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One Month One World One Year Personal Challenge


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    This is still rather long because there is a house tour involved.

    May 4 - University - WK 1 - Sunday - Part 2 - Rival House Interview & Sakura Visits Wolfgang's Dorm

    Wolfgang and Sakura arrived at the "Rival House", and realized that it was right next door to where Rohan and his grandparents lived. It was a 3-storey house, which had originally been two townhomes. Each townhome had been painted in the rival university colors, half with Foxbury colors and half with Britechester colors.


    They knocked on the door and went in. It was an older home and throughout the whole house there were Foxbury and UBrite banners. Sakura heard a voice calling her from upstairs.


    Sakura headed upstairs and entered a room.


    Bruce: "Sakura Li? Hi, I'm Bruce Sterling. Nice to meet you. Your roommate, Reyansh gave me a call and recommended you. Have a seat and we'll have a chat."

    Sakura: "Thanks. I'm actually here with my friend, Wolfgang, and we're looking for a place together."


    Bruce: "So, are you both UBrite students?"


    Wolfgang entered the room then, introduced himself and sat down, "I'm a Foxbury student, and Sakura is a UBrite student. We were friends before we came to uni. In fact, we were in rival clubs when we lived in Windenburg, but that didn't stop us from being friends," he said laughing.

    Bruce: "Oh how nice, so you're a couple then?"


    Sakura: "'re just friends..."

    Bruce: "That's the best way to start a relationship, you know, as friends. The original owner of this house met his wife at university. They were both at rival universities, too. They wanted to live on campus together, but all the dorms were either Foxbury or UBrite, nothing for both. So they came up with the idea of a place that could house rival university students who wanted to be together. This is the house, and it's called 'Rival House'. Sounds like the two of you would be a perfect match for what this house represents."


    Wolfgang and Sakura smiled at each other.


    Bruce: "Now, there are a few things that you would have to do. It's an older house, so sometimes things need to be fixed, like some plumbing issues mostly."

    Wolfgang: "Oh, I assure you, I can fix any plumbing issues that you may have."

    Bruce:"That's great! Now, there is a daily maid service, but you would be responsible for advertising and interviewing roommates and collecting the rent. And also to act as a mediator if there are any complaints or quarrels between roommates. And, if necessary, you would have to evict a sim if they become unruly. Do you think you could handle that?"

    Sakura: "I think that Wolfgang and I could handle that."

    Wolfgang: "I don't think I would have any problem evicting anyone who is a problem..."

    Bruce: "That sounds good. Now, let me give you a tour of the house, starting on this floor. There are two shared rooms, each decorated in school colors. And there are two private rooms, as well as two baths. All of the students living here are graduating at the end of the week, so the house will look a little less cluttered."



    Bruce showed them one of the private rooms decorated in UBrite colors.

    Bruce: "This is one of the Resident Supervisor rooms. But, if you would prefer, you can certainly share a room together..."

    Wolfgang looked at Sakura: "I think we'd probably be interested in our own rooms for now..."

    Sakura: "Wolfgang, this looks like your type of room. And look, it even has its own mini fridge," she said laughing.


    Wolfgang looked at the mini fridge and laughed, too.


    Bruce led them out to the balcony, "And the best part, your own private balcony..."


    Sakura: "Wow! What a beautiful view!"


    Bruce showed them the other private room and Sakura thought it was divine.

    They descended the stairs to the main level, and Bruce gave them a tour of the living room, the kitchen, and the renovated computer area.





    Bruce: "When these were two homes, there used to be two kitchens, but this room was recently renovated to give students a central area to work on homework and projects. There is also an ERAM (Electronic Research Archive Machine), which makes it very convenient. That way students don't have to trek to the library or their university to look up a topic. Although, if you noticed from the balcony, we are just down the hill from the library."


    Wolfgang: "I think I may have to do some more research on robotics, and I think that the ERAM here in the house would make it very easy to do that."

    Bruce: "Robotics? Oh, you are going to love what's downstairs then. Come on, let's head down."

    They headed downstairs, and Bruce showed them the robotics workstation. There was also a small office on the other side, and plenty of couches and musical instruments. There were also two restrooms. Each section led to an outside patio.




    They sat down together and Bruce chatted with them, "You can certainly have friends over, but I ask that you keep it small. I am not looking to have anyone trash the place. This is a rather quiet neighborhood, and there are a lot of fraternity houses nearby, and the neighbors don't appreciate their wild parties of sometimes over 100 students. I want 'Rival House' to be a place that is appreciated and respected in the community, not a place that is frowned upon."

    Sakura: "I can understand that. And I am really here to study and get my degree. My course load is pretty heavy, and I'm on the soccer team, too, so I think my free time will be spent doing projects and homework."

    Wolfgang: "The same for me, except I am on the E-Sports Team. I'm pretty lucky to be going to university and I don't want to fritter my time away."

    Bruce led them outside, and that was the end of the house tour.


