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Wish List Packs

IceColdPainIceColdPain Posts: 35 Member
edited June 2019 in The Sims 4 Ideas Corner
First, thank you to the sims team for making wonderful content, and I hope you continue to do so.

Here's a list of what I want:

Winter Vacation/ World
-I want to ski and do other snow things, maybe some natural hot springs, and new Northern foods/traditions
-Caves, I want to fall threw a cave and find a Yeti, who saves me /playable Yeti's

-A world that's very forestry and earthy. Comes with new jobs like firefighter, Gem hunter, test subject

-5 super powers, that you have to be born with (no idea what the powers would be)
-Chance to be good or bad

Alien World/Future World
-Livable world with mostly Aliens (or out in the open aliens)!, new holidays, new cultures, new foods and fashions
-possibility to make and build robots/spaceships
-new alien looking pets

-New animals that product goods, but do not take up household slots
-Chickens (roaming or in coop), goats, sheep, cow, llama, horse
-new hobbies like, canning, making sweaters as gifts, and possibly selling/buying animals at auction
-new plants, more foods that take and use plant inventory (the more you make the more it takes)
-stand out by your house that you can put fresh goods at and people can walk past and buy it
-farmers market and swap meets

Other Occults
-Fairies with their own world, a swim able hidden waterfall
-Ghosts that you can choose to play when your sim dies, but more so in a stuff pack
-Genies with their own world, or from a vacation spot that you can cave hunt in and find a lamp
-bonehilda and other NPC skeletons as servants (like postmen)

University (not as high on my list)
-College, classes that turn into careers
-other types of schools for kids, send your kids off to a military school, or art school, or let them get a GED, or homeschooling
-Jobs, that actually use your degree

Greece/Italian/Venice type world
-swimmable ocean/water
-artsy world
-new foods

Stuff Pack Ideas
-Music Class - a lot more instruments, careers in music like symphonies, or a rock band
-Get Cooked - you can now take cooking classes, become world famous for cooking, make a cooking show ect

Please tell me what you would want/add to these or your own :)


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    Briana2425Briana2425 Posts: 3,646 Member
    University/School (Very High on my list.)
    Because for one I miss University and two I miss school for teens and kids like in the sims 3 game play they had field trips prom graduation etc.
    Generations (Very high on my list as well.) I want more variety of weddings (bachelor/bachelorette party and bday, baby showers, and funerals with inheritance I also would want another life stage Preteen in the generation or even school pack.
    Amusement park like have a fun day at an amusement park with the Sims go on roller coaster, play carnival games, photo booth.
    Sport Day stuff pack includes Baseball, football, martial arts, ballet, cheerleading, and tennis and etc.
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    PatricePatrice Posts: 361 Member
    Morning Simmers! i'm with you IceColdPain on your farming wish list, i've been wanting a farm pack for a long time, and i also like your Winter vacation world pack, it would be cool to see our sims ski! have a great day :)
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    Blaze_BardBlaze_Bard Posts: 93 Member
    I second the werewolves idea.

    More after-school activities for kids and teens. Also, if and when we get a University pack, doing well at after-school activities as well as getting good grades would increase the chances of a college-bound Sim receiving scholarships and/or financial aid. On the topic of school, I wouldn't mind it if we had the option to follow our Child and Teen Sims to grade school and high school like an active career. I also wouldn't mind it if our Sims could homeschool their kids or send their kids to private school.

    Battle of the Bands pack. More instruments, and Sims can be in bands for different genres of music -- rock, pop, country, classical, etc. Since we have the Kids music genre with base game and the Tween Pop genre with Kids Room Stuff, and since the kids' channel on our Sims' TVs has a show with a bunch of Sims 3 kids playing musical instruments, it would be cool if Child Sims could play in a Kids music or Tween Pop band. There could also be concert events for bands to perform at, or battle of the bands events for bands to compete in. If you have Get Famous, performing with a band and/or competing in a battle of the bands would increase your Sims' fame.
    "Good night -- even if you don't have a good knight." -- Ace Niles, Space Case
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    IceColdPainIceColdPain Posts: 35 Member
    I just remembered something else I would want,

    Midieval World
    -Castle, and other old timey things.
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    ListentoToppDoggListentoToppDogg Posts: 2,103 Member
    Copy-paste from another thread. Only one pack on my wish list.
    Generations type pack. I want a huge focus on the neglected life stages: babies-teens and elders. Ideally, before this pack released there'd be an update for babies that upgrades them into an actual lifestage, gives them some CAS and BB related items.

