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What Happened In Your Game Today?


  • AlwaysAskingAlwaysAsking Posts: 1,307 Member
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    Answering mentions first


    Ahhhh, very imaginative of you!

    Seems you could do that with every Sim in the game!

    The parents could say, "Ok, if you ever turn up spontaneously at a festival in San Myshuno, and you're wearing cowboy boots with argyle socks, a sparkly skirt, and a Darth Vader mask, here's what you do ... just one little spin into your party clothes option and you'll be all set." πŸ˜„

    And the glowing is from the satellite upgrade! I should have remembered that. I did have 2 Sims make it through the whole scientist career, and they both did that upgrade.

    Then the aliens would infiltrate the lab and you could expose them! Fun stuff πŸ˜…

    When I do townie makeovers I've never made Darling a male, but I do fix her manlike clothing choices to stuff I can stand to look at πŸ˜…

    I've never played that household, but I've changed them a bit here and there because they show up in San Myshuno lots pretty often.

    I wish they'd offer an explanation about why Darling is living there, as a teenager, with two adults who are not related to her. But whatever.

    Anyway, I might just make her male from now on. It really suits her.

    Someone on this thread said that they always make Gunther Munch into a female, and he looks better that way. I left him a male, but made him a bit better looking, and he's married to Diego Lobo in my game. They are adorable together. 😊


    Thanks for your response on my Strangerville story 😊

    Penny is carrying most of the weight at this point. I agree. Though Don can grab someone as quickly as she can, and his charisma is still super low (as I rarely play him) and he doesn't have the enchanting introduction option yet. He doesn't even have cheerful. I think Maxis tweaked him, because he's supposed to be such a Casanova character. In any case, the others have to carry the load a bit more.

    And stop with the emotional breakdowns πŸ˜…


    I agree, Fiammetta is really pretty close up 😍

    I'm trying to remember if I've had a child age up in my game yet, and I don't think I did, except a teen to a young adult, and there's basically no change with that. So I'm looking forward to all my premade's babies growing up so I can see how they look, because they are all so cute as toddlers.

    And yeah, at least take Darren's glasses off and give him Salim's hair for a picture. That would be fun!

    Ok, I've come upon another update. Must read ....

    Holy cow! Your families have a lot of babies!!! Do you have aging turned on?

    They're going to be dead before these kids are teens

    Oh wait, Lucrecia is immortal πŸ˜…

    But I don't know about Alexandre and Antoinette πŸ€”

    But their little ones are super cute together, so why not, let's add another one! πŸ˜…


    I'm glad "deer in the headlights" is a familiar term πŸ˜… as it is so apt for Summer.

    Lmao at your story about Penny that you can't even post here. It must've been something πŸ˜†

    Well, if I had my way, Whitney and that cheating guy would drown (after the baby is born of course) and his wife would meet Prince Charming - Sulani style, of course, also a mature Prince, and sweep her off her feet πŸ˜„

    Sooo, I'll be waiting for that resolution. πŸ˜…

    In your new update.... Oh my 😳

    I'm not sure what to think about some of it, though I'm glad that Celia is (probably) pregnant.

    It concerns me that Kavani can't feel that though πŸ€”

    And as for poor Lia, I guess it's good that he married her, shows that he cares about the baby.

    But if there is already someone that he does love... I'm seeing Prince Charles and Diana here πŸ˜”

    I'm wondering why what Uku said aggravated Celia. Was it just because she could tell he was only there because he had to be?

    Anyway, I'm hoping I'm about to run into another update πŸ˜„


    Ahhhh πŸ˜”πŸ˜₯ I'm so sad about Johnny

    That would be my main reason for not getting seasons. Although I have a bunch more too, lol

    And now I'm endlessly thinking of who's life is going to drastically change besides Eliza's πŸ€”

    I hope there's another update.....


    Oh!! You use poses to do that! How cool!

    I don't use any mods, CC, poses, anything that isn't Maxis, and my game is still glitchy and slow.

    But that would be really nice to be able to do. 😊

    Your little kitten is so funny. He really does look like he's totally freaked out about those two kissing πŸ˜„


    Oh yeah πŸ˜… duh. I forgot that you were behind on your posts. Ok, then I have the right Rock family πŸ˜„

    The red romance bar with J has me thinking that MCCC must be driving this. I had Malcolm try to invite someone with whom he had a bit of a red green line, and she refused to come meet him.

    I like the sound of MCCC so much. And the versitility of it, I'm just pretty scared of what my dumb game will do with a mod in it.

    My game is getting worse πŸ˜”

    Thanks for your remarks on my Strangerville story. Penny does make some awesome faces. I'm glad I have her along πŸ˜… She's definitely the easiest to start flirtatious conversations with, because she has the "enchanting introduction" trait πŸ˜‚

    And Malcolm really looked like he wanted out of there, so, I went with that πŸ˜…

    I've really never played as Johnny, just enough to have him make a baby, show it off to people, and age up a toddler. The toddler trip he took the other day was the longest I've ever played him.

    I actually tried out "funny introduction" with him. I've never done it before. The toddlers seemed to love it.

    Idk, the entertainment career path really annoys me because they work nights, and his story is that he wants to be an entertainer. So he's sat alone in his trailer in every save in which I left in the pre-mades. Which isn't many lol.

