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Gemcrafting, candle making, farmer's market, designer items etc

ShanShan Posts: 126 Member
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First of all, I'm sorry if some of these have been discussed a hundred times already. I don't spend much time around here, and even thought I went through the first few pages I might've missed something.
These are some ideas I've been collecting and trying to write out for a while now. Some of them (especially the supernatural one) might be a bit ambitious, but a girl can dream I guess :D

Designer items:
Sims could go to special stores or/and hunt through occasional online auctions to buy 'designer items'. The items would be name branded (Simkin, Goth, Simace etc) customization items like sunglasses, shoes, jewelry and bags that would when bought appear in the wardrobe.
○ Bags would be something sims would carry in their... bag and then equip when wanted, similar to the backpack in Sims 3. Bags could also be stored as is on shelves or in wardrobes or in boxes and depending on how they're treated their value would rise or fall over time.
○ Some of the items would have the ability to grant a moodlet, for example a high-end purse giving a confidense boost.
○ These items would go from moderately priced (500-1000) to very expensive (10000-50000) and would work as a great cash sink for the wealthy.
○ With the introduction of designer items a designer career would be introduced. Your sim would start their own fashion house, choose their speciality (for example, bags) and grow in fame, eventually even selling expensive phone cases.
- The ability to choose from and combine several designs and colours to create unique items to sell.
- Start from your own basement and work up to owning your own studio.
○ This would go well with a fame expansion.

More gems and metals introduced. The ability to craft items using them as ingredients. Gemcrafting related items.
○ New gems and metals to be found around the world. Some more rare than others and a few very rare ones to add to the value and to have something to look for. Some of these ingerients could be bought on online markets, the stock varies daily.
○ The ability to craft wearable jewelry. At higher levels go through small ''questlines'' to create items like headbands and tiaras. Jeweled shoes?
○ The ability to craft decorative items including jewelry boxes, candlesticks, small statues etc eventually learning to make a jeweled chess set that can be places on any table.
○ At level 10, go through a ''questline'' to create the ultimate gemcrafting creations, the Simerbe eggs.
○ New display cases for the gems and jewelry. The items can be set for sale in the cases if Get To Work is installed.
○ Gemcrafting station that can be set on any 2 slot or larger table. Sims sit down and create.
○ A machine similar to the gem cutting machine in Sims 3 for... gem cutting.
○ You can now chat up the romance guru and answer a series of questions right to earn a secret recipe for a necklace that grants a flirty moodlet to your sim and anyone they interact with.
○ Becoming friends with a tourist at the flea market now has a chance of them giving you a secret recipe for a bracelet that grants an energized moodlet to your sim.
○ Befriending the cosplayers at geek con now has a chance of giving a secret recipe for some otherworldly earrings that grant a focused moodlet.
○ Sometimes a cook at the spice festival has an interesting family recipe to share. It allows you to learn the recipe for a ring that grants an inspired moodlet.
○ Give jewelry as gifts to woo or to just show appreciation.

Candle making:
Different types of wax introduced. Wax and wicks available for purchase on the computer. Use flowers, fruits, herbs and even vegetables to create oils and add them to the candles to make them scented. Potato scented candles anyone?
○ Adds the ability to melt different types of wax on the stove, or maybe on a seperate station.
○ Create tea lights, votives, taper candles, pillar candles and jar candles.
○ Have beautiful candles floating in your pool, fountain or bathtub to set the mood.
○ After a few levels, learn to add scents to the wax. Up to three scents can be combined, some will smell a bit off to other sims while they will attract others. Some scent combinations will have an emotional aura to them when burned.
○ Big and small candlesticks and tea light platters that can hold up to four candles at a time. Lanterns.
○ The candles are sellable in retail stores.
○ Romance guru now has the ability to give your sim a recipe for a candle that grants a flirty moodlet to anyone nearby... that is, if the guru really believes in your relationship.
○ The vendor at the spice festival now sells a recipe for a spicy candle that gives an angry moodlet to anyone nearby.
○ Burning too many different scented candles at the same time can either grant a positive 'oddly fitting compilation' moodlet, a dazed moodlet or a disgusted moodlet.
○ Spending too much time near scented candles can give sims a headache.
○ Toddlers might try to eat candles. Probably a bad idea.

Artisan Festival:
New type of festival that allows creative sims to get together and sell their wares.
○ The festival is held once a week in a rotational cycle in Willow Creek and Oasis Springs parks. Different events hold different wares, giving sims the chance to buy unique ingredients and recipes.
○ Street sale opportunities for woodworking, painting, gemcrafting, candle making, baking etc.
○ Festival vendors specialized in certain crafts. Special baking spices, paints, gems, candles, woodworking patterns etc.
○ Painting and whittling competitions. Submit a baked good for a baking competition.
○ Caricature painter. Have your sims portrait painted, with a twist.