    They headed upstairs and Sakura and Wolfgang looked around the first floor again.

    Bruce: "Sakura, I have a good feeling about you and Wolfgang being here. The position is yours if you want it."

    Sakura: "Bruce, could you give me a moment to talk to Wolfgang?"

    Bruce nodded his head and went to the nearby computer.


    Wolfgang: "Well, Sakura, what do you think?"

    Sakura: "I think this is perfect. I was even thinking of putting some garden pots out front and planting a small garden. Would you...would you like to live here with me?"

    Wolfgang raised his eyebrows and looked at Sakura smiling, "Are you asking me to move in with you?"

    Sakura: "Yes...yes, I am..." she answered almost blushing.

    Wolfgang: "Well, I rather like that idea myself, but only if I get that private room with the mini fridge..." he smirked.

    Sakura: "I would say we could work something out," she said laughing.


    Wolfgang: "Then yes, Sakura, I think we'd make a great team. I think we should move here together..."

    Bruce: "Congratulations, Sakura, you got the position!"

    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


    By the time they left "Rival House", and walked over to Wolfgang's dorm, it was already dark.


    Wolfgang gave Sakura a tour of the dorm, saving a tour of his room for last. Wolfgang really didn't want Sakura to leave just yet, so suggested that they kick around a soccer ball outside.

    [Note: Notice that Wolfgang has a photo of he and Sakura on his night table...!]


    They used the side door to head outside and passed Wolfgang's roommate's side.

    Sakura stood there looking in shock, "No wonder you want to move out! This sim is really messy."


    Wolfgang: "Yeah, it would be nice to have my own room...although, I wouldn't have minded sharing a room with you..." he said smiling at her.




    They were doing rather well with passing the ball, and then suddenly, Wolfgang kicked Sakura in the head with the soccer ball. Oh my gawd! Wolfgang! How could you?


    Wolfgang: "Sakura, I'm so sorry...are you okay?"


    Sakura: "Yeah, I'm good...but wow, that was a rather forceful kick. You sure you don't want to join the soccer team?"

    Wolfgang: "No, not really, then I would be playing against you. Besides, I have enough to do already."

    Sakura gets this moodlet, which I thought was funny.


    Sakura: "Anyway, it's late, and Term starts tomorrow. I better be going home."


    Wolfgang: "Yeah, you're right. Are you going to be okay walking home in the dark? I can walk you back to your campus if you want."

    Sakura: "Thanks, I'll be fine." And with that they hugged each other good-bye and Sakura headed home.

    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


    This story evolved due to my problems controlling two sims at uni. And finding the build on the gallery gave me an idea. It all just fit in so perfectly, and I really felt that this house, by adding doorways and making it one house, really "fit" Sakura's personality. She is a sim who doesn't care whether you are a UBrite student or a Foxbury student, and just accepts everyone for who they are.

    I thought it was so hilarious that Wolfgang kicked Sakura in the head with the soccer ball. A similar incident happened to me in real life with my first boyfriend. We were playing catch together, and he threw the baseball, and I had the mitt near my face. I missed the baseball and it hit me in the face. I guess you could say I caught that ball with my face. For a split second, I think I blacked out and fell to the ground, as I didn't remember what happened. He did come running over right away to see if I was okay, but afterwards, I had a black eye for a week! lol

    Bruce Sterling is a Maxis-made sim from the Discover University Squad. I just changed his clothing for this chapter.


    The house was made by simmer and Youtuber Doctor_Ashley, who created the haunted house for the Paranormal Pack. I renovated this house and added doorways between the two houses, so they would be one house. I eliminated one kitchen, and put in a computer area, changed one of the living rooms to include a chess table and rocker, and revamped one side of the basement. I just thought this was such a unique idea. Available for download in the gallery. No cc.

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    I haven’t delved into starting a blog yet, but I’d consider it. Personally though, I have my first post of this challenge linked in my signature. That post has background info, a summary of my story until now, and a link to all my updates, which is about as organized as I can get in a shared thread haha. I have thought that maybe it would be easier for us each to start our own thread and then link our updates in this main thread? I can’t decide if that would be easier or any case, I may look into starting a website and then posting what I have so far there. While I do like the small audience of other challengers, I would definitely love if I could reach a bigger audience if people would be interested in reading my story :)
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    May 6th


    Misbehaving Toddlers

    Before Jenny had children, she hadn't really taken too much notice of kids' television programs. Yes, she'd seen merchandise everywhere, and yes, it seemed to change a lot, but overall she'd not paid too much attention to what was popular. Ruby had been really into a show about a little bunny who was friends with a dog, but beyond that she'd not really learned more until she'd had Celeste and Iris.

    Unfortunately, Celeste and Iris were into this program with a cast of thousands approach called 'Hey Hey Plum', which had so many characters that Jenny got confused most of the time. There was a bunny character, a female clown, and a boy dressed as a dinosaur. Iris loved the bunny, but Celeste always came running when Dino Dan stomped onto the screen.