    For babies: Lots of CAS, BB such as cribs, toys, playmats, playpens, carseats, baby chairs, changing tables, strollers etc; and new interactions with siblings and parents, like peek-a-boo.
    For toddlers: Lots of new CAS, strollers, new toys, interactions with babies like trying to talk to them or teach them to crawl. Arts and crafts like finger paints, coloring books, clay, etc. Lots of toys they can play with with babies.
    For kids: New CAS, new toys and games for them to play, new interactions with babies, toddlers and other kids. Bikes, roller skates and skateboards. Events like sleepovers. Games like tag. I'd also like the ability to build a treehouse, similar to the way rockets in game are built over a long period of time before becoming usable.
    For teens: New CAS, learning how to drive, more parties, group dates, more jobs.
    Elders:A new section in CAS dedicated specifically to elders. New CAS, objects such as canes, walkers, rocking chairs, knitting, etc. Bingo and other games.

    This pack would also add new television channels for babies and toddlers, new kids movies, and teen movies.
    New rabbithole activities like going to the movies, going to the zoo, going to the aquarium, going to a theme park, etc would be included.
    New park and sports equipment like sandboxes, slides for kids, large jungle gyms, soccer goals, tennis, football, etc.
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    AncientcivAncientciv Posts: 55 Member
    I would love an alien world and a space station world.
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    ImarifImarif Posts: 5 New Member
    Hi all simmer, i just hope next update is Update base game The Sims 4 likes The Sims 2 :-
    i) Preparing a meal = Sims can use a spoon, fork, spatula, pan etc. Therefore, they can use those utensils from counter/cabinet like in Sims 2 while cooking.
    ii) Serve a meal after Cooking = Sims can serve their meal after finishing cooking.
    iii) Can buy groceries and stock up to fridge.
    iv) Can Travel using a taxi..
    v) Can call gardener service for garden in sims house.
    #it's will be more realistic for the sims 4..
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    ImarifImarif Posts: 5 New Member
    Suggetion Update base game The Sims 4 like The Sims 2 :-
    i) Preparing a meal = Sims can use a spoon, fork, spatula, pan etc. Therefore, they can use those utensils from counter/cabinet like in Sims 2 while cooking. You can watch "TS2 prepare a meal" on youtube.
    ii) We can buy groceries and stock up to fridge.
    iii) We can Travel using a taxi..
    iv) We can call gardener service for gardening in sims house. Sims can trim the leaves and flowers like TS2.
    #it's will be more realistic for the sims 4..
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    melissaleone3melissaleone3 Posts: 9 New Member
    I thinking running a Bed & Breakfast would be awesome business addition! One that includes a small restaurant and bar where guests can dine as well as run room service, housekeeping, etc. With a room or detached living space that the sim/owner & spouse can live in as well and team up to run the Inn together.
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    thatsnotswegthatsnotsweg Posts: 697 Member
    edited June 2019
    A pack that lets us play more instruments, rap, and form a band.
    An "Into The Future" styled pack with sustainable living as a focus (and unsustainable living to counter it) with a solarpunk aesthetic.
    Elders pack with mini golf, croquet, and synchronized swimming.

    In no particular order. There's probably more that I want if I think about it.
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    amber_ilumireamber_ilumire Posts: 1,714 Member
    I just need werewolves, witches, university and some sort of hobbies / recreation-themed pack and I’ll be absolutely satisfied. Or another vacation world game pack.
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    CaityTrinaCaityTrina Posts: 555 Member
    edited June 2019
    Get to School (university, boarding school, private school)
    Past times (hobbies like freetime meets generations, this would be a good pack to patch club activities for kids from other packs, like a basketball activity (cl), chess club (bg), cheerleaders (bg), football (bg), so many skills could get activities similar to drama/scouts)

    Game packs
    Winter wonderland (winter holiday destination)
    Hotel Management (running hotels and resorts)
    Dream Romance (romance update, turn ons/offs, chemistry system, table proposal, crushes
    - wedding upgrade: ring system, furniture which you can change colors on to customize a venue for a couple, anniversary system, bachelor/hen party, engagement party, honeymoon)
    Small pets (turtle, lizard, bird, ants, and ability to run a pet store)

    Stuff packs
    Teen stuff
    Used stuff - I want some objects at super affordable prices, so the idea of the items being used could justify a small price, could come with the ability to start a home store (not like open for business but like mail order SimBay or Etsy). It'd make sense to partner with Oxfam or another charity for this and donate some the proceeds
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    Atreya33Atreya33 Posts: 4,468 Member
    I would love to finally have

