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So what do you want to see in the coming magic game pack?

Let's share ideas!


  • GordyGordy Posts: 1,156 Member
    edited June 2019
    Bring 👏 back 👏 my 👏 boy 👏 Torch 👏

    Alchemy is a must, too. And I hope we have a lot of transformation-based spells. None of this "1+ happy moodlet" or "gain a bit of weight" garbage.
  • jooxisjooxis Posts: 504 Member
    Good build/buy mode objects hah XD
    Cause otherwise there's nothing in it I'd be interested in...
  • Akl500PAkl500P Posts: 2,594 Member

    No but seriously I want some kind of power tree like vampires for sure. This is the one occult I have always enjoyed. I am so excited.
  • nerdfashionnerdfashion Posts: 5,523 Member
    Hmmm... an eternal night. I had to install a mod for it in Forgotten Hollow that took up space I didn't want it to take up, and save it for more Sims games.
  • Francl27Francl27 Posts: 758 Member
    I honestly can't even remember what was in the old magic expansions!
  • HimRumiHimRumi Posts: 1,369 Member
    We’re getting 3 more packs this year 😳 Moschino, Magic Realms and something else I can’t remember.. It might be Island living? This is the year of occults 🤞🏽
  • OneAdorkableGirlOneAdorkableGirl Posts: 2,372 Member
    I AM SCREAMING. Q_Q Soo freaking happy. I don't know. I want Witches to have lots of customization and allow us to create all different types of Witches. Realm of Magic.. I definitely hope that becoming a witch takes time and isn't just "boom", you're a witch and then you just know how to do all kinds of spells. I want to have failed spells, and try after try type game-play.
  • icmnfrshicmnfrsh Posts: 17,631 Member
    It has the word "realm" in it, so I want a Magic Town-esque world. Moonlight Falls was okay, but I want the whimsy in the OG magic pack
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  • AphoticLeeAphoticLee Posts: 1,191 Member
    I hope it has a really awesome world....
  • munroelemunroele Posts: 270 Member
    some gorgeous fairy garden themed BB objects! of course, witches with a full skill tree, fairies with a minor one, some fantasy CAS items and a nice big world, maybe themed like a mushroom house? Or a way to BUILD a mushroom house!!!
  • TomaTeriTomaTeri Posts: 58 Member
    leetamme wrote: »
    I hope it has a really awesome world....

  • EmmaVaneEmmaVane Posts: 6,494 Member
    Witches/Mages of some kind.

    Spooky world or normal world with hidden/secret magic alternative? (Realm of Magic)

    Spells and backfires.


    I don't expect 2 forms for witches though.
  • JediMuppetJediMuppet Posts: 93 Member
    edited June 2019
    Sounds a bit Harry Potter ish!!!! Realm of magic. I presume it will come with it's own magic world!!!!!
  • SimmingalSimmingal Posts: 1,679 Member
    I WANT DARK MAGIC AND LOTS OF IT sorry too excited can't think properly because my brain keeps shouting WITCHCRAFT
  • EmoFlowersEmoFlowers Posts: 325 Member
    I really hope they delve into ALL of the witches. The gothic witches, the bubbly witches, nature witches, etc. I don't think that'll happen since that'd be a ton of assets, but I do hope its more than just black clothes, pointy hats, and cauldrons. ^^'

    The backfiring potions and spells sounds adorable. I'd go even further and say that if a witch and a warlock have a kid that the kid would do accidental magic. Corny and very improbable but it sounds cute, lol.
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  • Nekomata19Nekomata19 Posts: 88 Member
    I'm hoping there's options for more whimsical magic, but also more realistic magic. So you can choose to go fantasy/Harry Potter style or go maybe be a Green Witch/Kitchen Witch/Voodoo/Wicca type. I don't even know what kind of world I'd want it to be. Probably more on the Harry Potter end of the spectrum, but with darker areas.
  • smurfy77smurfy77 Posts: 1,015 Member
    I want lots of creepier looking homes and decor, my fave world in 3 was Midnight Hollow. To me, that suits witches well! I hope they use that as an idea of how to create some decor and maybe new tiles to use and such. I would love to see at least an aspiration on whether you want to be a bad or mischievous witch or a good helpful one. There should be a good distinct difference and maybe depending on which way you go you learn diff things after a point in which you choose. That way only those that choose to learn the havoc wrecking spells and those that do not choose to can learn others and spell duels, please def bring back spell duels.
  • DannydanboDannydanbo Posts: 17,423 Member
    I hope it will have the ability to create several magical sims, witches, fairies, genies, etc. I also hope realm refers to a magical world that's fun like the one from Makin' Magic.
  • PlayerSinger2010PlayerSinger2010 Posts: 2,369 Member
    Honestly, the biggest thing I want is for magic to be restricted to occults. Unless it's like... our world's magic like pulling a rabbit out of a hat or something. But spells/wands/broomsticks? Restrict them so not every Sim in town is using it.
  • jacechujacechu Posts: 87 Member
    Since it's called realm of magic, I assume it may come with more than one type of magical being. Of course that runs the risk of players being unsatisfied with the depth of the different life states because it's already limited by it being a game pack and trying to add witches, fairies, or maybe even some lesser known magical beings like banshees would severely limit what they could add as far as gameplay. I do like the ability tree from Vampires/celebrities being used for witches. It could allow you to make different types of witches
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  • GamingTweetyGamingTweety Posts: 838 Member
    Special combats between vampires and other coming occults. The pack to come with a world (not a secret or vacation one)
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  • MaddieplaysgamesMaddieplaysgames Posts: 125 Member
    @PlayerSinger2010 finally got your occults lol
  • AquaGamer1212AquaGamer1212 Posts: 4,977 Member
    *I've never played with witches so bare with me*
    •I have a mod for riding a broom so I hope that that gets implemented into the Pack.
    •Hmm, spells of course
    •potions OF COURSE
    •new witchy recipes

  • JACKIEJOYJACKIEJOY Posts: 726 Member
    My biggest want is for the quality to meet or exceed Vampires. Which is the best done pack in the game right now.
  • friendlysimmersfriendlysimmers Posts: 6,640 Member
    toggles to turn off the life state because i doubt even if i buy the gamepack that i will play the lifestate since i will buy the gamepack mostly for the content
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