    Your update is wonderful. Poor Alana 😒 I haven't seen a mom with tears in her eyes or a quivering lip yet. How awful.

    And amazing that Brock got assertive!

    But then we got to see his frustrated look again πŸ˜‚ Epic

    And Marissa is darling ❀️

    Allyson's reaction to Marissa is awesome. A smashed dollhouse! Nice! At least Alana can skill up in that area πŸ˜„

    Annoying that Brock's family didn't show up. How does that even happen? πŸ™„
    But her parent's visit was cute. And yay, new babies and kids for her! Poor women 😳

    I like how you threw in some info about Walter. He sounds angelic. Is that the toddler trait he had?

    I mean hey, he's smart enough to stay away from Max Villareal. That says it all.


    I've died and gone to heaven 😊 The kiss is an in game feature!!! 😘

    Lol that you have them pay insurance. Where does the money go?

    I really like playing realistically too. Like I have my Sims change their clothes everyday. But a lot of that is because I am endlessly photographing them πŸ˜…

    I did do that with one of my teen girls, as she grew older her hair continue to grow. When she became a young adult it was one of the longest hair styles. Funny thing is, I don't like her in the long hair, and I put her back in short hair now that she's grown up and engaged πŸ˜„

    Thank you for the links to your gallery, I will go and grab those in a moment!!

    And ..... your update just made me cry

    Holy cow. Go Tony! And Steve, you're the sweetest thing to ever live ❀️

    Ugh, I hate Nick!! I'm so glad that everyone went wild at Tony's heartfelt speech.

    And as absolutely darling as Peter is, I'm not sure that he should be a model or actor unless that's what they really want for him. Or what he really wants for himself, for that matter.

    The haircut scene is so cute, and the picture you have looking straight down at Peter is the cutest thing ever. He's looking up with his little pacifier. 😊

    Apparently Nick doesn't know a whole lot of little kids does he? "Get rid of that pacifier." You don't even want to know how old my boys were when I got their pacifiers away from them LOL!

    So anyway, of course my interest is extremely peaked! I can't wait to see what these guys decide to do next.
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  • SydneyIsJoySydneyIsJoy Posts: 81 Member
    I made a new sim to test out the story feature in today's patch.
    Her name is Alisa Marquez, she's very organized and diligent and loves talking to people. She also gardens and arranges flowers in her free time.
    Some neighbors came by to greet her (as per usual) and she spent the rest of the week working herself to death, the poor girl.
    However, when Love Day came along, Travis Scott paid her a visit and she decided to take her chances with him. Luckily for her, he was receptive.
    (he knows how much she likes flowers ;) )
    She's fallen head over heels and is spending almost all her time with him now.

    Alisa's aspiration is to be a super parent, maybe this is her chance, but we'll see...
    I've only been playing her for a bit, so hopefully, I'll have more to talk about in an update! :)
    If you wanna read about my families, you can check out my blog!
    (I'd really appreciate it C:)
  • DarkAngel1994DarkAngel1994 Posts: 575 Member

    A couple of short quick updates

    Kaloni moved in with her boyfriend, Alika, and Andres and Kai bought a new home, not too far from where Nani and Malia are.
    And also...

    Kai popped a question...

    ...and Andres accepted it. It's time for another wedding. :)
  • DoodlyDoofusDoodlyDoofus Posts: 662 Member
    So it's 'Murica day, a holiday where you usually get the day off....But this holiday doesn't appeal to Kala in the slightest since you know, half the stuff that's done on this holiday are done during the day. So might as well go to work and bring home some simoelons.
    Rainn: "So I had this weird dream last night."
    Anastasia: "What about?"
    Rainn: "Like.....our great Aunt was sleeping in the bed next to mine....but you know, she's dead."
    Wasn't a dream kiddo.
    One of the great things you do on 'Murica day is workout to your heart's content.
    Abraham: "Look at my endurance, look at it and cower in fear and insecurity."
    Meanwhile Abraham got a new sparring machine and gave it a makeover so when he remembers how the Mother Plant killed his mother and especially Bruce Willis he can take out his aggression on it. Here's Gunnar giving this machine a real beating. Abraham's still going to cry at their graves a lot though.
    Good news, Gunnar's ACTUALLY getting good decent at the guitar!
    Kala's home from work. She decided to work on her mixology skill.
    Kala: "That wine cost $1600."
    Vampire high five before the 'Murica Day party!
    Maggie: "Hey Kala, I like this entertainer you hired!"
    Zelda: "You're not getting rid of me THAT easily!"
    Sylvester Stallone: "Ey yo Abe this is a great party!"
    Sylvester: "But the Strangerville weather is awful."
    Surprise, Kala is pregnant.
    Kala: "Guess what honey, I'm pregnant! Isn't that wonderful?!"
    Abraham: "NO! We were just about to get some extra space when Gunnar moves out! I can't raise a kid now, I'm almost 50!"
    Well let's just say the entertainment was great for Abraham and his siblings....You know, because they get to see their mother again.
    Abraham: "Alright people, it's firework time! Everyone gather around to enjoy some pure 'MURICA!"
    And no one watched the Firework display.
    Here's where everyone was paying attention to.
    Sylvester: "Ey yo, this music really hits me harder than Drago ever did. It's beautiful."
    Abraham: "Yeah sure no problem everyone, I mean it's not like I spent $800 on Fireworks or anything."
    It's now midnight. So let's age up Gunnar.
    Gunnar: "Nice, I wonder where those bats came from!"
    Rainn's birthday too. Let's do it, friends.
    Now Rainn is a teenager.
    Yep, she's definitely a teenager now.
    Rainn: "Hey since I can use my vampire powers can you give me some training?"
    Gunnar: "I don't see why not."
    Gunnar: "Llawrednow sereh syawyna!"
    So let's have the cake then.
    Hmm, second thought, shouldn't have had the vampires eat the cake.
    Kala: "Hey mom guess what, I'm Pregnant again!"
    Hela: "What a coincidence, so am I!"
    Kala: "WHAT?!"
  • Becka28Becka28 Posts: 1,204 Member
    @AlwaysAsking I knew you would appreciate Brock being frustrated as much as me. He is so funny.
    Surprisingly, Walter was supposed to be a wild toddler (I used a trait randomiser), Allyson inquisitive and Marissa Fussy. Allyson was all 3 and the other 2 were mostly sweet and angelic. Child traits Walter social butterfly, Allyson rambunctious scamp.