    - werewolves with a forest world and interactive with vampires and whatever magic we get this fall
    - futuristic pack, preferably with robots
    - hotels which we can enter and play, similar to restaurants

    These are very high on my list but I would also appreciate :

    - winter vacation world with skiing, a mountain top to visit,...
    - tropical vacation world (alternatively the ability to place rentals in Sulani would do for this one )
    - medieval themed world with old school alternatives for modern day appliances. (mechanical music box instead of a radio, writing a book with actual writing on paper,...)
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    SimsterLivSimsterLiv Posts: 92 Member
    edited July 2019
    omg a genie occult would be awesome. i know we got the movie hangout pack but we need more things like this. and it could be like an indian themed world inspired by aladdin YES
    oh and magical flying carpets.
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    LuvleighLuvleigh Posts: 2 New Member
    -I'd really like to see birth signs brought into the game, but an original sims version of birth signs and not the zodiac sign. Each sign will come with traits that is unique to that sign alone the player can pick from mMaking the sim character have 5 traits now instead of 3.

    -Werewolves, but this type of occult sim would shape-shift in another animal such as a Rabbit, Owl, Seahorse, Dragon or something instead of just a werewolf.
    This occult sim type would be able transform at anytime, but will prefer night or day depending on the animal being nocturnal or diurnal which does effect the sim everyday life if the sim is nocturnal but has to work in the day and visa versa.
    However, they can drink a special potion, seek a sim with certain magical abilities or medical careers, or simply buy/order a cure on a device.
    After the sim is cured it will no longer alter into their inner animal, however though cured or not their children may possibly shape-shift too.
    In create-a-sim you can pick your inner animal and if it's a blessing or curse.
    They'd also age like a regular sim.

    -Genie occult sim would be neat.
    The Genie lamp could be bought/ordered, found or gifted. Their can be one owner, and only be a non-occult sim.
    Children-Elders can have a lamp, and can only have one lamp at a time.
    Depending on the the friendship (and/or romance) the Genie can give good luck, bad luck, wishes and curses but there could be a chance that the gift/curse wont alway be in your favor in the end and a lesson is learned.
    If/when the friendship is at certain point, the human sim can give the Genie the choice to be set free. Thus the Genie would lose all (if born Genie only some) abilities but their offspring have the chance of being a Genie regardless.
    And in create-a-sim you can simply make a genie, and live inside their lamp as home.
    They age much slower than any other occult sim during their young adult-adult stage, but if set free during this age they'd age a bit slower then non-occults.

    -The Witch sim should have the ability to be known as good or bad, should have their own unique powers that the player can choose from. Form covens with other witches in the worlds, create unique spells that'll would either work, backfire or simply not have any effect at all when cast. A pet familiar and the ability to use a broomstick/mop also. Witches can only give up their supernatural gifts, None and nothing can cure them from their powers, only personal choice.
    Yet all the children born to witches are witches until they are old enough to be released from the family curse at their own want.

    -Monarch Career would be interesting.
    The sim would have to unlock and discover a few things in a quest-job.
    After achieving Monarch title your sim will be the ruler of the worlds.
    Anyone related to this sim is now be famous, and their children will born automatically famous at birth, while spouses automatically are famous after enter a relationship or marriage.
    The Royal sim can be known for different types of ruling, and dethroned if disliked or mourned for in a public feast.
    The Royal sim can renounce their titles but the fame would be the same as a celebrity.

    -A Beautician/tattooist career
    New hair styles (not the same hairstyle twice), make-up, tattoos, jewellery and clothes.
    A better selection of hair colors and option of dying/streaking/etc to your liking.

    -20'sFlapper style of clothes and hair. Art Deco themed furniture.

    -Superhero/heroine career
    Your sim can join a force, be approached or discover their superhero. There would be a selection of abilities to pick from, and one weakness. Their would also be a villain that your sim has to defeat to become an international Superhero/heroine

    Those are just some thoughts and ideas..Oh, one last thing I'd like to see is twin siblings being noted as a twin. It's just something that I've wondered about is why twin sims aren't known as a twin. :/
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    LeelathesimLeelathesim Posts: 25 Member
    I would love to have supernatural again! I loved having fairies so much and I think with the sims 4 graphics they would look amazing. Really any of the ones from the sims 3 supernatural would look so good.

    Some more stuff with babies would be a really great thing too.

