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Chateau Grande - Work in Progress

NeashaleighNeashaleigh Posts: 760 Member
edited February 2022 in The Sims 4 Lots
Sul Sul!

So I'm currently working on my biggest single house build yet... a huge mansion. This thing will feature everything the game has to offer and is likely to take me forever to build. I'm not using any custom content or mods to build it, but I do have all the packs and kits. I'm wanting to showcase each part as I do them as a progress thread because... why not? And I'm up for suggestions and ideas too.

This last picture is what I started with for the bare bones of the build and since then I've done quite a lot which I'll post pics in the next post of what I've done so far, but I have a long ways to go yet and I'm taking my time.

I'd love to hear your thoughts on it :smiley:

NOTE: The link for the gallery on imjur is below. For some reason it's not letting me post the image itself?

~o Sapphire o~


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