    "Alright, Iris, Mama's going to watch with you!" Jenny said, cheerfully, after trying to call Celeste and getting a 'No!' back from the room.


    "Celly?" Iris asked, and Jenny sat down next to her instead.

    "Celly wants to play right now, honey. Do you want to show Mama the rabbit?"

    Iris looked confused, but pointed out the bunny character as they hopped in and out of the scenes.

    "C is for Carrot! D is for--"

    "Dino Dan! Dino Dan! Rah, rah, rah!" Dino Dan stomped across the screen, and Iris laughed her little baby giggle, clapping her hands. Jenny sat and sang the song with Iris (or rather, she sang while Iris tried to copy). She was so engrossed in singing the Alphabet Stomp that she didn't notice that Celeste had come out of her room, clutching paints.


    However, the instant Iris looked over her shoulder with wide eyes, Jenny whipped around to look at her daughter, who stood there, creating what was definitely not art, but more of a paint-based tantrum.

    "Celeste Angelica Proserpin!"

    Now, most toddlers don't quite grasp the idea of a full name, but they do know when it means something bad, and Celeste immediately dropped the paints with a very upset look on her face. Iris stood behind her mother with an unsure look, and Jenny scooped up Celeste.

    "That is very naughty!" she scolded, sweeping her off to the bathroom. "Iris, don't touch, it's dirty," she called over her shoulder, as Morgan poked her head out of her room and came through. Iris nodded, still looking confused, while Celeste began to cry.

    Jenny washed the paint off Celeste's hands, and dried her thoroughly, while Celeste began to get more and more upset and finally began to wear herself out. In fact, when she was picked up again, she seemed downright tired.

    "Celeste, that was naughty, and you know it was," Jenny said, in a softer tone this time. "But Mama is going to take you through to the other room and put you down for a nap, okay?"

    "I want to see Dino Dan!" Celeste wailed.

    Jenny shushed her. If she understood her daughter, and she did, Celeste had refused to watch the show with Jenny and Iris, and then gotten upset that she'd missed it. She carried her through and towards her bed.

    "It's time to go for a nap, Celly," she said, trying to soothe her. "All the little dinosaurs are safe in their bed..."


    It was the start to a song that Celeste knew from the show, and she settled down a little as Jenny took her through, singing the song.

    "Dino Dan snuggles up to his ted,
    He's sleepy, he's tired, it's time to say good night
    Shh, little dinosaur, turn off the light."

    There were more verses, but it wasn't the best, and anyway, it was enough to convince Celeste to snuggle down. Jenny sat with her, stroking her hair until she fell asleep, and then she left, turning off the light. She could hear Morgan reading something to Iris and walked through to find Morgan with Iris on her lap, reading the Hobbit.

    "Fifteen birds in five fir trees..." Morgan tickled Iris under the chin, who giggled, while Jenny headed for the cleaning supplies.


    Maybe she was imagining things, but Celeste seemed to be throwing more tantrums lately. Maybe she hadn't adjusted to the move as well as Jenny had hoped, or maybe it was something else, but it was likely to get worse before it got better.

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    @permanentrose I came here late as well, and I think the individual posts are usually very well organized (and more to the point, who has the time to read 91 pages?!)

    For me, it is more the issue of trying to follow 12 stories, each with 2-4 main (important) characters in the same place. when commenting, I am constantly scrolling up and down, because I can't keep straight which Sim belongs to which Simmer and has what relationsship to which other Sims etc.
    Just to give an example of how confused I am (and probably others coming in now are too...):
    I think you had toddler Mia (no, that was sassyxtbrat?) Mia belongs with the two blonde women, Emily and... Jules?
    No, Jules is the person with the secret agent aunt whose cousin is missing, and now she searches for him with some other guy. But that guy isn't River, because River belongs to yet another story and is trying to get Alien babies back (Note to self: Find out where these babies came from in the first place!). Then there's Sakura with a whole load of friends (and Wolfgang), I just read her update, so I'm on track with that one. The two guys with coloured hair are doing something too (was that the thing with losing the sedentary lifestyle?) And then there's Roxanne, who has her Robot (?). Or was she the one with the Emmett-Mario Love triangle from the beginning? Or both? And who was the person with the ultimate love story with Josh again? Someone with E. Emma? Jaz is with IllusoryThrall and the family (but nobody from that story could fit well into others, and it has only started a short while ago, so I actually read every part of that one. I still get confused with the kids though...) Then there are the toddler twins and Jenny (their mom?), who I almost forgot (who was even the "Main Sim" in this story? Jenny? I only know them as a family!)
    When trying to sort these to the people writing updates on them, my brain shuts down completely! And I am certain I forgot at least two people and/or got stuff wrong!
    (Please don't be offended, it just is a lot as I didn't grow with the story, but start in the middle. You all write gorgeous stories, and I think they're fantastic. <3 )