    Allyson and Marissa age up - I thought there was a party but I have no screenshots. Not much story today. Apologise for high sweetness level only Allyson wants some drama in her life. So lots of family hugging.

    Quality time reading to Walter
    And praising him for his grades
    Age up time for Allyson & Marissa – (very rare moment of sisters getting on)
    Alana and Brock were the same as ever
    Poor man! Let him rest Alana!
    But it was at this moment that Allyson decided to deal with monsters under beds herself.
    They still follow each other and try to help out with chores.
    Brock continues to be charmed by his little girls.
    Even if Allyson still smashes the dollhouse regularly (causing Walter and Marissa to cry.)

    A date night at the crazy clothes restaurant + spas, not just for sleeping in.
    Led to the spa
    And Brock suggesting some things to Alana
    And some of the most hysterical animations in the game.
    She looks like she might have enjoyed it.
    Although Allyson has now been traumatised for life (she had come out to use the monkeybars)

  • mia_noelle97mia_noelle97 Posts: 156 Member
    Sorry I haven't been able to respond to mentions the past couple of days, I've been busy with my online classes. The good news is they end next week, so I'll have a little break before actual classes start back up again. Anyway, on to the update!

    Avery helped herself to some birthday cake for breakfast since she just aged up

    She then went to visit the new family that just moved in nearby, and they have a teenage son named Carter (more of lilsimsie's townies that I put in)

    She and Carter got along well and they ended up having their first kiss

    Avery also gave him a rose which he loved

    Carter showed her a funny video on his phone before she left

    It's Spooky Day! Even the toddlers celebrated. Here's Rachel and Abigail in their costumes.

    Beatrice (with Brooklynn in the background)




    And Parker

    Parker carved some pumpkins in the backyard

    When he was done with that he played some video games with Beatrice and Phoebe

    The next day, Beatrice didn't have work so she worked on her logic skill while the kids were at school

    The kids got home and did their homework at the dining table

    Carter came over later

    And then Avery went to her room to paint because she was feeling sad (she has the gloomy trait)

    Cindy wrote another song

    And it was time for Rachel and Abigail to age up! (also I have no idea why Rachel's so filthy, her hygiene bar was full)

    Here's Rachel:

    And Abigail:

  • AngeliqueAdelaideAngeliqueAdelaide Posts: 387 Member
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    Antoniette is wearing a typical festival outfit, something that would almost be okay if there weren't those horribly mismatched accessories.

    Too many babies :D
    Antoniette will be fine too, at the end of the day she is still a witch, even if she refuses to aknowledge it.
    I have aging off for everyone and age up the children when they max their childhood skills. But as my rotation is 10 households, it may get a bit messy. For example, Aedion should actually be about Cesare's and Rodrigo's age if not even slightly older, since they were born around the same time. But since I hadn't played him for ages, he is still a child and would likely continue to be so for some more time.
  • MorkovkaMorkovka Posts: 649 Member
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    Now that the shock, denial and confusion after the latest update has worn off I was able to do something coherent in my game.
    This is not actual gameplay, but I hope still qualifies for this thread, because it sure did happen in my game and nowhere else :)

    So first off, I created a new household using the new story mode: Mario and Dorothy Cortez.
    The quiz gave him Selvadoradan culture skill so I decided to play along with his origin, appearance and name.
    I have my played households focus around some aspect of the game, but all careers and related activities are already taken by my other Sims.
    So their path is simple - Elderhood! And part-time jobs, really wanted to use those.
    Aaaaand it's not until I changed Mario's career to Manual Laborer that I realised that I made THE MARIO (insert 1-Up Mushroom Sound here)
    ...and his princess Peach - not as peachy anymore though :)
    Dorothy is a waitress btw.
    They are all lovey-dovey and overall adorable Elders ^_^

    Then, due to some family circumstances (not necessarily tragic ones) their nephew Noah Meyer (really like this guy) moved in.
    Need to shake up that elderhood with some teen drama, right?

    Mario has also tried one of those odd jobs, which was realy... well, ODD!
    Eric Lewis asked for some seashells so that he could sell them on the seashore in a dress and a hat.
    Mario didn't find any so Eric hates him now.
    Still, I decided Eric deserves better.
    It's allright, friend, the world has changed since you were introduced, we have oceans now, no one will judge you!
    She sells seashells on the seashore. The shells she sells are seashells, I'm sure.