Farmer's Market:
One morning each week gardening sims gather their wares and head to the Willow Creek park to sell vegetables, fruits, herbs and flowers.
○ Special tables with boxes built on them. Each box holds 10 of any grown item and each table holds four boxes. Ability to start a street sale.
○ Buy someone's items or sell yours.
○ Talk to the vendors to learn more about gardening and maybe score some rare seeds or fertilizer.

Even more Superstar:
An expansion similar to previous fame expansions, but with even more depth.
○ Award winning chances and award shows for already existing and new careers! Athletes, writers, painters, musicians etc now have a chance to start winning various awards for their work from career levels 8 and up, with the most prestigious ones being a rare chance at level 10.
Bring back Simmys and The Sim Choice! Introduce art awards for paintings, photography etc. Olympic style competitions for athletic sims.
○ Celebrity system that works similarly to the one in Sims 3, the system not being tied to a specific career. A bit more difficulty would be nice tho.
- Different celebrity opportunities for different careers, as well as for the unemployed or retail owners. Appearances, interviews, teaching, donations...
- Occults have a chance of being outed. Choice of trying to hide it or embracing it. If embraced, fans might start mimicing aliens or vampires.
- Bring back the obsessed fans! They might steal from you, break into your house or try to obsessively chat up (or attack) your relatives and friends. New security systems for homes and the ability to hire security. Choices made during celeb career can affect how much trouble these fans will be.
- Not just troublesome fans. Fanclubs will be set up, fanmail and gifts. Fans might buy messages for your sim to be shown on billboards and tv.
- Random chance of city tourists also touring outside your house.
○ Photography career! One career path dedicated to being a paparazzi and another for less stalkery endeavors.
○ Singer career with three career paths: Opera, rock and pop.
○ Dancing career with two career paths: Ballet and modern.
○ Acting career with two career paths: Acting and directing.
○ New career path for business: Talent Management. Manage various artists from singers and actors to athletes and writers.
○ New sunny coastal neighbourhood with a city area, a poor industrial area, suburb and the hills with the most extravagant houses and lifestyle. Palm trees! Walk of fame! Sports cars driving around! Materialistic heaven!
- Beach! Beach lots!
- Souvenir vendors, pickpockets, Llama mascot for a photo op and all the figures you'd expect to see in a busy famous tourist town.
- Boardwalk, maybe even with a rabbithole diner similar to the Sims 3 basegame one.
- Casino, or at least some slot machines.
- Vending machines for anything and everything. Candy, soda, bracelets and even collectible toothbrushes.

Lots of Supernatural:
Supernatural expansion with even more kick.
○ Upside Downtown! A victorian-style city lost in time literally existing in the shadow of the living world and surrounded by dark forests and mist. The home to vampires, witches and everything touched by supernatural powers. Normal sims can't normally access this unless they complete a long line of missions.
- Special vendors for special ingredients, spells, potions, patterns and other more shady objects.
- Witch dueling circuit is big here. Dueling competitions.
- The return of Vicki the Vampiress and her wares.
- Graveyards, half-abandoned circus, weird farmer's market frequented by tiny giggly fluttering balls of light and surrounded by odd mushrooms.
- Spending extended amounts of time here might make some of the powers to attach themselves to your sim, carrying them to their home lot where some odd things might grow...
~ If pregnant, the unborn baby might be born a witch.
- It's risky for a ghost to visit for extended periods for they might get stuck.
- Aliens will find themselves hunted and forcibly ejected if they find their way there due to them not being native to the 'live' side.
○ Return of nectar making. Lots of different grape wine options for gardeners. become a wi- nectar connoisseur!
- Nectar maker career. Become a celebrated nectar maker or a respected nectar critic.
○ Witches! All the spells and charms of past expansions and more.
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    jimjam1009jimjam1009 Posts: 165 Member
    I LOVE the supernatural idea and I want a pack similar to it soon
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    clg167clg167 Posts: 1 New Member
    I love the supernatural idea too! I really think it would be a big hit for the sims 4 if they brought back witches, fairies, even the mermaids. I miss the zombie attacks and the spellwork and stuff like that. It would definitely make the game a lot more fun and new.
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    Sigma4lifeSigma4life Posts: 163 Member
    I actually like everything but the supernatural, but overall, it's a great list! I love the shopping depending on the budget and I am ALWAYS for more jewelry.
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