    Sadly, I don't really know a solution. Perhaps everyone could keep a character list as a Spoiler in copy-paste so we can at least look up characters while reading the updates? I don't know. *frustrated sigh*

    @lilypadmeulin I feel Jenny with all the characters in that show! I really do :D And I love Celeste's full name.
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    @miss_eulenauge - lol got a kick out of your spoiler, especially when you're coming in part-way through the challenge, it can be confusing. And, we all know who has the ultimate love story. That would be Essa Ellington (aka Tessa Tyler aka Vanessa Varela) and Josh forever, which is @Karababy52 's sim. :) Essa, and all the other challenge sims (except for the new ones that just came on-board), are also part of a band that Sakura created called The Plumbobs in my story.
  • IllusoryThrallIllusoryThrall Posts: 1,306 Member
    @miss_eulenauge I totally get the confusion. I feel the same way. I agree with you - if everyone set up a post/spoiler that was linked from the front page as to who the main characters in their story are, it would help a lot. Just a quick who's who sorta thing, because it is so easy to get confused. I'm glad Jaz and family is at least memorable for all of their dysfunctionality. (And yes, Jaz is the focus of my story, not the toddler twins - they're just little monsters taking up half my play time .. lol)
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    @permanentrose Thanks for your reply. I now see that both you and @Karababy52 have a clear chapter overview in your first post. That's a big help.
    I will look forward to reading your stories in a slightly more continuous order. You both take amazingly beautiful pictures.
    I have not had time to check all the links @Karababy52 have to the other authors. I'll get to that.

    @miss_eulenauge Thanks for the info. I wrote not because I wanted to encourage everyone to make a block, but because I was frustrated by flipping back and forth to find the place I had reached in a story.
    I've been following the thread for a few months and I do not think the overviews were there from the beginning ... maybe I overlooked them?
    I have not subsequently thought of looking back in the first post. I will do that from now on.

    @LegacySims2017 Thanks for the reply. I have already read several of your sections on your WordPress page. It's fun to follow.
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    @SoulGal7 Thank you for the reminder about Essa. Why does she have 3 names, do we know that? Or is it just a thing?

    @IllusoryThrall I think a "who's who" would really help a lot. With "toddler twins" I meant @lilypadmeulin's story, which -as far as I have understood until now- has Jenny and two adorable toddlers, who moved around from some (probably relevant) person to another :D

    @MonaSolstraale I think the Chapter links were introduced some time into the story, when everyone noticed how hard to find the individual updates were in the whole thread, but I think almost everyone has them now. (I with exactly 1 post, and perhaps some other late beginners, have not put them in place yet.) Glad that they help you!
    I guess I misunderstood why you were frustrated, but I am glad that I thought about mentioning my own frustration with the multitude of stories and characters through your post. :smiley: (And I had fun writing that who's who confusion :D )
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    @miss_eulenauge - Regarding Essa and her different names...she was in a witness protection program, and started off as Tessa Tyler, then got taken by the FBI and transported to a remote island in Windenburg and the FBI changed her name to Vanessa Varela (a dj). She is really Essa Ellington, and the sim who she was testifying against or hiding from is now deceased, so she can now be herself again.
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    Okay so, I’m actually taking probably this entire evening to move all my posts from here to my blog and I’ll continue posting on my blog, giving a link to this thread. Next to the blogpost will be a who’s who sorta thing, and a little family tree. It’s probably not all done yet by tomorrow, but that’s my plan anyways. I hope it makes things clearer for those who jumped in later!
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    Yes, Jenny is the main sim in this story! But I can see why you'd be confused, as kids have a way of taking over when I write...
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    @miss_eulenauge , Heh, I'm sorry I confused you :) I sometimes do these "not official update"-posts where I mostly show other challenegers sims :) I should of worded it better :)

    @MonaSolstraale , I did a link list last night about my posts, but didn't had the time to post it :) Anyway here it is, if anyone is interested :)
    (just a boring links for now, I will edit those later, and will attach it to my first post too :) )

    Index of updates of Melody (and the blonde) , also includes my updates of other challenge sims.

