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What Happened In Your Game Today?


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    March306March306 Posts: 1,012 Member

    Update on Legacy 2.0 Ed + Kailani Generation 6

    A special couple of sims were added into my world!

    Do you recognize her?


    Or him?

    I added Joe from Tiger King and Carole Baskin!

    I made them a married couple and Carole is expecting!

    Saturday has come and it's time for a wedding.



    Joe must have come with bad formal CC or something? He's in boxer briefs and boots


    After wedding activities!

    She's pregnant!
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    sarabeth2984sarabeth2984 Posts: 849 Member
    @mercuryfoam Oooh that dude in the weird mask and lizard outfit is called a kelpie!! Its from the Expanded Mermaid mod by Xerbu. His mod is AMAZING. I have it in my game. He added a sea witch and the kelpie "occults." It also greatly expanded the powers of mermaids. I've got some awesome screenshots I'll post tonite!!
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    CherryBerryCloudCherryBerryCloud Posts: 689 Member
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    Though my soul may set in darkness, it will rise in perfect light;
    I have loved the stars too truly to be fearful of the night.

    Ha'aheo, e hoʻomau i kō kāua aloha, kau a kau.
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    AyeffenAyeffen Posts: 258 Member
    I had a moment the other day as I'm sure we all do when they have fallen into a pattern of playing The Sims and begin craving a bit of a change or outside inspiration.

    I turned to my friends (also simmers) for a bit of help. A quick brainstorm with them produced my Sim, Astrid.


    Astrid is a non-binary astronaught who is deeply commited to discovery, research and the acquisition of knowledge.

    I knew that Astrid would be needing a very work-focused living space, bare bones but giving the ulimate quarters to focus and build their personal lab and also rocket technology.

    The result was this bunker-style lot with a lab which has grown substantially in size as Astrid ascended through the career levels. The space is bathed in light, doubling as a cacti-house and providing views out to the future-rocket building yard and launch pad.


    One thing I didn't see in Astrid's future was a family. Being so involved with their work, I'd see them having no interest in forming bonds like that with any other Sim. On the other hand, I also found myself longing to give Astrid a descendent so that I could take this story forward.

    Fate ofcourse has a habit of intervening, especially in The Sims.


    A few days after this incident, with lots of dizzy spells and rapid weight gain, Astrid gave birth...


    Say hello to 'The Child'.

    Although totally unexpected this made complete sense. Astrid as a scientist was given a gift, to learn about beings from another planet and also have a chance of having descendents that I can enjoy looking after and developing their own stories.

    After some initial hesitation, Astrid is becoming a great parent and is forming a fantastic bond with The Child or 'T.C.' for short. 😉

    My Gallery 🏠 | Gamer 🎮 | Husband 👬
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    HopeyStarrHopeyStarr Posts: 1,276 Member
    @AlwaysAsking The Animal Crossing Challenge is a Rags to Riches type challenge based off AC: New Horizons. You need to collect enough bugs, fossils, and fish to reach milestones, pay off your loan, and expand your little island into a small community.

    I've tried a number of things to make money such as gardening, woodworking and flower arranging, but depending on them was taking long. :( So I went to Selvadorada for treasure.

    @KiniHokulani Thank you ^^ I'm not much of a builder, but have found it surprising nice to work with smaller builds.

    @mercuryfoam Small houses are great! I've never played Animal Crossing either, though do have some knowledge on what it's about. I feel like this challenge does capture the essence of the game. :smile:

    The town hall and square were renovated.

    And now there's a museum!

    With a little picture of Blathers.

    My sim's house also got a few Animal Crossing pictures.
    *:.。."It's great being ((Queen Bee))!".。.:*
    ✧ :-"As long as I continue to believe then one day my ((dreams)) really will come true."✧ :-
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    AlwaysAskingAlwaysAsking Posts: 1,403 Member

    Ahhh, ok. I don't use mods either, but I think you're right. With lot traits like that, bad things will probably happen lol!

    And yeah, ladders would be nice for sure!


    If you like the way the lounge looks, shouldn't you be able to change the settings? Like you can change what kind of clothes people should wear when they go to restaurants.

    And lol, you need drama! Ok, sounds good.