    I don't know if it necessarily needs to be a pack (should be base game if added tbh) but the pack in my head would be Going Up and Down pack. With all sorts of stairs like spiral, L-stairs, curved stairs. Also elevators, escalators, Fireman poles, and ladders! Especially ladders and spiral staircases! I like making tiny houses and those would be major space savers!
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    jimjam1009jimjam1009 Posts: 165 Member
    I want Werewolves so bad, they’re soooo awesome and I need them in my game. I’d love to have a heavily woodsy world will so many new collectibles to find and sell
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    Sigzy05Sigzy05 Posts: 19,406 Member
    Farm Livin' EP
    Sports &Hobbies EP
    University EP
    Vacations EP

    Bands GP
    Day Care Business GP
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    raynebairraynebair Posts: 10 New Member
    Werewolves would be awesome! And school and cars.
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    jadonbakesjadonbakes Posts: 294 Member
    edited July 2019
    If we get a time travel pack, I'd rather go into the past than the future.

    Stuff Packs for teens, elders and, why not?, adults.

    A thrift store stuff pack--dirty swatches on existing things, more scratch/stain "decals" (like we got in Vampires).

    A hobbies Game(?) Pack, possibly including new activities for Geeks, Art Lovers, Foodies, Bookworms, Music Lovers--and maybe a new hobby trait

    A Music Stuff Pack with new instruments

    -Or more generally a Performance Pack, with a singing career, cabaret, improv, theater,

    Another Apartment Pack, where we can build our own complexes.

    A Hotel Game Pack

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    bevillebeville Posts: 1,151 Member
    edited July 2019
    I want a food and new kitchen appliances stuff pack. With a new wall oven, trash compactor, juice blender,crock pot
    add hot chocolate, Pumpkin latte different Creamer like hazelnut, vanilla, irish cream, eggnog to the coffee maker.
    New Recipe added like lasagna waffles, pumpkin pie, more pizza, Sushi, Pecan pie, Chicken noodle soup, Chicken and dumpling,
    Also make it so that the kids can make and drink hot drinks at home.
    How about adding oranges, corn kale, cucumbers, gingers, eggplant, celery,beets, edible pumpkins so that we can make super smoothies from the juices machine
    add a Christmas channel to the television.
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    RememberJoyRememberJoy Posts: 1,143 Member
    Expansion Packs:
    • Farming/Country Living - I'm looking for expanded ways of making a living off the land
    • Generations - I'm looking for expanded interactions between sims and more for each generation to do

    Game Packs
    • Asian Vacation - Would love to see martial arts come back
    • Mediterranean Vacation - Would love to see nectar making come back
    • Hobbies and/or Bands - More instruments and hobbies sims can do together
    • Hotels - Any world can become a vacation destination
    • Superheroes - Something new and fun
    • Fairies - If they don't come with ROM, I'd like to see them get their own pack

    Stuff Packs
    • Pool Stuff - More stuff to do in the pool/ocean
    • Teen Stuff - More stuff for our teens
    • Off The Grid Stuff - More stuff that works with the Off The Grid trait
    • High Tech/Futuristic Stuff - Stuff like hover boards, pneumatic tubes, etc.

    Free Updates
    • Stairs/Ladders - I need more options please
    • Lake tool - I mean, we can swim in bodies of water now, so...
    • Update ghosts - They need to be more ghost like and less transparent-sim like
    • Swimable oceans everywhere - My mermaids would appreciate it
    • Update emotions/personalities/fear emotion - Maybe add likes/dislikes, fears, etc.
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    EmschmemEmschmem Posts: 84 Member
    A get-to-work style university pack where you follow your sims to college! Live in dorms, have roommates, go to classes, do extracurriculars!!
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    RIP-Troika-GamesRIP-Troika-Games Posts: 221 Member
    The Sims 4 version of Hot Date/Nightlife/Late Night/Apartment Life.
    That is; a downtown/urban world that adds a lot more additions to interactions and activities between sims- both romantic and friendly group activities - Aswell as more apartments!

    Some other things it could contain:
    • comeback of a chemistry system such as turn ons/offs.
    • Likes and dislikes.
    • Fears, along with the fear emotion.
    • More apartment things of course. Such as elevators and space saving furniture.
    • Online dating and chatting for phones and computers. TS4 is set in very modern times, where are these?
    • Group sports
    • Couple/group activities

    Simply things that adds personality and a bit more flavour to everyday sim-life.
    Because we need more romance, more emotion, more personality and more interactions between sims!
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