    Other challenge sims in my game:
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    Thank you - I really try my best to make my screenshots look nice, so it's nice to know it's appreciated! I know that clicking through posts here isn't as simple as doing it on a blog, but I do hope that my story is easy enough to navigate if you do decide you want to read it! I dabbled a little bit in making a website a bit earlier this afternoon, feeling inspired after your post haha, but then I started getting frustrated, so I'll have to decide if it's worth it in the end. As of right now, this is my only real story/challenge (I'm casually trying a legacy one too, but I don't know how dedicated I'll be to that), so I'm trying to decide if a blog would even be worth the hassle. It would be nice for people to be able to follow my story more easily if they want to though! I'm flattered that people are interested in reading it :)
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    Congrats on the membership! It really doesn't take that long, just seems like it when you are biting at the bit to get in there and post!
    I liked the start to your story and Greg is actually a sympathetic character for me also. They both made a mistake and got preggo and they both are in a tough spot. They are young with no family support system and little money. Greg is use to living a certain way he didn't expect or .. want a family... and I'm sure Sarah yes was in the same boat but women seem to have to grow up sooner in that position than men. At least that's my view on it. Might not be fair.. it just is. I think your pictures are the same size as everyone's and they look great!
    Bryon is getting buff! Lol, and Naoki probably needs to loose some of that "baby" fat too :D. Nice abandoned building, sometimes we find good ones!
    I'm "forgetting" about hazmat suits so far in my story, because duh!... Maybe I can come up with something or my sims just hadn't invented them yet lol. Either way on to getting those babies!
    I knew that doggo would make it back in! Lol I'm getting Bella vibes from Sims 2 with Louise!
    In your next post, ah man wow, that's enough story to fill a month! Great though, wonderful set up and pictures. I'm glad you broke it up a little at least hehe. I'd really love a way to get our sims shipwrecked for real!
    Wow Mia's really working those toddler skills. That was fast! Great picture of Mia snoozing on the floor again... that's gonna be her spot soon!
    -thanks for liking the military shots, I have a whole save where I have a couple saves where Strangerville is ongoing in the strange state and I like playing infected sims too. LOL you don't need a needs potion since their needs top off when they wake up.
    I'm glad Jackson is going to try to get a job... to have dreams you need some money to fund them... or even just to live. I haven't downloaded Jackson yet but I'll look him up.. hopefully others will make their sims available. So far all the challenge sims I have in my game are still teens.
    Nice outing at the park... well for that family anyway. Lol I get exhausted watching your days play with your sims. It makes sense how you control them... that's how I'd do it but it makes for so many pauses and checks in a big family (well at least for me).
    Yeahhh a towel shot! I might have one of my own upcoming hehe. I've finally taken Roxannes "party" outfit out of circulation in my game .. but she really doesn't go to parties.
    Nice update. I'm sure Roxanne will be using magic too .. at least for the story this time around so I'm not copying you I swear! (furiously writes down about inferniating plants). I also like that Josh has been ordered not to ask questions cause that is questionable! Great shots as usual.. you always take the brightest most colorful ones.
    Nice post at the Uni-bot contest. I like that you're doing shots of the different things they can make and use. I do hope they move in together for your sanity in playing the game at least lol. Besides, more temptation!
    Oh I really loved your Rival House update. Good way to show off the house while moving the story. I'm really glad they are moving in together.
    That a pretty good sized house now. Looks like Jenny has her hands full with her toddlers.. especially Celeste. Bet she'll get her parenting skills up quick though!
    I don't know what to think about the link stuff. I really have no interest in maintaining a blog or a website. I don't even like to leave the forums to follow them, just not enough time in the day for me. I'm just doing this for fun really and to participate with those interested, besides I rarely tell a story like so many others, mostly it's just a picture or a little comments about what happened to Roxanne that day. This month so far it's kind of a story. I think mostly I'm not reliable enough storyteller to be consistent about it. The challenge itself is more project than I am sometimes capable of maintaining.
    Frankly if it's not simple for me here or I feel pressure or not good enough for whatever reason ... it wouldn't be worth it to even continue. Not that I don't feel there are better storytellers here that should be showcased. I just don't want it to turn into an I'm better than you thing. The light fun camaraderie is what I like best about this thread.
    When I started this I thought of it as a light daily picture thing. It's evolved of course and sometimes it's fun and sometimes you just get it in because you challenged yourself to do so.
    I hope I don't come off sounding bad. I'm not the best judge of that and never have been, but I might as well be straight and realistic about it as a participant and how I see it.
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    @Karababy52 , @SoulGal7 , @permanentrose , @Hermitgirl , Thank you for your kind words and worry about "poor Blonde" :D It was not my idea to kill him, and I was surprised he did, but gladly her dad likes to continue to do something with his wife :D

    @permanentrose , I forgot to mention , that is great croup picture! :smiley:

    @Hermitgirl , haha I have to edit that outfit out too :D Sorry Roxanne, but that does not fit well in grungy cellar nightclub :p

    And yes, I will keep my updates here too, but at least I now have semi ready link list :)

    YAY! Melody and that some dude with blonde hair just graduated!! Not a moment too soon :p

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    I would actually like to add the teenage versions of anyone in this challenge who have offered their Sim up on the gallery to Jackson’s world. Is there an actual list with gallery IDs?
    (Twitter Me: LSims2017)
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    My love, my love, my fearless love
    I will not say goodbye..
    Sea may rise, sky may fall
    My love will never die..

    ~Claire Wyndham , to tv show "Lucifer"
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    @LegacySims2017 - I have a skilled teen version up on the gallery, and I believe an older one from when she first started - sorry can't remember. As you know, I had some major computer issues, and had to save some of my sims to the gallery. You are welcome to use her.