    I'm glad you figured out your cc problem! That looked painful when they had no head 😄

    And thanks! I'm glad you liked the J's 😂

    Wait! What's up with Devante's sister?? Pointy ears??

    And Lori and Scarlett look very similar!


    Ok! Just stop! Stop with the adorable orange decor 😅

    It's really very cute! Although, you must admit that the beautiful accent colors, like the turquoise and yellow, really tones down the orange-ness 🤣

    And yeah, I knew it meant they'd gone off the grid. I was just wondering how dark it was going to get? In all respects. 😄

    I'll wait impatiently to see who cracks first!

    And ok, I'll check out your gallery!


    Ahh yes, go find a random toddler and take pictures of it! Especially with someone holding it. There's a thing you can click on the left side and they will change their pose a bit. And if you're going to put them up in the house make sure you pick the large size picture on the bottom of the screen 🤗

    Lmao at where your mind went about Jasper. I have Laney in my game! 🤣😂

    And does that really fricken work? If you put a Sim in a pose they are actually standing there in the game? I thought it was related to screenshots and you'd only see it with the camera type thing, like it is in the photo taking mechanics in the game. Holy moly! Jasper should be able to get great paintings if he's actually standing there.

    I'm not kidding about light though. Most likely it will not be a masterpiece if Don is in a shadow.

    I was laughing at you saying that no one is contacting Don lately. I mean I know it's not real, but my thought was, what do you expect? You're on your 3rd home with Thorne by now, aren't you? People can't keep up! 😅

    Lol, Don's not into casserole. An internal fit you say? Thorne in his underwear... I wonder where that went. I'm sure they just headed back to the gym right away. 😄

    Thanks about the little J's update. I'm glad you liked seeing their history and how Hunter came to be. Honestly, my heart was breaking 😣 I couldn't do that to Leo. And Leo is the coolest Sim! I love him.

    Ok, the thread needs more J's! For sure! I can't go play Raj and J though, unless I break down and use mccc to pause a pregnancy I'm not ready to play yet! Lol

    I'm going to finish Don and Thorne before I worry about J. 😂

    Oh my God 🤣 Poor Sim!Kini! You shouldn't tell her these things!

    I'm lmao 😅 Those are great faces she's making. What a glare!

    Sorry girl, you can't have Raj's J 😂 Raj might have things to say about that!

    I hadn't noticed that Don was in so many shots. 🤣 But yeah, I'm sure he was mad that Raj showed up and got to stay with them in Strangerville, while I had Summer go home! 😅

    Except Raj got to stay because

    So Don should just be quiet! Lol

    OMG! I saw where Johnny and Caleb got together in your game! How awesome is that? They are adorable ❤️


    That's definitely the Most disproportionate Santa I've ever seen! Lol!

    And I love Grim's outrage!

    Where the heck did you find that notRDJ? Lol, what a nose!


    Lol! Do I want to know the story of being under forum arrest? 😄

    And wow! If that kelpie thing is in the game I've missed it!

    Someone else needs to chime in on this one, lol!

    Raj and J's matching shirts made me so happy, lol! They actually have a lot of matching outfits 😂 I think they are the only couple I did that extensively for. They are similarly sized and it's cute for them 😊

    And if Don wants to get married he should get his buns in gear and propose to Summer. They already have a child together! 😅


    Ok good. No one "did away with" Eric. I wondered how far these guy's bad behavior would go! Lol

    Is Dina in the criminal career? Does she come that way or did you do it?

    Maybe he'll be so crazy in love with her that he won't mind

    Now Mitchell just has to wait for his new bride to die lol!

    And Manual! Come on man! Enough affairs!


    Ohhhh I wasn't paying attention! I'm so glad it was Brent this time! I was so mad that it was always Brant that was cheating! 😅. Finally, some payback!

    Let me know if it splits them up. Because you said Brent always just accepts it. I want to know if Brant is that forgiving.

    You are right that your save was one thing after another. And you should share a few pictures of the crazy stuff your Sims do while you wait out the pregnancies.


    Ohhhhh what a beautiful couple. A lovely wedding!

    Lol, they almost look like they are upset at Joe's format wear 😄

    The selfie is adorable ❤️

    And congratulations on the baby! That was quick, right? 🤣


    Hey! This is such a great storyline! You and your simming friends brainstormed quite well!

