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Wrong Options In Relationship Panel

I noticed that when I returned from Egypt, the Sims that appeared in the relationship panel, no longer had the correct options.

Normally when you click on a picture in the panel, it gives you options like: "Send Text," "Phone," "Send Love Letter"

But now when I click on it, I am getting menu options as if the Sim were actually in the home lot, such as "Romantic," "Mean" "Friendly" and so on.

I do use NRAAS mods, so its not inconceivable I tweaked one wrong, but I've never seen this before.

In addition to the wrong options, if I call a Sim on the phone it will say "Your Sim doesn't know this person well enough to..." which is clearly wrong.

I already restarted the game. I moved the family out to the bin, and into another brand new town. Still the same, I thought it might be the NRAAS mods, so I imported my saved NRAAS settings from long ago and still the same thing.

Any ideas?


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    igazorigazor Posts: 19,330 Member
    This isn't so much a matter of the wrong options showing, but rather a feature of the NRaas RelationshipPanel mod. It adds the actions you are describing to what should already be there, but it shouldn't be replacing the standard phone call and text ones entirely. I'm afraid it is not customizable by options like other mods are, the expanded choices must be there if you are using the mod.

    Not sure why it is telling you that your relationship with a sim is not high enough to call them up for a chat unless your sim really is less than Friends with them. But if you test by removing the mod (and clear the scriptCache files), does that command behave differently?
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    ChimarkChimark Posts: 2,166 Member

    Thank you that was the problem. I was tweaking "retuner," so I assume I probably went into this mod by mistake and hit something?

    Thank you, I always appreciate you getting back so fast and you saved me a lot of time, by preventing me from reinstalling each mod one at a time.
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