    Here is the gallery link to the unskilled Sakura Li.
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    @Skeilah has a version of Jules in her gallery I like better since she has a hair from a pack I don’t own and matches Jules’ CC hair better, so you can download Bryon and Jules there. Her gallery ID is SCNVM
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    I present: A Lifetime of Sims - Amelia Britton

    MAY 2021 - Bridgeview, Newcrest - family & setup JUNE 2021 - Bridgeview - baby stage JULY 2021 - Bridgeview - baby stage AUGUST 2021 - Bridgeview - toddler stage
    Update 33

    Characters, Lot, Gallery
    Gallery (Sims and houses): Hashtag #onemonthoneworldoneyear, Name "One Sim - Fam. Britton". My gallery name is Noctuara.
    Parents: Sarah and Greg Britton. They live on the 20x15 "Comfy Cubby" in Bridgeview, Newcrest.
    Kids: Sophia & Mark (Twins), Miles, Connor, Amelia & Rachel (Twins)
    • Greg Britton - Greg is an adult who has a strong interest in Gaming and Computers and is quite a Geek. Unfortunately, he also is a bit slobby and mean. Due to his history, he is a bit troubled, has Bad Manners, is Irresponsible, Argumentative and Insensitive. But he can be nice as well... if he tries his best... (and I help him by x-ing out all his autonomous mean&mischievous interactions from the Parenthood traits) He was working in business, but hated it. So he enrolled for a Programming course and is now a freelance programmer listed with an agency. On the side, he participates in Novice Tournaments.
    • Sarah Britton - Sarah on the other hand wants to be the best parent possible. She is very neat, good and loves being with her family. She found a job as Freelancer Artist to try and keep her family afloat. After six babies, she went into early menopause and is now infertile.
    • Sophia Britton - The firstborn, and the twin of Mark. She is a teenager already. She continues to prefer doing things alone, mostly being outside gardening.
    • Mark Britton - The secondborn and the twin of Sophia. He is a teenager as well. He likes being outdoors at the river catching some fish, or taking a nap to recover after all the work fishing is.
    • Miles Britton - The thirdborn. He is a child already. His fun-loving personality is overshadowed by some gloom, and he aims to uncover the secrets of simkind at his science table.
    • Connor Britton - The fourthborn. He is a toddler at the moment, and is a very wild child full of energy.
    • Amelia Britton - The fifthborn and the challenge Sim. She is a very easygoing baby who often gets lost in the shuffle of this crazy household.
    • Rachel (Rae) Britton - The sixthborn. She is a very needy baby who cries a lot, firmly claiming her place among all the other kids. Greg dotes on her, partly because he got to name her after his very first video game heroine - Rae.
    • Gary Whelan, a friend of Greg from high school. Lives on "Oak Alcove", 20x15, Bridgeview. He is a Bro, Geek and Active. He works as a Game developer.
    • Fam. Aldrich, the neighbours and friends of Sarah. They live on the 30x20 "Fernpark" in Bridgeview. Elderly Pamela lives here with her Grandchildren after both parents died in a plague at young years. Pamela loves to Garden, cook at spend time with her Grandchildren. And if she had the time (and I the money), she'd love to learn to knit. Readhed Alexia, already a Young Adult, is the image of her mother. She loves to paint, channeling all her emotions on the canvas. She feels heavily responsible for her younger siblings, Tessa and Joey (twins). Tessa loves to make crafts like her big Sister and is very creative, while Joey has a lot of Energy and is very much into sports.
    • Cameron, target of Greg flirting while drunk. She was in the nightclub despite being highly pregnant with her and her wife's first child. Greg flirted with her one night due to being completely drunk, and was caught by Sarah. This incident still throws shadows on their relationship...

    Backstory & Summary of the previous posts
    Greg has a strong interest in Gaming and Computers and is quite a Geek. Unfortunately, he also is a bit slobby and mean. Due to his history, he is a bit troubled, has Bad Manners, is Irresponsible, Argumentative and Insensitive. But he can be nice as well... if he wants to... At the moment, he works in Business (and hates it).
    Sarah on the other hand wants to be the best parent possible, even though she is a Young Adult herself. She is very neat, good and loves being with her family. She found a job as Freelancer Artist to try and keep the two of them afloat.

    But how did these two end up together?!

    Well, they both lived in the small town of Newcrest and went to high school together. Greg kinda had a rough home life and was perfectly content to jump at the opportunity when a dying relative offered him a small rundown home filled with stuff from goodwill. Here was a chance to leave his old life behind and start anew without anyone telling him what to do. He may not have put in much effort at school, but he sure knew how to win over a girl! And Sarah was already atrracted to him...
    Long story short, at their graduation party, things got a little too heated, and Sarah fell ill with nausea. When she told her rather conservative parents, tensions rose high, and she found herself kicked out with little more than a bag of clothes and her trusty old digital sketchpad.
    The only place she had left to go was her boyfriend's. Although he did not want the baby, he agreed to let Sarah and the little one stay in exchange for help with the bills (and his dirty socks). After all, they *had* made things official back when still at school. And it would certainly keep the boredom at bay - be it through arguments about stinky socks, farts and unpaid bills or through flirty looks at the dinner table...

