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Crash Landing [A sort of Alien Legacy]

JessicthulhuJessicthulhu Posts: 315 Member
This story is a sort of legacy challenge that I have created for myself, though rather than having the 1,800 starting money she will have none and the only thing on her lot will be a bush so she can sleep in it and I can pass the time faster. (I tried sleeping on a public bench but it didn’t speed up time due to other sims on the lot.) This story and game are created off of my late night insomnia and will be updated at a leisurely pace.

Crash Landing


Xiazara Gw’otth
  • Traits: Good, Genius, Jealous
  • Aspiration: Curator
Xiazara Gw’otth was a well-known scientist back on her home planet who specifically studied the plants and animals of the humans home planet, earth. She has since been stranded on the planet earth with no way or reason to return home. She must now try to keep her line from dying out, all while maintaining a hidden identity.

  1. Introduction
  2. Strange Stranger
  3. Don's Chapter
  4. Career Moves
  5. Birthdays and Beginnings
  6. True Colors
  7. Mom Life
  8. Mystery Politician

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