    The house you mad for Astrid is cool! Perfect for such a science focused Sim! With room to build a rocket!

    And T C is such an awesome name for the baby 😅 I can see that raising some eyebrows when it's time to go to school 😄


    Ohh ok, rags to riches. I hope Selvadorada worked well. It looks like it did! That town hall is the cutest! What do you have bitvset as? Generic? And the museum is great. I love all the fish

    Gallery ID is ARIANNANEAL
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    HopeyStarrHopeyStarr Posts: 1,276 Member
    @AlwaysAsking Thank you. :smiley: I think the museum is my favourite so far.
    My lot is set as residential. Perhaps the roommate system from Discover University will be useful in getting other "islanders" to move in? And plus that is more money for me! ^^
    *:.。."It's great being ((Queen Bee))!".。.:*
    ✧ :-"As long as I continue to believe then one day my ((dreams)) really will come true."✧ :-
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    AlwaysAskingAlwaysAsking Posts: 1,403 Member
    Ok , an update on Jasper and Laney’s adventures in Salvadorada!

    When we last saw them it was evening, and they were learning the traditional dance. Jasper had just topped the Selvadorada Culture skill and was finally able to purchase machetes himself, instead of wait for vendors.


    Waiting for vendors was beyond useless. This machete sat on this table all evening, overnight and well into the next day and a vendor never came to tend the table. Hence Jasper’s decision to just learn Salvadora’s culture and say “forget you!”


    They bought the machetes and other supplies and went back to their rental place to swim. It was fun!


    So fun!

    Now …. I keep trying to tell you guys how special Jasper is! So click here and you’ll see that I’m right!

    Yep, you’re seeing it with your own eyes! The man walks on water! Do you need more proof?


    He’s always got Laney feeling “some kinda way”
    I feel sorry for her! Lol



    The next day I discovered that they didn’t know how to get into the jungle....
    They walked around near their rental looking for a way in. Laney took some beautiful pictures.




    Jasper took some nice ones too!


    But no entrance to the jungle was found. So they headed back to the market square. Jasper has Laney feeling “some kinda way” again.
    Because he was feeling that way too


    Laney is kinda gaga for this guy



    Smug …


    Laney told him they had to go look for a way into the jungle again, so they walked off, away from the town square, and started looking.

    Again Laney took pretty pictures



    And Jasper discovered things to dig up!


    Smug again


    Laney decided to dig too. It was very hot work!


    So she just took pictures


    Jasper waited patiently :wink:

    They did not find a way into the jungle. They found bugs though. They don’t like bugs.


    They went back to the market area:
    They ate dinner


    Then went to a museum to look at things … there were many things there.


    And there was a skeleton!! They had to take pictures with the skeleton!



    Then Jasper danced again


    And Laney found out how to get to the Jungle!!!!


    The next morning they followed Laney’s (actually @Ellupelluellu ‘s) directions and found the jungle!!!!



    Through the first barrier..


    A bridge!




    Cross the bridge!


    Get a kiss


    A second barrier… geez …


    Laney was not being helpful….


    Jasper said, “What? Right here? Right now?”


    Laney says “Yep, you got it…”


    Ohhhh my, Laney is Not being helpful


    Ok! We’re through! Jasper is ok with this idea now


    Cool!!! Look at these ancient ruins! Look at this view! This is amazing!


    Jasper says, “I’m ready now…”


    So is Laney


    Well! That’s what you get Laney! Lol!


    Marshmallows for dinner. Tomorrow, maybe a temple? Maybe?


    Btw: He bought 12 machetes, and he hasn't lost one yet!

    Gallery ID is ARIANNANEAL
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    March306March306 Posts: 1,012 Member

    Update on Beach Legacy Summer + Serena Generation 3

    But first...

    @AlwaysAsking Yes, Serena is the daughter of Dash and my final heir from my Pretty Little Liars Legacy.

    Here's her parents:



    That is Serena, wife of Summer.


    A selfie of them together.


    Serena is taking Economics


    The oldest of the youngest set of twins is having a birthday.


    He is Ronnie and he has been moved out.


    Then there is this guy, the younger twin. Patrick is being weird in the background.


