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Renovate My House...


  • icanhassimsicanhassims Posts: 790 Member
    Thank you @nali272! I'm glad you were able to eventually find the hidden room. Guess I did too good of a job. LOL
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  • luckyheatherluckyheather Posts: 19,761 Member

    Thank you @nali272 for the great comments about my house for 'H' ;)B) Shhh dont tell anyone about all those strange things in the basement, not even the bathroom Lol, im glad you found it in the end its a room we all need at one time or another :) Thanks for the great challenge but I will not do the next one as I am not so keen on big houses and at the moment I am doing things very slowly due to my pills fuzzing up my brain and making me sleepy a lot of the time. Thanks anyway for the fun challenge.
  • nali272nali272 Posts: 432 Member
    @icanhassims you are welcome.
    @luckyheather no worries, I've been working on that house for weeks, no so keen on a big house either but to keep it interesting I must punish Hope that you will soon be able to ween off the pills, in the meantime enjoy the sleep that I wish I was getting.
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  • msmunkiemsmunkie Posts: 36 Member
    Thanks @nali272 for checking out my somewhat unassuming home for Hunter. I appreciate the comments and the super challenge! Is it sad that I enjoyed the cleaning part of the challenge as much as the build? Clearly, I've been stuck inside too long.
  • PinkusfamilyPinkusfamily Posts: 587 Member
    @nali272 , I had to think a minute :D Porch pirate. LOL, Maybe...

    Great critiques on the Creations ! I enjoyed seeing everyone's rendition. This was a fun & Great challenge.

    Now On to the next one !

    Have a Great Day all !

    Diane Pinkus o:)
  • PinkusfamilyPinkusfamily Posts: 587 Member
    @nali272 , this is a Lovely Creation as is ! :)

    Now What & How I am I going to change this ? ! ;)

    I have questions !

    Can I change the Fence ?

    Can I change the Garages ?

    Can I Change the shape of the main house, Roofing ?

    Can I Change The Mausoleum ? The pool ?

    Naturally I would Move the home to give the back More yard space- Can I do this ?

    Diane Pinkus o:)

  • nali272nali272 Posts: 432 Member
    @Pinkusfamily - lol. I have been sitting on another house that I think is perfect that fits this same category, everytime I am ready to use it I say no.

    Can I change the Fence ? Yes

    Can I change the Garages ? do you mean the angle or usage? Usage yes, angle no.

    Can I Change the shape of the main house, Roofing ? roofing yes, what do you mean by shape?

    Can I Change The Mausoleum ? The pool ? Yes to both

    Naturally I would Move the home to give the back More yard space- Can I do this ? yes
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  • PinkusfamilyPinkusfamily Posts: 587 Member
    @nali272 , Thank you.. :)

    I um meant, you stated something about changing the 2 nd floor , that it could over hang the first floor.. We will see what I do with that..

    Thanks !

    Diane o:)
  • SillybabybugSillybabybug Posts: 2 New Member
    Hello everyone! I just found this site and have been browsing some of the amazing home designs on this forum! I love decorating lots, but I can never get my builds to be as nice as most of these. Thank you guys so much for sharing!
  • nali272nali272 Posts: 432 Member
    @Pinkusfamily , sorry yes go ahead.
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  • nali272nali272 Posts: 432 Member
    Welcome @Sillybabybug
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  • icanhassimsicanhassims Posts: 790 Member
    Origin ID: icanhassims
    Link to the gallery: Brindel Estate Remodel
    Do you want feedback from anyone? Sure!
    Link to more photo/slideshow:
    Gallery total: 319,345
    Construction Notes: The entire property was landscaped, including trimming of the trees around the front fence. Two gazebos constructed in the front lawn while the mausoleum was left primarily as it was. New columns, trim, and roofing were installed to lighten up the exterior of the home. Inside, the living room and kitchen were so beautifully decorated that not much was changed in terms of placing, though the furniture was updated and cabinets painted white to open up the feel of the kitchen a bit more. Both garages were converted: one into a room & bathroom, as well as grandma's hobby room, and the other into a TV room and home gym. The basement was converted into a recreation room. The upstairs was hollowed out and re-done to accommodate all the requested bedrooms and bathrooms.

    All sides of the build (4 photos):

    Top-down views (5 photos):
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  • nali272nali272 Posts: 432 Member
    oooo how exciting! @icanhassims
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  • AlJayAlJay Posts: 1,652 Member
    That looks beautiful @icanhassims !
  • icanhassimsicanhassims Posts: 790 Member
    Thank you @nali272 and @AlJay! <3<3
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  • PinkusfamilyPinkusfamily Posts: 587 Member
    edited May 2021
    I am gathering my Pictures together for the Album.