    Secondly, after a tremendous succes of one of my posts, my evil Sim - Gale Liu - found new purpose in life.
    A new society - Eyelluminateye - was born!
    Only Evil and Mean Sims are allowed and they all must wear the Eyeball Ring - I mean, if you can't fight or escape it, use it!
    Every other Sim with the ring I see is either a secret memeber or an aspiring poseur.
    What a fun bunch: Ward, Roswell, Iona, Villar... wait, where's Max? Ugh, teenagers, always skipping evil meetings.

    (Gale is going to angry poop I assume.)

    Makes is easier for your friendly neighbour Ezra Vatore to find food - he's a good vampire and only eats bad people.
  • RedDestiny92RedDestiny92 Posts: 5,781 Member
    @AlwaysAsking Don is supposed to be working I know but I wonder if he misses the free life since he only has Summer to go home to, though J is fishy it's like when someone does wrong and they can't handle it coming back to them. Even if Raj does nothing that idea may loosen J up in the worse way. George may be a little off but I think he may have feelings for Penny at least a little bit poor guy.

    It really is all wide eyed and bushy tailed lol.

    Mostly it was two different situations and mods that don't belong here...so yeah, maybe they will get what is coming with them though Mele may just let this be the end and stay happy single. Can't say much about that as I'm plotting what is to come of Celia and Kavani, Uku and Lia are okay, he doesn't love anyone or know anyone really Celia isn't the only one who could say she doesn't know of him. Celia wasn't aggravated Mele was and Lenani or however I spelled her name lol.
    @DoloresGrey What a sad end to such a nice family day makes one wonder how much he may care about the suffering Eliza now that she needs help.
    @Becka28 heh they did suit her didn't they? I don't know they do celebrate certain sick feelings.

    The move part was so busy I especially like Brock in the hospital sticking up for his wife and their moody little princess, perhaps if they had asked her what she thought about having a sister she would have changed her mind. Though she seems a lot like her mother, I think she's cute though. Poor Ally but she'll be okay she has such a loving family one day she'll convince herself it was just a dream and that'll be all she needs.
    @Morkovka well stay tuned maybe you'll like what comes next :smile:
    @Koteyka I don't care for his manager, though I love that pic of little Peter hugging his dad's leg, the haircuts were cute I think their little guy would make a nice child star at least for a little bit.

    Awesomes out I fell so far behind..
    Reddestiny921 on the gallery...still not sure if I capitalized the second d..lol
    Needed a new pic..

  • MidagereMidagere Posts: 66 Member
    Happy news today! Clarissa and Victor are going to be parents, Clarissa is pregnant. They couldn't just wait to meet their baby.

    And I keep having fun from their cat Errol. He just listens to Clarissa as she was explaining to him that she's going to have a child:

    And then Errol looks at Victor like: Dude what have you done to her

    Anyway, I couldn't just stop playing, you know that, so Clarissa is actually in her third trimester, which is the time I look at MCCC to see what gender the baby will be. A surprise came; it'll be twins. Double fun indeed.

    But I bet Errol already has nightmares about it. Just look at his face, I can't :lol:
    After all, He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named did great things. Terrible, yes. But great.
  • LyrieLyrie Posts: 545 Member
    edited July 2019
    Thank you all for all your comments!!! :)<3 Awesomes are out and everyone's updates continue to be amazing~

    And the Stone Story continues on....

    After such a rough night, Max did not get a lot of sleep mostly the newborn yes, but because of his own worries and fears and insecurities.

    "What am I going to do? How do I tell Mckenna or Lilith? anyone else? 🌺🌺🌺🌺, 🌺🌺🌺🌺, 🌺🌺🌺🌺."

    Those were just some worries, money and actually taking care of the teeny infant also endlessly patrolled his mind.

    Not able to sleep, Max went out and turn the TV on low, but could not pay attention. Everything became to much and its say breakout and that could be true but I say more breakdown, as reality hit.

    Hearing the increasing fusses of his daughter, Max had to pull it together and hastily and sloppily put together a baby bottle, poor guy looks so confused at what to do.

    He managed however, he managed a nap or two as the sun came up higher and then he had to tell Mckenna. Needless to say, she was shocked beyond words and then she turned and left, not a word. Wide-eyed Max followed (scooping up the baby of course) and they went right to Bren's apartment.

    Things did not go well there. Things got physical really quick.

    And Bren straight up attacked Mckenna when her back was turned, it look bad at the start, but Mckenna won out on the fight. I don't even know what she was trying to gain....? Maybe just that, a fight.

    Some time passed after this and the twins struggled with the reality and lack of sleep. (Lilith was still staying with Gianna)

    Max tried very hard to be a good dad doing his best for his still nameless daughter, he just had no clue what to name her. He did know, he loved her though. He still had no idea what to say on social media but friends were starting to worry so he just put, he was busy, not a lie, he was!

    Mckenna, was not taking the additional mouth to feed that was her niece all that well, now she by no means hated a infant, but..... it was a curve ball and hard to process and accept into their lives. So many simoleons, gone on formula, diapers, a bill from doctor checkup.... it was a lot. With her face flushed with frustration, she tried to soothe the baby while Max got all of the changing supplies out.