    [May] Just some months later, boredom was the farthest thing on any of their minds. Their little family had doubled in size with the arrival of Sophia and Mark. Sarah stayed at home, working as a Freelancer. Greg still felt stuck in his boring, low-paying Business job, but Sarah had asked him to not quit for now so they would have one stable income.
    After the birth of the twins, Greg had the opportunity to attend a programming class and qualify as freelance programmer. He took it and has been much happier ever since. Over time, their family has enlarged to include Miles and Connor, and they all are fairly happy with their lives despite the strains.
    But Greg got more and more frustrated that his life was nothing but nappies, homework and children, and that he wouldn't ever have a chance to just be himself, without responsibilities. One evening, he had a fight with Sarah about it, and then went to the Nightclub with his friend. He ended up getting completely wasted and flirting with a pregnant, lesbian lady (Cameron). Unfortunately, Sarah saw him do so, as she had been searching for him: She was about to go into labor with their fifth child.

    [June[ The birth went well despite this, and the two of them welcomed twin girls into their family - Amelia (the challenge Sim) and her sister Rachel. Greg suggested the name "Rae" after his very first video game heroine, and the two of them agreed on using Rae as nickname. Probably due to this surprising bond between them, he has discovered a love for Rae he hasn't felt for any of his other children, even though she is quite needy. In his words - "The others are good kids, and nice... But little Rae... She's just so perfect, and I love her so much!"
    So this is the current situation. Greg and Sarah have, mostly, reconciled. He has made an effort to be more thoughtful, and hasn't touched alcohol ever since (or visited the nightclub again). But he still is in that life crisis, and he still doesn't care that much for the older kids. Thus, Sarah is mainly left alone with the responsibility for five kids and their worries as well as the majority of paid work. Additionally, she is going through Menopause. In the meantime, Greg either does his own stuff (i.e. Videogaming) or cuddles with Rae - not even noticing Amelias dirty nappy. As a result, she often ends up a bit forgotten in the chaos of this house.
    Sophia and Mark experience a few snags navigating highschool, and Miles is getting bullied in Elementary school. Also, he is privately wondering about his identity and about gender barriers. Connor is just a little boy, but already has big dreams: He wants to travel and see the world - but where is he going to get the money?
    And the youngest twins are only bassinette babies so far, but still show their personalities: Amelia being a quiet, content girl that ofter gets overlooked. Rae on the other hand is very hard to overlook, a bit needy, very emotional - and Daddy's favourite...

    My rules (subject to change!)
    • One Photo post Per Real Life Day on the forum Due to RL demands, I will post when I have time, making for about 4-5 updates per month right now.
    • One neighbourhood per month (see schedule for details)
    • My Sim, Amelia, will begin as a Toddler.
    • After every three months have passed, my Sim will age up. (see schedule for details)
    • Sim will start out Rags to Riches style as a teen. Teen may take odd jobs and/or have a part-time job.
    • Aging off until it's time to age up.
    • May not Aspiration hop. Two to three aspirations per month to work on.
    • Sim may marry and have children. For the aging of children, see the schedule
    • MCC and other mods will be in use, but will not give me any advantages (hopefully). If requested, I can find out what mod a feature is from, and give credit, but I use too many mods to list them all without prompting.
    • I'll give myself a break if I miss any days due to internet outages, vacations/holidays or sickness (or Uni - Sims is distracting me too much as it is LOL). In those cases, I'll try to post one photo for every missed real life day the next day possible.
    • Rags to Riches Teens may use cell phones at your discretion.
    • Autonomy On - I really want to try to let the Sim’s free will build stories of their own.
    • I may travel to other worlds for Festivals, Dates, Parties, etc. (I never get my Sims out of the house anyway, so I do not want to restrict this.)
    • Any Satisfaction points earned may be used to buy and use any reward traits, with the exception of the Money tree seeds.
    • I will start in Fall with a 14 day season length.
    • I will participate in all default Holidays, (except Lottery), and add my own. I might modify Harvestfest before it happens to remove the Gnomes part of this holiday.
    • There is a Google Docs compiled by @IllusoryThrall for her Master Simmer challenge which I might use to try and get all achievements, collections, etc. Only the Main Sim and a possible long-term spouse are allowed to contribute to these Goals.
    • I will aim to finish and display all collections, possibly also taking a picture of each of her homes to remember them as I transition into the next month.