    Sim Testing with 8 Sims for me is Crazy ! :s

    Also the Start of Summer Brings Thunder Storms to My game.

    So The Beginning of my Album Looks like this :
    By the way, I changed so many things. I moved the Home up to the front of the lot to give the back yard more space. I Changed the Fence, the Garages, The Main House roofing. I Changed the location of the Pool. I Changed some of the Mausoleum. I Changed the whole layout of the inside of the Home. I made a Pool / Guest house round back too..

    Tomorrow I will Finalize my Entry..
  • nali272nali272 Posts: 432 Member
    oh wow.... cannot wait to see the final product!
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  • AlJayAlJay Posts: 1,652 Member
    That looks so nice @Pinkusfamily ! I am just working on the finishing touches of mine. Then I will playtest it, and hopefully we are good to go :)
  • nali272nali272 Posts: 432 Member
    For participating in RMHBrindel_Estate challenge…

    @icanhassims - LOVING the water fountains in the front of the property along with its landscaping and then you added those wonderful walking paths. The addition of the trees in the back adds privacy that they didn’t know they needed. It is amazing how the small details can bring out a space, like that pool! Toby Sr is enjoying the grill and making food for the family. The white trim helps brighten the facade of the house and the lighting all around further accentuates it. The brick driveway is beautiful in a very simple way. The musical and dining Gazeboes bring a sense of elegance to the estate and the pink flowers emit joy. The gym and gaming/TV room will get lots of use. The office update is nice. Julia is honored that you think the living room and kitchen didn’t need much done to them. And appreciates the sprucing up. Julia and her husband thank you for the downstairs bedroom/bath so they don’t have to climb the stairs. The hobby room will generate happiness and moola. Bonus bathroom?! How the guest will adore that. The great-grandchildren’s rooms will grow with them nicely. The other primary suites will accommodate the other adults nicely and are also beautifully decorated. With your design, Julie's on her way to becoming a mansion Baroness.

    @AlJay & @Pinkusfamily - post whenever you can.
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  • nali272nali272 Posts: 432 Member

    The Raymond Briefing:

    Background - Hillary Raymond bought a warehouse her relator told her that the previous owner's idea to convert it into a home and that his fiancée said she was not living in a building that was a warehouse. He chose love and Hillary has a great opportunity.

    Gallery Lot ID: RMHWarehouse BUDGET: $60,000 Lot size: 40x20 Floorplan: 1 story 0bd 1ba Lot/World I used: Sandy Run, Newcrest

    Gallery Link:
    Household Gallery Link:

    Exterior style:

    Interior style:
    Chic Industrial loft……. Any removed trash, plumbing, walls, and floors do not count toward your budget. Any windows, doors, appliances, and furniture do count towards the budget. If there is already a pool on the property, shrinking or removal count toward your budget.

    Landscape Style:
    Lush planting

    Issues to resolve / things to know: (MOO is on)
    • Clean up and cleanout
    • Change the office space into a bedroom.
    • Lux out the bathroom
    • At the front create a kitchen and dining space
    • in the garage area create living room and office for a civil designer

    Gallery TAG: #RMHWarehouse - DUE 6/4/21

    Slide Show:
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  • PinkusfamilyPinkusfamily Posts: 587 Member
    edited May 2021
    RENOVATE MY HOUSE The RMHBrindel_Estate
    Link to the gallery: Hounds Head Estate
    Do you want feedback ? Of Course
    Link to photos : Album
    Gallery Cost : $ 386,453
    Construction Notes : Went all out on this, Changed many things. I Really enjoyed this one. Sim Testing got Hectic tho ( I get overwhelmed with such a Big Family ).. Although the Family is Charming ! I moved the Home up to the front of the lot to give the back yard more space. I Changed the Fence, the Garages, The Main House roofing. I Changed the location of the Pool. I changed up the floor plan. Made 3 rooms for all of the couples, one on the ground floor for the elderly. One on the 2 nd floor for The Grand son & his wife and another in the Basement for the Parents. With a bathroom for each. The Children share a Jack n Jill Bathroom also. I added an outdoor kitchen and entertainment for the pool area & a place to dine outside in the back on a covered deck. I made a Pool House for entertaining and for visiting guests . The children got places to play out side too. I cleaned up the grounds. I kept the Mausoleum somewhat the same.. Enjoy the pictures, Better Yet download it from the Gallery and take a tour of it In Game..





