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What Happened In Your Game Today?


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    WolfiumWolfium Posts: 2,672 Member
    One Graciela's day.

    In the morning: You slow plum, how dare you serve me last when I came first?!


    At the work: I wouldn't make this mistake if that old bat didn't annoy me!


    Before sleep: How could this happen?! Why can't I send butler do this bothersome work?

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    x4m1r4x4m1r4 Posts: 3,901 Member
    I'm playing with my new household. The starting was pretty tough, not only job related, but also with her love live. The person she pursued rejected her. But her persistency makes things work, he falls in love with her. After a few months, they eventually move in together. On their day off, it happened that there's GeekCon at San Myshuno. They went there for a date and of course, it was a fun ride!


    Among others, they found out that, San Myshuno residents are weird. Meet Lily and Penny. Their date was great and they are so happy.


    The boyfriend is so confident that my Sim is the one. He proposed to her, but she rejected him. :D Among of the reasons, she is so hungry. It seems like a joke, or perhaps a payback, because of how hard it was when she was pursuing him for years.


    Maybe, it is about time for them to build a family together. She is so in love with him, and so do him. So, she proposed to him and now, they are happily engaged.

    OID:- x4m1r4
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    RosalettaRosaletta Posts: 25 Member
    The Bjergsens has had a rough time lately. It is the middle of winter and freezing temperatures most days, and they just lost all their money (I have a list with things that can happen to my sims, and sometimes roll things from there to spice up my game). Even though both Bjørn and Clara worked really hard and brought home promotions, they were not even close to be able to pay when the bills came.

    Sofia decided to visit her friend Luna Villareal to get away for a while. The weather was okay when she left their house, but on her way home she got caught in a blizzard!

    Bjørn went out to look when she didn't come home, and he got to her just when she couldn't stay awake anymore and they walked home again together.

    Then Winterfest were coming up, on the same day as both Sofia and Elsa's birthdays! So they had to choose between paying their bills, or getting gifts and Christmas decorations.
    Sofia spent most of her day playing the guitar, because she's planning a special gift for her family...

    The whole family were busy decorating the tree Winterfest morning...

    ...and then the power got shut off. Luckily Clara had already prepared the grand meal and the birthday cake! After the meal and after the girls had blown out the candles, they opened the presents by candlelight. Father Winter showed up after a while and I think he felt sorry for them, because he gifted them a fridge AND a stove! (They were finally able to pay the bills, yay!)

    Then it was time for Sofia's special gift. It was her first self written song, which she afterwards licensed to help pay the bills! :smile:
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    LissyK9LissyK9 Posts: 205 Member

    I played in my Not So Berry save again, meet Prudence Plum and her son, Nugget.

    Nugget's dad is a random townie, Layton. He's a very kind and involved father.

    He's also a doctor. I love the active careers, so it's fun to continue to play as a doctor after Prudence quit to be an entertainer.

    Prudence had to find a way to make money when thy couldn't afford their bills, so she took up midnight fishing.

    She's also almost mastered cooking. She's going to quit entertaining and become a chef once she realizes she's has no comedy talent. :D
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    WildIrishBansheeWildIrishBanshee Posts: 2,109 Member
    Let's see, Alyssa grew up into a child, Adam and Eve got promoted - he's now a Futures Trader, and Eve is currently a Watercolor Dabbler. One more job and then Eve can be a stay at home Mom! Hopefully anyway - if their bills don't get too much more ridiculous. I'm seriously debating turning them down with MCCC! Alyssa joined League of Adventurers and is currently a B student. The house STILL isn't finished, but I'm slowly working on it - between the ridiculous bills and low job pay, they aren't getting very far lol. Otherwise, they are just making friends, going out, and skilling, skilling, skilling.

    This is what Alyssa grew up into - as pajamas!


    I quickly got rid of the sunglasses.