    Dave is moved out.


    Summer gives birthday to Becca (girl)


    And also to Wilson (boy)

    Yes, she did indeed wet herself while in labor and got all dirty.


    Then it's Serena's turn to carry a baby. So she let's Summer know she had a positive pregnancy test.

    NAMING THEME: Right now I'm trying to use beach themed names This generation's names are from the movie Cast Away. It was a film from 2000 about a man stuck on an island after his plane crashes.

    So Becca is named after Becca Twig and Wilson is named after the volley ball Tom Hanks talks to.
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    CherryBerryCloudCherryBerryCloud Posts: 689 Member
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    Though my soul may set in darkness, it will rise in perfect light;
    I have loved the stars too truly to be fearful of the night.

    Ha'aheo, e hoʻomau i kō kāua aloha, kau a kau.
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    O-meezyO-meezy Posts: 165 Member
    @AlwaysAsking Jasper and Laney are so cute!

    Another quick update for everyone! Gonna start posting some more in depth ones soon, I promise!

    Talia finally graduated from University with a communications degree :) (I forgot to take pictures sadly) She was also the star of the schools soccer team and because of her sports success, she joined the pro athlete career upon graduating. Apart from being a pro athlete, she also makes instructional videos for anyone wanting to improve their fitness or soccer abilities!

    [img][/img <3[/img]6CMNTKk.png

    During her first day at practice, she met her teammate Terrence and they fell for each other almost immediately <3



    And since it was Love Day, they decided to go on their first date, a thought that a gym date would be a good idea. They had a great time working out together and I'm excited to see where this relationship goes





    Later that night, Avery and Zion went on a little beach to celebrate love day <3. *Click the spoiler tag*


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    DaraviDaravi Posts: 1,156 Member
    @mercuryfoam @KiniHokulani @AlwaysAsking

    Thank you for the support. :)


    Honestly, I don't know either. Some people are afraid and don't wish a reply, because they feel oblige to answer too. That's nothing what others could change or ease their tension. *shrug* I was happy, that you have answered me, so I didn't felt ignored.

    In my first days in online communites I didn't wrote too, just reading all the things. But with the time, I felt more secure to write my comments. I knew, no other community member could harm me, because they knew nothing about me. But I developed a habit, whenever I comment to a controversal theme where trolls have captured the thread, I never return back to this post. Whatever the forum trolls had answered me, I will never know it, I do not care. I made my statement and that's all. That's keep me sane. :smiley:


    The summer was long and very hot. In a heatwave there exist only two cool spots, where you can relax.


    Emily made a mess in her parents bedroom and was caught in the act. As punishment she wasn't allowed to leave the house for 24 hours. Of course she broke the rule again, because she had to go to school. :#


    But every punishment passes once.


    Little Cedric took a nap, he grew up so fast. All toddler traits are fully developed.


    Meanwhile Charlotte won again a price as best actress. Mrs. Ward came too late ... again. :D
    Charlotte has finally finished the actor aspiration, now I can quit this bugged carreer forever!!!


    Charlotte became also a friend of Rangatira.


    Charlotte visited her old mentor. He was very pleased to her success, he had now removed all obstacles in his path.


    But he wasn't very happy as he heard about the missing of Maria Degenbrecht and the awful massacre lately in news either. He made his own enquiries by sent his men to the places where she was last seen. What they had found out, made him concerned.


    "As you know, Charlotte, the wrath of a betrayed wife is horrible" he said.
    "I know, Sir." she replied.


    "The furious Mrs. Degenbrecht was turned into a vampire and she is seeking for revenge. She is responsible for the last massacre in San Myshuno. 20 men and woman were found dead with in one week." He paused.


    "You and your family are in great danger, my child. I advise you to keep your head low and stay out of the media."
    "The papparazzi won't leave me alone so easily. They besiege my house day and night." she answered.
    "You have my permission to deal with them in your magic way. You are a master spellcaster, you can handle it. But don't let them die. Just electroduce or freeze them." he said.

    But the warning came to late too late. Maria already found them and made hunt of them. She attacked Charlotte several times, but Charlotte defend herself.



    (When the drinking failed because of the garlic I laughed for several minutes.)