    Post edited by Pinkusfamily on
  • AlJayAlJay Posts: 1,652 Member
    edited May 2021
    Entry form
    Origin ID: AlJay2000
    Gallery name & link: Luxury Family Estate
    Do you want feedback from anyone? Yes
    Link to slideshow: RMH-Brindel
    Details: I went with a very luxurious and expensive design for the Brindel Estate, using mostly white with accent colors to decorate throughout the house. I expanded the second floor slightly and added a basement. I enlarged the pool and gave the family a beautiful entertaining area to enjoy outdoors, unfortunately I forgot to give them a gazebo. I gave them the immaculate landscaping they requested, even adding a couple hedge mazes to the front of the yard, a perfect place to relax or maybe have a fun game of tag for the kids.
    This project was the biggest I've worked on in a very long time, but the style was my first design love in the game so it was a lot of fun. Thanks @nali272 Sorry it is late.
    Top view
    First Floor
    Second Floor
    Pictures of each side of the house/lot
    Street View
    Left Side
    Right Side
  • JojoMOMSTERJojoMOMSTER Posts: 1,965 Member
    The Bridel estate builds are stunning @Pinkusfamily @AlJay @icanhassims
  • JojoMOMSTERJojoMOMSTER Posts: 1,965 Member
    edited May 2021 This is the vibes I get from RMH Raymond
  • nali272nali272 Posts: 432 Member
    @Pinkusfamily - This is a beautiful sprawling country estate. (Is that what you were going for?) The landscaping is gorgeous and will attract all sorts of butterflies and birds for those who have that as a hobby. Loving that pergola on the back of the house, I forgot about that piece. All of your exterior changes are adorable, I especially like the fencing design on the roof. (slipping that into my back pocket ;-).) the entertainment space of the backyard will get a lot of use from this family and their friends, which Julia will love to host. Nice changes to the mausoleum, like the roof, the glowing vines, and the additional grave markers. Julia Harwood this thrilled to have completed her aspiration with your design! Toby Sr and his family are enjoying the fact that they have the top 2nd floor to themselves. The design is very family-friendly while the ornate wallpaper and décor still say "we come from money!" Nora and Toby Jr will grow into their rooms nicely, the nooks in each room is a nice use of space. Wonderful primary bedroom for Toby Sr and Lilit and they thank you for keeping them so close to the children. The downstairs is so different and great. Magnificent primary room for Julia and Charles, the plants above the bed are a nice touch. Cozy living room, loving the color scheme. What would you call that space when you walk in the front door, I am going to say massive foyer for the lack of a better word, but it is amazing. Each part of that space lends itself to entertaining guests. The hall bathroom is beautiful. The dining room is a kind of a laid back sophisticated space. Wonderfully decorated, the multi-space kitchen! Didn't realize that the bread box had that swatch…the bench under the window is so cute! The basement was is almost a house unto itself. Candice and Maxwell will love being there. Any guest will be delighted to stay in that guest house, but I think the family will use it more to be mesmerized by that bay view you gave them from the roof deck. BTW, I don’t have the courtyard oasis kit so I was not able to see some items, I will get it in the future, but I didn't notice them missing so great job. Thanks for participating.

    @AlJay - Loving the hedge maze landscaping, loads of fun. When I think of an immaculate yard this is close to what I had in mind…lol. Great chessboard! The entire yard can be used to entertain, the white and blue color scheme is pleasant to look at. How did you do the stair in the pool? Toby will find himself in the outdoor kitchen. Wonderful fire pit area and fire lamps ideas. Nice cleanup of the mausoleum and addition of the wishing well. The exterior is a beautiful change, the chunky trim you've chosen around the patio sections elevates them. The 2nd floor is great for guests and when there are none, it will be perfect for Candice and Maxwell to have the floor to themselves. The library is a lovely design. Great gym/ garage and the other garage is wonderfully organized. Spectacular redesign of the ground floor, Julia and Charlies are loving their primary room. Julia is living the dream with your design! The entry tells anyone that comes in, yeah, we made it. The dining room is an elegant design, I forgot about that little serving cart. I don't think I have seen that dining table swatch before, I will have to remember that. Nice large kitchen for this family to use and I like how the range hood is kind of an ode to the cooper hood over the front porch. That living room feels like it is a look at not sit in rooms…lol. Was not expecting the home theater, awesome!!! Adorable hobby/playroom for Julia and her great-grandkids. Toby Sr and his family will enjoy having this space for themselves.
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