    Alyssa Drake - Whiz Kid - Evil


    And here she is in her wacky every day! It suits her somehow lol.

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    ldmarkoldmarko Posts: 5,487 Member
    On a hot summer day, you never know what you're going to see at the park.


    Curtis got abducted by aliens, but sadly no baby bump appeared.


    But never mind, he's got some new parental responsibilities now that Claire's a child.


    Gallery ID: LDM2
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    LJFoxieLJFoxie Posts: 929 Member
    I wanted to pose my newly converted (from Sims 3 to Sims 4) Love Drunk story cast, but the group pose I had required 9 sims, I only had 8 so I dragged Lilith Vatore off the street to make up the numbers. She looks like she truly belongs, bless her! :wink:


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    TheLibrarySimTheLibrarySim Posts: 966 Member
    edited August 2018
    Lilith Vatore was a heartbeat away (almost literally, as you'll see) from completing the Grilled Cheese Aspiration.
    She just needs to evangelize grilled cheese with Grimmy and eat a grilled cheese sandwich in space. She doesn't have a rocket, so she has to wait for Geek Con.
    Eliza Pancakes calls and asks her to breakfast. They're at the restaurant, when guess what? Geek Con is starting! Great! She can run home, get a grilled cheese sandwich, and eat it in space! One down and one to go!
    Suddenly fortune smiles upon her. An aged waitress keels over and dies! Yay (okay, that sounded worse than I meant)! Lilith meets Grimmy (who is a Clumsy, Perfectionist, Dog Lover), and talks grilled cheese. Sweet.
    She rushes home, cooks up a batch, and heads out to Geek Con with two hours left.
    She goes to climb aboard the rocket ship. Wait, she's waiving her arms and making the "I can't go there" gesture.
    Somebody left a picnic table on the launch pad.
    In the immortal words of Maxwell Smart: "Missed it by that much."
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    JasumiJasumi Posts: 521 Member
    Jinyoung carved 20 pumpkins on Skill Day and improved his handiness skill from 0 to 9 o_O I'm not sure if skill day is supposed to be that extremely useful or if this is one of those glitches that seem cool at first but end up breaking the game 20 saves later :neutral:

    Also the dog is sick :(


    Also Jinyoung looks adorable when he eats, just saying...

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    thatsnotswegthatsnotsweg Posts: 697 Member
    I gave some more makeovers to pre-mades today.

    The Vatores

    The Jangs, including all of Baako's outfits because I love his look.

    The Bheedas

    The Villareals

    The Bjergsens

    Salim Benali

    And then I spent some time playing with them.

    gallery ID: thatsnotsweg

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    Celticgamer0Celticgamer0 Posts: 1,997 Member
    My third gen turned out pretty if I say so myself ^.^
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    mari_c1mari_c1 Posts: 74 Member
    I started the legacy challenge for the first time on Sunday and my sim was literally living in a 3x3 space with nothing but a blow up bed, a crappy toilet, and a shower. I put some cheap restaurants around so she could eat with the little money she had and took her to the geekcon festival to play some games since she has none. She met her fiancee at geekcon! I moved him in with her because he wasn't previously in the world and he brought 20,000 with him but I wanted to make it interesting so basically since he was technically homeless, I bumped their funds back down to like 2000, so now they're growing together and her little 3x3 shack grew to about 8x6? Basically she can cook her own food now and the bathroom is PRIVATE. This is going to get intereeeesting.
    sappy himming :)
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    ladysweettartladysweettart Posts: 239 Member
    So I have a hot mess sim named Katie. Her deal is being involved with, woohooing, having babies and romances with several guys on rotation. But she doesn't want to be exclusive with anyone. Well today her oldest child was aging up to Young Adult. He invited his girlfriend and Don Lothario who is his father over to celebrate. At one point, Katie's youngest son, who is a toddler and also Don's other child with her, goes to hug Don, and Don REJECTS THE PRECIOUS BABY!!! I was so mad. Truth be told of all the guys she is involved with (Don, Mortimer, and J), Don is the biggest jerk to her and seeing him treat the baby that way was the last straw, I immediately had her go up to Don and "Ask to Just Be Friends", and then proceeded to have her call up J and made her kiss and make out with J in front of Don, lol. I've heard Don is supposed to be a good guy and good with his kids but in my game he's a real jerk (or maybe he just doesn't care for Katie all that much despite their having had a high romantic relationship status).
    I have a YouTube Channel dedicated to Sims 4! You can find it here if you are so inclined!
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    thatsnotswegthatsnotsweg Posts: 697 Member
    edited August 2018
    Today I gave a few more makeovers to pre-mades. This is the only save I've been playing lately.