    "I know what everyone needs, I know what you need right now, but what about in 2months? 4 years? Y-You scare me, and I hate that. But.... I don't hate you, I can't. Your dad and me have been hated for just existing, its not your fault."

    IF only Mckenna could see Lilith was a victim of that by her own mouth and hands......

    Maybe she would?

    Is that Max in the closet with another hook up? Or Did Lilith come home and is hiding?

    It's Mckenna....

    News traveled and since Max had not been near social media in a while, he only found out during his shift overhearing costumers he was serving. Something about watching tempers or ending up like that girl.

    It turns out Brenda Wilkins had been so furious about Mckenna, losing the fight etc, her hot-hotheadedness and inability to calm down, had made her so enraged, she died of a massive heart attack at 17. Her roommate found her.

    After Mckenna heard this... she did not blame herself, not really, Bren had initiated it all, BUT. She did acknowledge her role, seeking Bren out in anger, fighting her not just off but full force back.

    It scared her, frightened her, that her own actions had affects on other people, she was not a killer by no means, but there was a different pathway that could have been taken that day.

    It made her reflect on what her own anger issues could do to herself and others, especially Lilith.

    The reflections she saw, were not pretty.... and caused her to rush into the closet and cry. Mckenna rarely cries and that is a major problem, she had a lot to let out.

    She had a lot to come to terms with.

    Who knows if she could? Would? But one good thing came out of this even if Brenda was not the best, death was a heavy price to pay and the weight of that knowledge forced Mckenna, to deal with her own anger, even if it was just not attacking people anymore and doing exercises instead.

    That day, she vowed never to attack or hit another person, she made a vow, to not attack Lilith physically, just leave her alone.

    While her sister was away, Mckenna started working on this, she had done it for her twin, mostly to placid him, but now she did it for herself, for her inner self, for Lilith.

    It would fix very little between them.

    But for now, it was a step in the right direction.

    That is all for now :)
    PS. I will get mentions soon again!~ Life is busy, also Bren dying was game mechanic I wassss shocked! So I had to do something with it, at least it helped Mckenna not attack her sister or anyone anymore.
    PSS. The exercise vids from Fitness Stuff I really enjoy, have not seen the dance one yet though
  • HillyBethHillyBeth Posts: 2,486 Member
    I started a new save with a sim I made with the Story Creator in CAS. Her name is Victoria Ellsworth and she's a painter. Her traits are Family-Oriented, Cheerful, and Creative. She's actually falling for San Myshuno native Salim Benali! They're now living together, but are still just room mates.

    Salim's before and after shots

    Selfie with Victoria
    Origin ID
    Sims 3 Username
    P.A.C.E- Positive Attitude Changes Everything
  • sofasimsofasim Posts: 125 Member
    I wanted to do the "Breed out the ugly challenge" and downloaded a sim I found under that hashtag. Put her in the game and thought I should just get started as soon as possible and I have never had more trouble getting a flirt going. She keeps getting rejected by everyone, EVEN Don Lothario -.- I gave up for today I will try a different approach tomorrow
  • SimTrippySimTrippy Posts: 6,562 Member
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    Koteyka wrote: Β»
    They will always cherish and remember all of those wonderful times they had on Sulani.

    P.S If anyone here for whatever reason needs a bunch of photos with random sims (I just know I could use some in my new saves) I could totally upload these on the gallery :)

    @Koteyka That photo wall is divine!! I love it <3

    @BMSO the work you did on recreating those chars is quite impressive :astonished: nice job!

    @AlwaysAsking I just can't get enough of Strangerville stories <3 love your sims!

    @RedDestiny92 poor Mele :( I hope she won't be losing her hubby over Whitney. Too bad pregnancies can't fail in TS huh :sweat_smile: I do like how you're not having Celia and Kavani tie the knot just yet (or ever??) - I'd be having such a hard time with that. But those characters <3 a petal for his petal :D it's just adorable!!
  • PrincessAmyPrincessAmy Posts: 225 Member
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    Hello everyone!

    I know that I have dissapeared for a very long time! I had to because of College work to get into my dream university (which I am waiting for results from!) I have also completely moved houses to a nicer and better home (I love my new home!) as well to live in the same city as my boyfriend!

    I am also super excited as I have received a big smart TV as a gift and The Sims 4 on it (I play on console!) Will be so fun!

    I am not able to afford Island Living yet but I am getting it next month as a birthday gift! I did get two packs on sale lately! StrangerVille and Backyard Stuff. I really am enjoying StrangerVille! I made a whole new file for it with a new character named Lana that will try and solve the StrangerVille mystery, I will show screenshots over time here and I will put in spoilers the ones that contain spoilers of course! In this post there aren't any spoilers as I just started the game!

    I am sorry that there isn't a lot of pictures I actually don't have internet in my new home yet so I am only using mobile data which is quick but I need to be careful to not use too much and hotspots which are slow!

    I am so creeped out by the strange messages I have been getting in this font in StrangerVille haha

    The welcome wagon that has come! Lana was actually terrified.. they gave her fruitcake but I made her throw it away. I had a bad feeling about the fruitcake!

    Another creepy message I got this one was the scariest!

    JXKzBbU.jpg Lana is never using a fridge again in this town haha ! I'm too scared!

