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BUILDERS WANTED!! Home Renovation!



  • AlJayAlJay Posts: 1,599 Member
    Thank you @bbdarlingo8s :)
  • LissykinLissykin Posts: 2,715 Member
    edited February 2022
    ORIGIN ID: Lissykin
    GALLERY NAME & LINK: Bannister Family Home
    DETAILS: After reading the description of the challenge, I made the Bannister family and their dogs. I wanted the home to reflect the Bannister's personalities and the things they'd need for their dogs. The back garden has a greenhouse and a dog run, and a shed with a fizzing station and a crafting table. The main floor includes a sitting room with a bookcase, a kitchen with lots of extras, and a storage/trash area off the kitchen. Clarissa's bedroom has a violin and bookcase, with a guest bathroom across the hall. The vet room has an exam table and a medicine crafting station. Eliot and Eloise's bedroom has an en suite bath. The basement holds a family room with a bookcase, computer, gaming system, and TV; a laundry room, a utility room, a bathroom, and a crafting room with an easel, a cross stitch kit, and a knitting basket. Includes no CC art by @rinkydinxx, @VESPERLA10, @abbiewiggins, @Gothamstrash, @franafrica, @AliasLTS, and @LaGio08.
    LINK TO SLIDESHOW: Bannister Family Home
    Main Floor:

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  • ClousinatorsClousinators Posts: 586 Member
    @Lissykin I love what you've done with the house! :smile:
    First, the family you made and their story is very touching. I am sure everyone will appreciate still being close with each other while going through this tough time. I know if they are anything like me they will definitely enjoy having all those dogs around. I like that each dog has their own personality.
    I enjoy that you've built the home to reflect the Bannister's personality and every day lives. The new exterior of the home is a much needed update. The blue paint and bricks you chose give the home a more modern look. I like the round greenhouse in the back! I almost always make square greenhouses but I may need to change that now that I've seen yours. The running space for the dogs out back will be nice for when the dogs need some extra exercise or just need to let out some energy. The terrain paint looks nice around the pool. Using the log seats around the firepit is a cute idea. The little shed in the back will be nice for working on projects while indoors.
    Nice use of warm colors in the living room. The brick wall provides a nice accent to the rest of the room. The new white cabinets and layout of the kitchen makes the room feel more spacious. Love the update to Clarissa's room. The neutral grey tones give a relaxing feel. It looks so much better without all that clutter in there. Turning the spare bedroom into a vet room was a great idea, specially with 4 dogs running around! I like the wall papers you chose for both the guest bedroom and the main bedroom. The little plants and pet figurines match their personality well.
    Thew new main room in the basement is a huge improvement. Plenty of seats to gather round and watch the new large TV. I am sure the new art studio will get lots of use. The laundry room looks nice and bright as well, with plenty of storage.

    Great job on this house! Thanks so much for joining this challenge!! :blush:
  • LissykinLissykin Posts: 2,715 Member
    Thank you so much @Clousinators! I had a ton of fun and will be choosing another one of your challenges. Thank you for your creative builds and challenges. :)
  • Khree29Khree29 Posts: 52 Member
    Yay, I finished another one!

    Gallery Link:
    Slideshow Link:
    CC and NoCC Art Credit: None
    Description: For this reno, we went Southwest/Mission style. The first thing we noticed was these people might have a hording problem and no storage. So lots of storage was added to stash away all that stuff. We expanded onto the back to put in a full dining room. Gave Gramma and Grampa a green house and installed a dog run.
  • LissykinLissykin Posts: 2,715 Member
    @Khree29 Your reno looks awesome! I love the way you enclosed the patio to add onto the kitchen. Great decor choices, fave! <3
  • Khree29Khree29 Posts: 52 Member
    @Lissykin Thanks! :D
  • ClousinatorsClousinators Posts: 586 Member
    @Khree29 I laughed out loud when you said there was a hoarding problem because its so true lol
    I never thought of changing the style of the house but it fits right into the southwest style. The new red roofing looks good with the new exterior paint. Gives it more of a rustic look. Having the same floor tile on the front porch and the little area in front of the porch brings the two together and flows well with the new exterior. The little plants in the corners make the space more welcoming. I like the new fireplace, the brick goes with the theme. The bright blues and yellows in the living and dining areas brighten the room with all the rustic browns used. Extending the dinning room out onto the back porch is a great idea for more indoor space! The kitchen has more of a defined space while still having an open floor plan. The little dog space by the new back door is a good idea for a transition from outside. The first bedroom is much more relaxed with the new layout and furniture. The back room is a nice new workspace! All of the storage will definitely come in handy. The desk has a nice view out the window. The new laundry machines upstairs is a huge plus to avoid the stairs and give the basement their privacy. The bathrooms look nice with new bright paint and plumbing to match the southwest theme.
    I like the new patio area by the pool with the privacy screens. It will be nice to hop out of the pool and relax there or under the canopy on the back porch. The new greenhouse is much appreciated. Having indoor and outdoor plants will be nice for year round planting. The dog run is a nice addition. Hopefully they will tire themselves out and come right in to cuddle.
    There weren't any pictures of your basement in the slideshow, and I don't have all the packs you have so in this part of the house quite a few things are missing. However, I like the layout. It looks like the bedroom has some nice storage around the headboard. I like that they also get their own laundry machines.

    Thanks so much for joining my challenge this month. I enjoyed touring your build
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