    The Rasoyas

    Free Spirits

    And I played around with them some.

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    gallery ID: thatsnotsweg

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    Thunderbat87Thunderbat87 Posts: 275 Member
    Lately I've been playing my "Not so berry" save again. I did create a fresh save though and moved the sims to that save (because the population and everything was not good in the old one). I finished up generation 4 (gray), and I am now focusing on generation 5 (plum). My heir is named Violet Berrymerry. She is a YA, and moved to a crappy apartment in San Myshuno. She is working hard at her doctor career.

    I've also been updating the premades looks and giving everyone a proper hot/cold outfit in my other "main" save. I'm not done yet, but it is a lot of fun. :smile:
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    SassieSassie Posts: 293 Member
    edited August 2018
    @ladysweettart LOL :grin: I'm currently playing with a sim and trying to complete the serial romantic aspiration. One of the side goals I set is that every boyfriend should also result in a pregnancy (when she's pregnant I ask the father to be her boyfriend). But well, her first boyfriend didn't care much for the baby he had fathered (maybe it was because he's evil and a loner). In the meantime my sim had found herself a second man/boyfriend (who did care for the first baby, even though it wasn't his), and after a couple of days she got pregnant with her second child. Fast forward a couple of days more and the first kid had aged up into a child. And when the father of the first kid came over (he was invited because his daughter was a child now and she shared the geek trait with him), he almost immediately took to the baby and changed her diaper. And that one wasn't his. Though maybe he thought the baby could be his :wink: (they had been woohooing a while before...). When that baby aged up later, she had the same hair color and eye-color as her sister (and her mother), and that I could use in writing my narrative on my tumblr.

    In my profile pic you see the second boyfriend, and the first child (the girl I was talking about).
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    Currently playing the Abbott household (4th generation now: Theo).
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    ladysweettartladysweettart Posts: 239 Member
    @Sassie, yeah, it's weird how the guys don't always seem to know which children are theirs lol. Realistic though I guess if the woman is involved with more than one guy. I mean from his perspective, all he knows is he woohoos regularly with this girl and now she's got a baby lol.

    I've had what you're talking about happen too, especially with Mortimer. He will come over and help with the children who are his, but he's also gone and autonomously taken care of babies who weren't his (which is awesome when your sim is a single mom and up to her eyeballs in potty training, putting toddlers to bed, etc etc). I learned really fast to let the baby daddies come over if they call and want to visit, lol, if nothing else for the extra help with the children. My sim Katie hasn't asked any of them to be a boyfriend (though she has soulmate status with all of them, well, now two of them lol). Now that she broke it off with Don she started something up with Johnny Zest too, so now her rotation is Mortimer, J, and Johnny. Lol. She has had babies with all of them (well she just got pregnant by Johnny). I wanted to do something like the 100 Baby Challenge, but didn't want to be penned in by all the rules, like having to be poor and deal with everyone peeing their pants because you can only afford one or two bathrooms lol, or having to find so many different men to father the babies. I also wanted to use child support as a means of income. Plus I feel it is realistic, in real life there are people who go back and forth between different guys.