    I did find this Sim is this a glitch or intended!?
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    I’m just sharing another build of mine, as I don’t have anything else uploaded to Imgur to share yet πŸ˜‰

    This is β€œMy Tiny Houseboat” It’s another build I did when I first got the game, and only had the base game and Cats and Dogs. Raj Khemlani, from the Sims 4 Arrival trailer, is our guided tour director πŸ˜‚

    This is a shot of the whole lot. Please note 2 things on the right side of the picture, the sidewalk that goes along the lot, and the anchor β€œstatue” that’s located in the bottom right hand corner.


    Here’s Raj standing on the back deck of his houseboat (but I think it’s the front of the lot the way I have it placed here).


    One of the gardens on the β€œlake”


    The front of the houseboat, notice Raj all ready to jump in and swim?


    A closer view so you can see more of the gardens, and see the pier better


    So, here’s Raj taking his early morning swim past the side of the houseboat, so you can see the porthole windows and nets of buoys! Thank you Raj!


    He’s about to climb out of the water, you can kind of see him down to the right of the chess table


    And now he’s out of the water, so that he can stand in front of the anchor statue I’d clicked on, and told him to β€œview” so that I could take a picture of it. He’s staring at the water I think. πŸ€”


    I just wanted to let you know that walking a few feet on his pier, to get to the sidewalk, to walk to the anchor, was too much work for him. He had to jump in and swim there instead πŸ™„ πŸ˜‚ The joys of spinning between clothing choices 😊

    Now he’s showing off his nonexistent culinary skills so you can see his marvelous kitchen area 😜


    And his β€œdining area”


    On to his TV area


    His friend, I think her name is Kalista (?) helps him show off his sleeping area. Only from the couch though!! J is his true love πŸ˜‚


    And a better view of the kitchen and dining area all in one shot πŸ˜†


    Last: overall shots of the interior of the houseboat 😊



    Thank you! I hope you’ve enjoyed your guided tour πŸ™

    Gallery ID is ARIANNANEAL
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    @PrincessAmy it's from broken cas cc
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    sofasim wrote: Β»
    @PrincessAmy it's from broken cas cc

    I use console and mods aren't available on PS4 so I have never downloaded anything >~<
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    Ok, I'm desperately hoping that I've covered all of my mentions πŸ˜…

    I'm going back through again now to comment on all the new updates!


    Tee hee hee, you know me too well. I don't know if any of my Sims do that, and I haven't played him enough in my game to see if he does it there πŸ˜„

    And wow, Walter had the wild trait? Jasper's niece has it and she's a holy terror. She reminds me of my own daughter, who has ADHD pretty badly. Always running around naked and bossing people around and getting mad at the littlest things. But yeah, sounds like you got it all in Allyson πŸ˜„

    Your update is cute 😊

    I did notice that none of the kids got Brock's hair color though. πŸ€” I wonder why.

    Do you know if the "read to child" interaction that Alana is doing with Walter is the one that causes so many problems for some people? They can't get the "best parent" type aspiration complete because they can't read to their child.

    What aspiration is Alana going for these days? Also, Walter might be so well behaved because she praises him, but I'm not sure, because I have the parenting pack and that might be different.

    Allyson and Marissa are very cute 😊 It's too bad they don't get along more often.

    I totally love your πŸ˜„πŸ˜Š scene with Brock passed out. Not only alluding to it being Alana's fault (lol!) but also that Allyson turns around and walks away. Did she actually take care of the monster?

    Seriously, I don't know how to deal with that thing. I have to make my children's rooms big enough for double beds because I refuse to deal with that πŸ˜‚

    What is the crazy clothes restaurant? I mean, does it change your Sims clothes, or the other patrons wear crazy clothes.

    And yeah, I really think that I'm going to get the pack with the hot tub next. It was fun in Sims 2 and I miss it. Although I'll bet Allyson wishes that you never bought that pack πŸ˜…πŸ˜‚


    Lol, ok, if she's a witch I guess she's got it covered. I think I would play kids the same way if I ever played my families with kids. I always play with aging off, and lately I only play Ian and Lawrence, or Jasper and Laney. No kids involved there. πŸ˜„

    Hopefully you can catch Aedion up one of these days.

    I actually cheated with some of the toddlers in my game with aging on. I moved 4 toddlers and their moms in together for a few days, and had the moms take turns taking vacation days so that all of the tots could learn toddler skills at the same time. Those were the Willow Creek ones. I'm going to do it with the San Myshuno ones too. I am rapidly running out of time. Although I turned aging off while Malcolm did the Strangerville mystery.


    Don is doing a lot more work than J is πŸ˜… More than Malcolm too, but that's not really Malcolm's fault. Penny outstrips them all though.

    And yeah, I imagine that J is thinking about things he did when his lovers were away from him.

    Personally, I find that real life people who are cheaters seem to see it in other people much more. Even when all evidence is to the contrary. πŸ™„

    And ok, I miss read your meaning about who was aggravated. It makes more sense now.

    I have to say that I agree with the ones who say there's no reason to rush into marriage. Plenty of parents are not married to each other. But at least he's not in love with anyone else. Phew!

    It could easily turn into love, I hear that happens with arranged marriages πŸ€”

    And yes, I'm very interested to see what happens with Whitney and the cheater and his innocent wife. Also Celia and Kavani πŸ˜„


    Thanks! I'm having a lot of fun with this Strangerville run through. The first time was harder because I had no idea what I was doing, lol.