    Luckely she was able to keep the children out of the sight. Tomax and Charlotte helped Emily with her school project.


    When the starsystem project was ready and Emily went to bed, Tomax and Charlotte discuss their future steps. They had to leave this house, they weren't safe here anymore.
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    Silverofdreams30Silverofdreams30 Posts: 7,222 Member

    Oh wow girl, you just gave me a whole plot idea like right
    there!!! :D thanks for that comment it made me laugh.
    So I thank you very much, no idea how to fit the elves stuff though haha.
    I enjoyed the update that looks like some very handsome male sims in those screenshots.


    A little drama is quite fun to have though not sure what to
    do with that part yet.
    Yeah, there was a way to change settings but never to zero stars.
    I love the update about Jasper and Laney, they are adorable together.
    Jasper is very handsome too.


    Great looking sims there, they seem to have


    I enjoyed the update, they seemed to have a
    great day.


    wow, that is a great looking building
    great job.


    Thank you, I have to think about the drama plot its fun to spice
    it up sometimes.

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    DoodlyDoofusDoodlyDoofus Posts: 1,188 Member
    Today Octavia decided to do her homework in the dead of winter.
    Meanwhile, Luna decided to grill hotdogs in the dead of winter.
    You know honestly, this world was built on bad ideas.
    Well with Julia dead, Luna has to pay attention to the kids all by herself....Well I mean, she WAS the only one paying attention to the kids. But now she kind of has to now.
    Oh so this is why Luna likes working out these days, she has a tv in her gym.
    Poor Luna misses Julia so much.
    Oh wait, she has a spell to summon Julia's ghost.
    Julia: "Oh hey Luna, was expecting to be dead for a couple hundred years before someone would summon me from my grave. What's up?"
    Luna: "Nothing much, just wanted to see you again. Also I wanted to try something."
    Luna: "Ah ha! I have made love to a ghost!"
    And then Luna ate a rotten hotdog.
    Octavia: "You know, the TV in the gym is actually a good motivator for exercising."
    Just Sophie doing homework in the cold.
    Well I mean, at least Sophie's dressed for the cold. You're going to come close to freezing to death, Octavia. Get back inside.
    What did I just tell you?
    Sophie: "Hey Mom you know what I just realized? I haven't been woken up by the impending doom of living under the same roof as a genocidal robot."
    Luna: "Huh, that's true, I haven't seen Geno in a few days."
    Geno: "Knock knock, nerds."
    Ariel: "It's cool, I'll just stay outside."
    Luna: "Hey Geno, where have you been all this time?"
    Geno: "Oh yeah, just married Sonya. Was a pretty wacky time."
    Luna: "Married? Why weren't we invited to this wedding?!"
    Geno: "You know, it's funny you ask that."
    The wedding was such a beautiful ceremony.
    A wonderful union between a cold heartless genocidal killing machine.
    And Geno!
    I now pronounce you, Mrs and Mrs Cide.
    Patron: "Oh boy, this was such a wonderful wedding."
    Patron 2: "Yeah, but why were we even invited to this wedding? We don't even know these people."
    Sonya: "You see, we didn't invite any loved ones to the wedding because we had a crazy idea for our wedding ceremony."
    Geno: "That's right, a good GENOCIDE!!!"
    Intense Heavy Metal music starts blasting.
    Sonya and Geno: "DESTROY! DESTROY! DESTROY!"
    Woman: "WHAT THE HELL!?"
    Woman: "I'm burning!"
    Woman 2: "I'm getting electrocuted!"
    Man: "Actually I'm feeling pretty well right now."
    Nalani: "Yeah well joke's on you. I got to be on the cover art for Sims 4 Island Living. I've already accomplished more than you'll ever have. I won this battle."
    Yeah but they're still going to suck out your soul.
    Grim: "Okay, some things are just a little too much, even for me."
    Woman: "I DON'T WANT TO BE A PRETZEL!!!!"
    Geno: "And then we went home and made sweet love."
    Luna: "......................................................................................................................................I'm going to have to ask you to leave."
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    Silverofdreams30Silverofdreams30 Posts: 7,222 Member


    I switched out their home, this lovely little building from
    the gallery is very nice.