    Schedule (subject to change)
    I am planning to play for 14 months, starting on the 1st of June with Amelias toddler birthday. In May I will set up the rest of the family and play the Amelias aby stage. After that: 2 weeks as a toddler, 1 1/2 months as a child, 3 months as a teen, 3 months as a Young Adult, 3 months as an Adult and 3 months as an Elder for the Main Sim.
    For all others, I will use these MCC settings, starting on 1st of June, so it roughly works. (Combined, the Teen, YA, Adult and Elder stages are exactly 365 days right now).
    • Pregnany: 5 days
    • Baby: 7 days
    • Toddler: 14 days
    • Child: 45 days
    • Teen: 90 days
    • Young Adult: 93 days
    • Adult: 92 days
    • Elder: 90 days
    This might change when I get a feeling for the challenge. I will possibly extend this for a next Gen, or extend the YA and Adult stages, if I get Brindleton Bay and subsequent other worlds. And if I manage to stick around that long.
    I will start playing in Bridgeview (Newcrest) with a big family and Amelia (Baby No. 5) as main sim. I will move neighborhood each month, alternating the worlds. This starts as soon as the Main Sim turns teen.
    I want to work on roughly two aspirations per month with my Main Sim, or, better said, on about 3 goal sets of the "Master Simmer" challenge to try and get all achievements - mainly because with my current packs there are 38 goal sets - 3,1666 per month. (See Rules).
    I think with normal play, I'll never get there! But with so much time to stretch out the skilling, it might work. And it will definitely keep me from getting bored. ;)

    • I only own the Basegame, Seasons and Parenthood. This means that I am restricted both in terms of Gameplay, builds and Cas as well as in worlds. This is why I have heavily adapted the rules.
    • The parents of Sarah and Greg I mentioned don't exist, and I probably won't make them - after all, they themselves will simply be the parents of the main Sim.
    • Sarah and Greg are not married (yet). The Sarah and the babies will carry Greg's last name because she wants to keep distance from her family, and because she did not want to feed the small-town gossip.
    • They will have several more babies. Semi-planned by them, planned by me. One of the youngest of all the kids will be the Sim I'll play with.
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    A Lifetime of Sims - Amelia Britton | Rules
    -participating in the "One Month One World One Year Personal Challenge"-
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    @LegacySims2017 I will post my Sim as soon as they exist. I can offer the parents as Young adults? (Gallery ID: Noctuara)
    I think it said that the Sims have CC, but I am sure they don't. Just tick the box ;)

    @Hermitgirl Thank you for the kind words. I didn't tell much about it until now, but Greg had a tough childhood himself and was just starting to feel like he can be his own person, do his thing, nobody intrudes on him and makes demands... And then he has a Girlfriend and Twins living in a tiny house with him. That's what in my mind bugs him most about the situation. But still, he had enough good bits in him to not throw her out and be nice most of the time! :)
    I think Sarah was an only child with a very sheltered childhood, she's probably a bit religious deep down. I guess she is just super determined to power through and make a good life for her family without even considering abortion.
    (again, triggering topic. I am trying to be sensitive. Sarah's choice was out of personal opinion, and I do not want to make anybody feel like I saying anything general about this stuff. Thanks! :) )

    @Karababy52 since I now have this detailed overview post, can you link me on the front page? If you want to, put "Family Britton" for now. Kinda awkward, playing a challenge without existing Main Sim :D

    @everyone: I won't comment any more tonight. Sorry. You write great stories, I enjoy reading them... But I need to cut back on comments... I still haven't done today's post and spent all evening redoing my overview post... (And there's Uni tasks for me...) It was frustrating. Very.
    Well, I think I can leave it for now. What do you think? :)
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    A Lifetime of Sims - Amelia Britton | Rules
    -participating in the "One Month One World One Year Personal Challenge"-
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    @LegacySims2017 I will post my Sim as soon as they exist. I can offer the parents as Young adults? (Gallery ID: Noctuara)
    I think it said that the Sims have CC, but I am sure they don't. Just tick the box ;)


    I’ll wait until your teenager arrives and you upload them. To keep them all together, am forming a high school club, which will all be teens. Jackson has to host a party for his Aspiration and who better to invite are his high school classmates. :smile:
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    I do not think you sound bad :)
    I have formulated myself incorrectly if it looks like I am looking for links from external websites. I can easily understand that it is fun to participate in a mutual project. It should be fun (and easy) to share experiences from the game :)

    I just missed a chapter overview for the different stories; to make it easier for me to follow them.
    @miss_eulenauge has now made me aware I can find them on the first page of this thread.
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    Here is the link to my Index page on my blog for this challenge
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    So, my idea to put everything on my blog will wait for a while. I was just done with January (I worked hours on it, literally), and then my published mode went crazy, but apparently there's a problem with Weebly itself...

    Anyways, I got scared that my new blogposts had something to do with it, so I deleted everything again and now I'm feeling horrible because I found out that was not the case... I'm going to leave this until the weekend at least. I'm also in contact with Weebly itself to see if they can retrieve the deleted blog page... Oof, I need to go to sleep.
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