    Gallery ID is ARIANNANEAL
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    I found this on Crinrict's Help Blog

    Some CC like eye-lashes, skins, makeup or textures can cause this issue.
    This issue can occur if the setting for Sims in the options is set to high or lower. This happens mostly for scout uniforms.

    Remove all incompatible mods and CC and delete your cache files. Some stuff might already be updated so check the site of the creator to see if there’s a compatible version.
    Put the settings for Sims in your game options on Very High.

    I couldn't find anything else and I'm not a Console player so I don't know if graphics can be changed at all. If not you'll need to file a bug report here: https://answers.ea.com/t5/Bug-Reports/bd-p/The-Sims-4-Bugs
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    sofasim wrote: Β»
    I found this on Crinrict's Help Blog

    Some CC like eye-lashes, skins, makeup or textures can cause this issue.
    This issue can occur if the setting for Sims in the options is set to high or lower. This happens mostly for scout uniforms.

    Remove all incompatible mods and CC and delete your cache files. Some stuff might already be updated so check the site of the creator to see if there’s a compatible version.
    Put the settings for Sims in your game options on Very High.

    I couldn't find anything else and I'm not a Console player so I don't know if graphics can be changed at all. If not you'll need to file a bug report here: https://answers.ea.com/t5/Bug-Reports/bd-p/The-Sims-4-Bugs

    Nope settings cannot be changed in the PlayStation version at all and all settings on the PS4 are on "Ultra", thank you for the link!
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    @Tixyen Ah poor Max I think he'll figure it out at least he's prepared to try, Bren got her just desserts I suppose, it's hard to take care of a newborn but I hope one day Mckenna will she did the right thing helping out. I like those vids too but I often forget I have access to them :smiley: .
    @SimTrippy Mele is very outspoken and has more backbone than i may seem, perhaps Alika knows this and would rather hide than give her the freedom to leave. That is to say she'd be better off without him, ha it is hard I want to get them married but not time yet. Glad you liked the cheese he does adore the forever out of her hehe.
    @AlwaysAsking that's such a pretty build and so creative I think I'd be busy thinking about expanding it for pets or babies or both lol, Malcolm will probably catch up but at least they have Don and Penny for that. Yeah it's real common the wrongdoers obsessing over what isn't being done to them but thinking it'll happen it is it's own bit of karma I suppose. Mmhmm I should tag more probably lol, but yeah Celia is fine, Mele not so much I don't know if he would know what to do with himself if there was someone else. He's a chill loner type I'd think, they have time enough for love to grow, I'm looking forward to getting back to it. Though haven't done much playing been tired, it's super hot here even clouds and rain don't give much of a break but I got a little done elsewhere after the patch.

    Awesomes out and such, so I played a little more though still tired meh, gotta look for bugs I saw a couple, like a sim getting out of the bath and just standing there switching between tthe buff and his clothes when directed to deal with a toddler and said toddler being unable to drink from a sippy cup. Minor enough for me but noticed it.

    I got rid of the in game Bob and Eliza and got the version with Iggy then gave them a makeover, he's quite happy it's just the three of them.
    Of course things don't always stay that way, love Bob's face.

    "Another one? Already?" heh since the save is brand new and is on long Iggy won't be a kid till spring so it's technically pretty soon.

    "Hush I didn't make the baby by myself...so be happy before I kick you in front of our son." don't mess with expectant mamas...lol.

    Also they don't have much as I didn't cheat any money and what they have I'm saving for bills, I also moved Bob to a fast food job since he doesn' do so well....usually...anywhere, I'll have Eliza paintt but that may take some time to pay off.
    Iggy is left wondering why he's alone, why mommy and daddy are unhappy and where the baby is coming from they were going on about, it's best when it's just them isn't it?
    Reddestiny921 on the gallery...still not sure if I capitalized the second d..lol
    Needed a new pic..

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    @PrincessAmy yeah that sim is a glitch. I've experienced it in my game once as well :) No mods, no cc in my game.
    @AlwaysAsking Oh my gosh the build is absolutely perfect! I love how you used the white lampions on the back porch. It is beautiful!
    @RedDestiny92 hahah yeah Bob is such a horrible and terrible cook!
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    @Midagere Errol's face is priceless indeed, tho he always looks a bit shocked - what are his traits? :)

    @Tixyen Kinda glad Bren ended up victim of her own spitefulness. Evil me >:)

    @PrincessAmy This is the best welcome wagon I've seen! Cracks me up so much :)))

    @AlwaysAsking Wow, the build is beautiful! Dunno why it gives me old 2D fantasy games vibe. Didn't notice the pier at first and thought you need to swim to get mail or go to work :D
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    I'm loving your Sulani story. I'm glad Andres and Kai hit it off so well together right away, and that the fact that he's a merman didn't bother Andres!

    I felt sorry for Kalini, especially when she lost that fight after that horrible woman who so rude to her! 😠

    But wow! Alika tuned out to be a great guy! I hope he stays that way 😊

    Oh, I see that things progressed! The boys are engaged ❀️ and Kaloni is living with Alika 😊


    Lol, I had no idea that you could use a pool that way πŸ˜…


    Lol, I'm glad you're getting your worlds done! So much work!

