my Farming Challenge on my Wix site. Once I get that story moved over to, I may play it again (I have the saved files on my external drive and the last time I played this game was 4/20/22). Christian had a big advantage with Charlotte hunting for collectibles.

    My next play-through will be The Sims 3 base game with only apples, lettuce, and tomatoes in the garden. They will limit their income to dumpster diving and finding gems, metals, and space rocks.
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    texanskytexansky Posts: 1,347 Member
    edited February 28
    For those wondering what to do after March 12 when posts on the original forums no longer carry over to the new forums, I am transferring my Forsythe Legacy Family Challenge to The first generation with Precious Forsythe, my founder, will be published on March 1st. The posts will be published daily at 0:800 CST. From March 1 - 9, this would be 14:00 GMT. After that, it will be 13:00 GMT. (Don't you love daylight savings time?)

    When you go to my domain (, The Legacy Report - Sims 3, you will find a menu item at the top called Legacy Stories, select Precious Forsythe - Founder from that menu (the menu exists now, but there won't be any posts until Friday). The first two generations are short chapters, less than 12 pictures each, so they won't take long to read. This was the first story that I published, so you will see my writing skills and picture-taking improve over time. The posts scheduled through March 30th include the first six full generations. Generation seven will be published on March 31st.

    Happy Simming!
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    SprottenhamSprottenham Posts: 1,174 Member
    @texansky Thanks for checking my bands story out. ;) Of course, it's cool if I can make people discover a new artist, and I like music a lot, so... it makes perfect sense to include some music here and there when making a story about a band on tour.. and it's the same for the next update too..

    It's from an artist (or two artists, rather, since it's a cover version) that most of you probably already know, but still.. this song had to go in there, since it's literally about being on tour. ;)

    The band travels on, now they're going down south and back to the coast. This next chapter is the beginning of their longest travel distance between gigs on the tour, not counting their return trip back home from Sunset Valley at the end of the tour.

    Chapter 12.5 – The Bushweeds Autumn Tour 2023: part V – Turn the page..

    ..and of course, I couldn't make a series of posts about a band on tour without referencing this song.. ;)


    - Metallica - Turn The Page (Bob Seger cover)


    On a long and lonesome highway
    South of Onebega*
    You can listen to the engines moanin'
    Out this one-note song
    You'd think about the woman
    Or the girl you knew the night before


    But your thoughts will soon be wanderin'
    The way they always do
    When you're ridin' 16 hours
    There's nothin' much to do
    And you don't feel much like ridin'
    You just wish the trip was through


    Here I am, on the road again
    There I am, up on the stage
    There I go playin' the star again
    There I go, turn the page

    Click here (or the chapter title up above/any of the images) to go to the Bewickton blog and see the full post. ;)

    * Not the correct lyrics, of course, and there's one syllable to many, but this almost works..
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    lizzielilyylizzielilyy Posts: 4,937 Member
    Generation V Chapter Fifteen: Night at the Proms

    It's Prom Night! Lots of photos and lots of dates for our teenagers!

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    SprottenhamSprottenham Posts: 1,174 Member
    Hello again world, here is my next post. ;)

    From Pleasantview to Wad Nahadau...

    This chapter introduces the city I've been working on for the first time as a part of a story. Ideally I would have introduced it in sunshine and broad daylight, but this was how it happened here. ;)

    Chapter 12.6 – The Bushweeds Autumn Tour 2023: part VI – Old, derelict and dreadful..

    The Bushweeds album tour continues as they leave Pleasantview behind to head south and westwards towards the coast again..


    The rain from yesterday evening has not gone away, but only intensified further during the night, and continues to do so throughout the day,
    making the atmosphere in Pleasantview a little less than pleasant...


    There's only one thing for the band to do then, and that is to get out of Dodge as fast as they can, before things get potentially even worse... ;)


    Then after several more hours on the road and having their trip almost cut short by a near traffic accident in a roundabout they finally end up at the apartment Gerda has rented for them on Simb'n'b.... only to be disappointed when that too in no way lives up to any hopes and expectations they may have had of it..


    ..but its to late in the evening now for them to find a better place to stay, so they're just gonna have to accept what they can get, but ew, what a nasty looking place.. ;)

    Click here or the title/pictures above to read the full chapter at the Bewickton blog.
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    SleepstarSleepstar Posts: 819 Member
    Played a Sim Day on The Rivers Save. The only thing that happened was Harold earned a raise, and a Prom announcement. Checking on the teens' jobs, I found that Arthur is working on Wednesday and Harold has a day off.
    Currently aiming to get all harvestable produce in The Sims 3 (One EP left)Will complete a Legacy one day (My Wishlist)
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