    It's been really fun playing a nontraditional sim. I usually play the nice, normal family-style way so this is new and exciting. I probably will have her settle down with one of them eventually but right now I'm having too much fun with her messed up love life lol.
    I have a YouTube Channel dedicated to Sims 4! You can find it here if you are so inclined!
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    MezinkaMezinka Posts: 111 Member

    My sim was running her store and one of the customers froze to death right in front of the mannequins.

    All the employees kept mourning, so I had to lock the urn in a backroom.
    Some mornings it's just not worth chewing through the leather straps.
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    JojoMOMSTERJojoMOMSTER Posts: 1,977 Member
    On a whim I d/l a pregnant SIM with two baby boys. We are going to say Johnny Zest was drunk and felt bad for her so he married her. She popped out triplets and Johnny got a puppy. I used a good portion of the money they came with to add a three bedroom one bathroom addition to his trailer. I left a lot of things the same except the front bedroom is an office and extended the kitchen to add laundry.(what is with me and renovating that trailer) My objective is to play through without money cheats and have her complete flower arrangement to level 10. With two toddler boys who adore Johnny and the puppy and three baby girls Johnny has not had much time to practice his guitar so he can get ahead. They need a nanny during the night so they can sleep and partially stagger their sleep to keep the cost down. They are both really happy and this is probably harder on me then on them. It’s hard so it’s fun.
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    WolfiumWolfium Posts: 2,672 Member
    My sims were on date at Oasis Spring bar. Some flirty guy interrupted their conversation to fire up one of them, then continued talking to the other. Wow! :o Then she did noxious cloud to him. Lol! :D

    Then, this is Emmelyn with her fox Chatastrophy she's training.



    I am impressed much by Seasons.

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    [Deleted User][Deleted User] Posts: 0 New Member
    The user and all related content has been deleted.
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    [Deleted User][Deleted User] Posts: 0 New Member
    The user and all related content has been deleted.
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    DinowCookieDinowCookie Posts: 951 Member
    Olivier died, and so did his girlfriend Misa a little later on. Olivier was my generation 5 heir's younger brother.


    His niece Diane, my gen 7 heir's twin sister, inherited the house they lived in. She's an outdoor enthusiast and so she will take good care of his garden.


    She's in a relationship with the hermit of Granite Falls.


    My gen 6 heir's younger brother Elliot now has a nice family with his wife Estrella. They have two daughters named Camille and Charlotte, not twins.


    My other played sim, Timmy, made another mistake. He first kissed his best friend Kasey's wife Hanna behind his back. Well guess what, this time he kissed his best friend Kasey himself! Whoops!


    Visit me on the gallery! 😊
    EA ID: DinowCookie | No-CC Households & Rooms
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    valexxtinavalexxtina Posts: 66 Member
    edited August 2018

    Christina went to a night club with Oliver, a boy she met at the bar.


    They got drunk and... this happened


    A few weeks passed and Oliver never texted or called Christina. She did start feeling sick, so she took a pregnancy test, it was positive. (I had risy woohoo active) Christina called over her friend Anne and told her what happened.


    She hugged Anne and invited over OLiver, she told him there was a very inportant things she needed to talk about, when she told him she was pregnant he immediately said he didn't want any baby at the moment. Christina got angry and yelled at him, she said him she thought for him she wasn't only a one night stand and that they will be a couple. He looked at her and told her they were both drunk, he wasn't interested in her, and then he got out from Christina's apartament.
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    SailorCetiSailorCeti Posts: 807 Member
    edited August 2018
    Today was pretty uneventful.

    Drucilla decided to work on her gaming skills...

    Drew worked on his programming skills...

    And Nathan is studying up on vampire lore.
    This game needs more Sailor Moon!

    Hold SHIFT while using the FRIEZE tool to apply it to a single wall, and not an entire room!

    ** SailorCeti's Builds **

    If you download one of my builds, by all means, leave me a message and tell me what you did and did not like about it.

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