    Jesper and Anika are so funny, endlessly waiting for the baby to come 😊

    What trait did you give Daan? Lol, I'm just wondering how a toddler acts weird. πŸ˜„

    Nathan is cute! And yes, I often move grandparents in to help with infants and toddlers

    The archeology class is a great idea! I hope you can really make it work 😊


    I can't get over how much Abraham cries about Bruce and Zelda πŸ˜…

    Is that normal? I've never let anyone die in my saves yet, so I've no idea. πŸ˜„


    I'm so glad that Roddy ended up loving Sophia! When my second son was born, my older son was almost 7 and wasn't upset about it, but the little guy's first word was definitely his big brother's name. 😊

    Your whole family is so sweet together. It's nice to see that.

    @Nindigo, I can't remember if I commented on your "Talk like a pirate" post, but if I did, it's worth mentioning twice πŸ˜… It's so awesome!

    Is that a real thing in the game? Like from Seasons? I know it's a real thing in real life, because it's September 19th, my dad's birthday lol.


    Alisa turned out very well from the new story feature!

    So funny that she fell so hard for Travis Scott. He never gets any attention in my saves, but he certainly seems nice .

    Do you know if that story feature actually only works in new saves? I've read it two different ways now, but when I tried it in a current save it certainly didn't work, which is highly annoying.


    Awww, your little family is adorable. Avery and Carter do seem to be hitting it off very well. the spooky day costumes are great, I especially love Avery's!

    Rachel and Abigail both aged up so cute! ❀️ I always love that outfit that Rachel is wearing.


    Oh my God I lmao at your whole update. Seriously I don't know what is the best! Mario and Dorothy Cortez with the 1-up mushroom sound πŸ˜‚

    Eric Lewis's completely awesome outfit on the beach! πŸ˜…

    Or the new society: eyelluminateye 🀣 Those rings are seriously so horrible, I'm glad you finally found a use for them. Now I will know that all those townies wearing those horrible rings are all posers 😁

    And isn't it wonderful news for Ezra Vatore πŸ˜…

    Thank you for mentioning my little houseboat 😊 I don't know too much about old 2D fantasy games, because I never really played any video games before the Sims.

    Although certainly my children played a lot of games πŸ€” I ought to be able to think of something πŸ˜…

    Anyway, yeah, there is a pier πŸ˜‚ It was kind of hard to get it to work, because the things that I had enlarged and put in the water underneath it made the Sims unable to walk across it πŸ™„

    Last.... Do you think it is only possible to use the new Story Creator in new saves? I swear that when I read about it it said that if you even added a Sim to one of your existing households you could create the Sim that way. It certainly didn't work that way for me


    Hey! congratulations to Clarissa and Victor!

    And I bet the look that Errol is giving Victor is pretty awesome.

    It certainly is great in the last picture πŸ˜‚


    Wow, it was good to see so much soul searching in your update.

    And I can certainly see the reason for McKenna's. What an absolute shock that Brenda died from a heart attack at 17!

    It would certainly be wonderful if this truly makes McKenna change the way she handles her anger, especially with Lilith.

    I didn't realize that Sims ran into that closet to cry. I haven't used it in any of my households that I play regularly. So it's good for more than just woohoo? 😁

    Poor Max, he certainly is trying his best. Not fun to be a tired hungry teenaged father on the edge of a breakdown!

    I'm glad that they are both realizing that it's not the baby's fault that she is there, and that they will never treat her the way their mother treated them.

    And now I want to know what Max is going to name his baby! πŸ˜…


    Awww, Victoria is very pretty and she ended up with some great traits.

    I can see where it would be easy to fall for Salim, except I certainly hope that they didn't move into his apartment together!! 😳

    He does look wonderful in his makeover 😊

    And ... I'm just going to keep asking people this question LOL. Do you think it is only possible to use the new Story Creator in new saves?


    I have often wondered about that. It never seems as if looks has anything to do with whether Sims will get along together, especially romantically.

    Please keep me posted if you are able to get her together with anyone.


    Congratulations on your move to a nicer home closer to your boyfriend 😊 & I hope you get into your dream University!

    The messages that you are getting in your strangerville save are crazy. Especially the one about the refrigerator. I had seen the others but I've never seen that one!

    And I think you are right about the fruitcake LOL, I always throw away any welcome wagon fruit cake, even if the people bringing it aren't weird zombie people πŸ˜‚

    Nine times out of ten it has given my Sims a stomach ache and an uncomfortable moodlet for at least 2 hours πŸ™„

    And wow, that guy is really creepy looking, but I don't think it was intended, at least I certainly never saw anyone like that!


    Lol, you would think about expanding it for pets or babies right away wouldn't you πŸ˜…

    The only way to do that would be to put it on a much much much bigger lot. lol

    I'm sorry to hear that it's too hot there to get anything done, I know the feeling, although it's not that hot this far north very often. But when it is... yuck.

    Where does that Bob and Eliza Pancakes family come from? Is it also an official family? The little guy looks pretty cute!

    It is always fun trying to play a family without cheating for money. That's the way I always used to play, but now that I'm playing more for taking pictures and such, I am not so particular about using the free real estate cheat.

    @DoloresGrey Thanks! I'm glad you think it's pretty! I was so excited when I discovered the move objects cheat that I went crazy making ponds etc with flowers around them. :smiley:

    Gallery ID is ARIANNANEAL
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