    Rest under spoiler tag

    Lori and Devante arrived back home after their evening out,
    not knowing their home had been invaded by a whole bunch of people their families.


    Loris mother Scarlet and she did not have the best relationship, she was this
    busy working sim that did not have time for her family.


    Lori had always been a daddy's girl, he was the one that took care of
    her while her mother was to busy with spellcaster stuff.

    When she saw they had arrived she was both a bit excited and also a bit
    annoyed, cause what right did her mother have to show up all of a sudden without a warning.



    Devante had a good relationship to his mother, not so much his sister the two of them were like
    night and day.

    Devante also was surprised to see his mother and also shocked to find his half-sister there as well.
    What one earth was going on, why did all of them show up like this? Leanna had always been a mystery, he never knew
    who her dad had been, himself knew his dad had left them when Devante was a young lad.
    Devantes mother had never told him though why his dad left them.
    It had always been the three of them as far as he could remember.


    The newly arrived people told them they had rented homes in the town,
    and wanted to stop by to let their children know they had arrived.
    Quinton Loris's dad decided to bond a little with Devante, he was his precious little girl's big love after all.


    Leanna kept to herself, not being a people person much browsing the web
    for stuff, none knew about.


    Lori prepared dinner so both their mothers decided to sit down


    Later they watched some TV



    Leanna was crazy and jumped into the pool, it was cold outside.


    Later when the family had left they both relaxed in front of a movie.


    Devante might not like scary films ( me either).





    The movie must be bad

    All for now

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    CherryBerryCloudCherryBerryCloud Posts: 689 Member
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    Though my soul may set in darkness, it will rise in perfect light;
    I have loved the stars too truly to be fearful of the night.

    Ha'aheo, e hoʻomau i kō kāua aloha, kau a kau.
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    Though my soul may set in darkness, it will rise in perfect light;
    I have loved the stars too truly to be fearful of the night.

    Ha'aheo, e hoʻomau i kō kāua aloha, kau a kau.
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    Silverofdreams30Silverofdreams30 Posts: 7,222 Member

    Thank you for the comments.
    I'm not used to writing stories like this so it is
    a fun new way to play and English is not really my language either so hehe.
    Your sim Kini seems like a fun one, ouch at to who she ended up with without using mods hehe.
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    ryttu3kryttu3k Posts: 1,148 Member
    Look who Lilith met today over on Simsta~!


    (Nope, that's not Caleb ;D )

    @KiniHokulani thank you! Won't lie, I was more or less designing it for myself ;D Looove orange and plants!

    Wow, some of those Sulani looks XD I don't know, I think Mele works! Salim is still gorgeous. Man, Hugo does not have gym-appropriate hair, heh. Oh my goodness, Vlad XD Over $10,000 a week, whew!!

    @Ayeffen Astrid is fab! The bunker looks rad, love the cactus garden. And hey there, TC!

    @DeafSimmer man, it's always the chancellor! Glad the sages weren't so easy to surprise! But yeah, that fight could have gone better...

    @AlwaysAsking oh true, but monochrome of anything can be pretty overwhelming XD You always need your accents, y'know? And oh yeah, shouldn't be too dark! Like I doubt they're going to go all Lord of the Flies XD

    ...I hope, anyway!

    @Silverofdreams30 thank you! I'm actually hopeless at building exteriors, but interiors I quite enjoy!

    @DoodlyDoofus grilling I can understand, at least that keeps you warm. But homework? XD Hi, Julia! The downside of being translucent: everyone can see where Luna's hand is going. "A wonderful union between a cold heartless genocidal killing machine. And Geno!" I saw that coming and I still snorted. Wow, that sure was a wedding. Hee, poor Luna is so uncomfy right now...
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    mercuryfoammercuryfoam Posts: 1,156 Member
    Comments only. And some pictures.
    I know I’ve only been away for 24 hours but I miss this thread already! I’m so happy to be back.

    @March306 Joe attending the wedding in his briefs gave me a good chuckle. At least he didn’t steal the show xD. Love that hair on him. I love how the newly weds have a photo of them hanging on the wall. So sweet <3 And I never knew sims could wet themselves during labor. Poor Summer!

