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Sul sul all my beautiful Simmers!

It's my favorite day of the week, which means it's time for Friday Highlights! Have you all been busy this week? Ready for a long relaxing weekend? I think I'll enjoy this lovely weather with a nice BBQ and some time by the pool...

We've got a couple important updates this week:
  • On Thursday, we got a look at our newest Laundry List, where we share a list of the top community concerns that are currently being investigated - If you're curious to see what's expected to be fixed with the next patch, be sure to take a look!
  • Thursday we also announced that The Gallery will be offline and under maintenance beginning May 30th at 6AM PT. Updates will be posted to The Sims Direct Twitter, as well as the AHQ thread on the current Gallery status here.

Saluti da Tartosa, posted here by @Lenny_Ogg

And now it's time to kick back and enjoy this week's highlights!
  • Let's start this week off with a thrilling story/gameplay challenge I've been enjoying called Teen Survivor written by @SoulGal7. Here's a quick summary: In a dystopian future, Simworld has become infected by a plague, with only children and teens being immune. There are rumors of a safe haven untouched by the plague, but in order to gain access, teen Sims must participate in a battle royale to determine which teen would be allowed entry. There are 8 contestants with full backstories, and this week things are finally starting to heat up 🔥 So which teen do you think will emerge victorious? Based on the current traits, my money is on either Jodi or Jenny. Tell us your predictions, and make sure to tune in to this gripping story to find out for yourself!
  • For our weekly featured build, I came across this lovely renovation of the Old Salt House from City Living. Premade reno's have always had a special place in my heart, and @tatselk has done a fantastic job here of keeping the original industrial charm while adding new life to this lot with beautiful splashes of color in each room and plentiful greenery outside. This sleek contemporary conversion includes 3 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms and a spacious rooftop garden to take in all the best views of the Spice Market. If you're looking to add something new into San Myshuno, be sure to check this build out!
  • Cottage Living has been out for awhile now, but with such a vast world to explore, it's really no wonder we're still discovering new secrets and features - take this hidden sentiment for example, discovered this week by @catloverplayer. Did you know if you kiss a Sim in the secluded Isle of the Volpe ruins in Bramblewood, you'll unlock the Romance in the Ruins sentiment? Well now you do! So what other hidden sentiments have you uncovered? Spill the tea on what you've found! ☕
  • Up next, let's talk about kit fashion - @Atreya33 is considering picking up a CAS kit, but with so many great options, they're wanting to know which CAS kit is your favorite and why? Now, my opinion may be pretty irrelevant here since the majority of my Sims should really be featured in Townie Fashion Police (no shame) but my vote goes to Simtimates Collection, solely for this outfit 🌭🙃 But for those of you with a better eye for design, which CAS kit do you think is the best? Do you love the 90's style of the Throwback Fit Kit? Are you more partial to the bright colors and fierce style of Carnaval Streetwear, or would you rather dress your Sim in the more casual and neutral outfits from Incheon Arrivals? Be sure to share which kit you think is best and why!
  • And to finish us up this week, we have a thought-provoking gameplay discussion by @MichelleW, who wants to know what new kinds of festivals would you like to see? With Seasons being one of my favorite packs, personally I'd be interested some holiday related festivals - a fall festival with a haunted house, trick-or-treating, pumpkin carving and a costume contest, or a spring festival with a maypole to decorate, dancing, and gardening 🌻🌺 If you had the option to add any kind of festival in your game, what would you pick, and what activities would you include? Would you add music festivals, carnivals, or something food-related like Oktoberfest? Let us know!

And that will wrap us up for another wonderful week! As always - I hope you all stay safe, have a wonderful weekend, and happy Simming 💚

P.S. Happy Memorial Day to all my U.S. Simmers! @EA_Cade and I will be out Monday for the holiday, so we will see you all again Tuesday!

Till next time!

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