    @sarabeth2984 Oh! I don’t have that mod. I wonder why I have that kelpie mask in my game then. Lol I have so many mods I don’t know which gave me a kelpie mask haha. It sounds really good! Really allows us simmers to expand our creativity like that. You had me at seawitch! :D Ursula is such a good villian! :smile:

    @KiniHokulani :D Ahh a new update on Darin’s adventures!! AMG I can’t imagine what the four lovers visiting together will talk about. Ok I can and well.. nyehehehe! :grimace: Gosh Orange, Subtlety is a dying art for sure. But I’m sure Darin feels flattered. Look at him go at that punching bag showing off his muscles. Rofl Max’s face is gold. And Olivia looks like a typical high school popular jock. Vlad looks so normal. Dang.. wait Vlad has a tummy!

    Maybe the bill was too high so MCCC took it away :D shame! I want to see him pay through his nose at least once. Least he can do after popping so many kids! What’s your new challenge going to be?

    @Ayeffen I really like your bunker. It looks so cosy (but I can’t imagine how hot it’ll get in summer. Maybe it has one of those curved shades) :smiley: But yes sweet build! I’ve never had aliens abduct my sims in game.

    @HopeyStarr I love how ‘cluttery’ the museum corner looks. Such a cosy feel. :smile: Clutter really gives character to a scene!

    @DeafSimmer Violetta is a very haughty character, but Colton is level-headed and balances her carelessness. Seems like the trio has a tough fight ahead of them. :( And I have to mention this, Raelynn is very pretty! :smile: Things are not looking good for anyone at all, Fin, Raelynn and Orion are all in a bind :cold_sweat: I hope things look up for them soon.

    @AlwaysAsking ahh my forum arrest story is nothing special. I have to do that to myself because I’ll enjoy myself too much with everyone else’s stories that I’ll neglect mine. XD So me posting now means I managed to complete a chapter yay! (I know, very juvenile method but it works!) :smiley: So far I havent deviated from my schedule so all good.

    Sarabeth said the kelpie is from an extended mermaid mod, though I don’t have that mod so Idk how I got the kelpie mask. :D Oh you made the couple shirts! I was amazed at the game there thinking by some miraculous algorithm they’ managed to make such a nice combo.

    Cee Lo green: forget you? :D Ahaha Love it! Jasper is moses incarnate. Dang. Oh jeez with a hot bod! This is what happens when you divert our attention to his feet and woahh..! :wink: double the effect. Rofl the candid shot of the bald guy making eyes at Laney got me. I’m imagining Jasper with 12 machetes now… this image I just can’t.. :D

    @o-meezy your sims have such beautiful tattoos. I like reading your updates. Everyone’s such eye candy :

    @Daravi OOh I like this backstory about Mrs Degenbrecht. So creepy! Aww do you mean they have to move to a new home? That’s so unfortunate.

    @DoodlyDoofus Holy moly whats happening to the floating girl!? She looks like the being from Silent hill got her :scream: I can’t believe the pair went home and had the mood for love. And you started the story so calmly with a nice winter backdrop doing homework too. I did not see this coming at all! :D

    @Silverofdreams30 this family gathering is so totally out of the blue. But Lori and Devante handed it very well. Maybe Quinton didn’t want to come that’s why she’s rebelling by keeping to herself :D I don’t like scary movies too! High five you and Devante :smiley: Haha if they’re both not watching it it seriously is bad.

    @ryttu3k I was so sure that’s Caleb. I actually thought hard for this one but I can’t think of anything else apart form Caleb. :D Definitely not Morgyn. Can’t be Simeon. He’s got puffier cheeks. I can't think of any :sweat_smile:

    Ok so two pictures.

    I always thought Curtis has a baby face, case in point here as he looks at the stars.


    But then he made this mopey face, which I kinda like. No guesses who he's thinking of :tongue:


    Ok that's all from me.
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    HopeyStarrHopeyStarr Posts: 1,276 Member
    Added some greenery to my island.

    Two new homes.

    A dock/bathhouse.

    Further modifications to the town garden. Where the tent is I am thinking of adding another home.

    Now all I need are more residents.
    *:.。."It's great being ((Queen Bee))!".。.:*
    ✧ :-"As long as I continue to believe then one day my ((dreams)) really will come true."✧ :-

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