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What Happened In Your Game Today?


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    HillyBethHillyBeth Posts: 3,505 Member
    edited May 2018
    I made it to fifth generation and guess what? The two cousins were born on the same day, just MINUTES apart!! Their names are Aidan McConnell and Julian Adler.

    Edit: I was trying to link the tree in a sentence but it's not working out like I want it to for some reason!
    Edit 2: Link to the tree at the top!!
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    DoodlyDoofusDoodlyDoofus Posts: 1,188 Member
    'The Chief' just came home from work to see that Kane went through a makeover why's that?
    Kane: "Well looks like I was promoted to General. So now you're going to call me 'The General' from now on."
    Justice: "Or how about we fight it out and if I win you call me 'The Chief' instead."
    He agreed to the terms.
    Kane: "WHY AM I UPSIDE DOWN?!"
    The real question is, why would you fight your pregnant wife? Ah, athletic Sims are so quirky.
    Looks like Justice won this round.
    Justice: "Now what are you going to call me?"
    Kane: "The Chief?"
    Justice: "That is correct."
    Kane: "Well, at least YOU'LL call me The General, right?"
    Me? Why the heck would I do that?
    Kane: "Well, we'll find someone to call me The General."
    After the dust cleared Justice decided to throw a black and white party. Scarlet is not thrilled about wearing that stupid hat.
    Kane: "Hey, no time for morning sickness. It's party time."
    Ace: "Hey guys, I decided to be a little casual about the attire."
    Baby sister wearing the same dress Justice showed up in.....K.
    Wow, surprised Genesis of all people here wore white to the party.
    Iris: "If we touch our bellies together we will achieve the ultimate power!"
    Kane: "Hey, you'll call me The General right?"
    Whatsherface: "Lol no."
    Colin: "This hat is stupid."
    Justice: "And then he was all like 'But I'm The General!'"
    Oh, and then Justice's own Aunt shows up in the same dress as well.
    Scarlet: "Forget the party, Chemistry instead!"
    And Justice's work friend went right for the gym immediately. Parties just aren't good as getting pumped, huh?
    Kane: "Someone in this house will be calling me the General!"
    Oh hey speaking of which, got all of Sapphire's kids together in one picture! Dear god they're so old.
    Oh hey since people are here, might as well have Justice show off her golden voice.
    Then Cadence went into labor in the bathroom. Party foul.
    Harley: "This hat is stupid."
    Colin: "I know right?"
    Whatsherface: "I wore the same exact thing as three other people."
    The worst tragedy of the night? Someone smashed the dollhouse.
    How many hours after the party the younger twins finally aged up.
    And there's the magic!
    After the party, Kane went through drastic measures to be recognized as "The General" and he just won't stop at it. This time he did the unthinkable. He......he........HE.......
    General Buzz Grunt: "Wait who are you?"
    Kane: "I'M The General now buddy and don't you forget it!"
    Buzz: "We'll see about that!"
    Kane: "So what's my name again?"
    Buzz: "........The General?"
    Kane: "That's right, boy."
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    RosalettaRosaletta Posts: 25 Member
    I have been playing a bit with Diego Lobo lately. He got a girlfriend, and she quickly moved in and became pregnant. I imagined it to be an unplanned pregnancy, as I play them as career focused and not really the family kind of people.

    Well, she gave birth today, and the game decided to give them TRIPLETS. So... lol. Now I'm wondering how to fit all their beds and toys and stuff. I'm glad they're at least living in one of the big apartments, but it's still an apartment so I can't give myself myself more room. I also don't want them to move houses, so I just have to reimagine their place a bit :). So things are already chaotic, and it'll get worse when they become toddlers... (they are my first triplets, so I'm a bit nervous about that bit too, haha).

    Doesn't help that Diego has the worst case of pre (and post)-parental panic I've ever seen - he still ran around looking terrified nearly a day after the babies were born...
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    BeardedgeekBeardedgeek Posts: 5,520 Member
    Let me introduce Agathe Vogt.

    Long story short: After editing LilSimsie's save a bit (adding a few things like a dance floor to a nightclub that didn't have it etc etc I decided to just give it a go.
    I filled the "Not in world" section with tons of sims, set MCCC to not let them move into houses but also to be allowed to marry and have kids, and created a new Sim with the intention of trying out Jungle Adventures:

    Agathe Vogt, a "German" girl living in a small cottage in Newcrest but with an ultimate goal to move back to Windenburg where she grew up.
    She's a Dance Machine, Active and Loves The Outdoors.

    The Welcome Wagon was rather pathetic. Only one neighbor, and Agathe don't have anything to offer her guest anyway... She's at that point in her life where the idea of buying both a washing machine AND a clothesline the same week is a dream. Especially since she really needs a shower. The tub is fun and all but it takes an hour and a half to get clean.

    Agathe really really want to join the local DJ club... better practice!

    At least the local pool is nice! And so is the Blue Velvet, the nightclub one town over.

    Agathe decides to join the Garden Gnomes.
    Being outside all day sounds really fun!

    In the next part: Going to the jungle? Or joining some more clubs?
    Also, paying 200 simolions for a clothesline, because Agathe is apparently too dumb to tie a rope by herself.

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    SlyvanasSlyvanas Posts: 855 Member
    I wanted to take a try at starting a legacy again and perfect timing since Lilsimsie made a new save file! So i made a female sim named Geeta Laghari

    Who eventually met and married this sim Parker Shay who later became Parker Laghari.
    Though since starting a challenge they started out a bit...rough.
    I had no idea sims could complain about the power and water being shut off XD
    And things didn't get any better when my 5% risky woohoo decided to surprise the couple with their first child. I think Geeta's face says it all
    They took it in stride however and even went out to celebrate the exciting news
    Eventually they had enough money to get married. I'm sort of annoyed they paid 1k for only ONE person to show up to their wedding when they invited more than one person lol
    Who doesn't like cake to the face?

    With the a baby on the way and her needs not being the best. Geeta has to now spend some of their cash to hire help to tend one of the most ways they are earning their income.
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    NindigoNindigo Posts: 2,764 Member
    I cloned Don Lothario for no particular reason.

    Origin ID: Nindigo79

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    Celticgamer0Celticgamer0 Posts: 1,997 Member
    @mctsimmer They look awesome! I love freckles as well though mine isn’t very prevalent.
    @DinowCookie Lovely sims and Hector does look rather dashing ^.^
    @HillyBeth Congrats! Both on the births and making it to generation 5! Lovely family.
    @DoodlyDoofus I love your sims :lol: I love the fact you had Kane venture into Sims 2 just to challenge Buzz for the title of General! Very creative and made me laugh and feel nostalgia all at once ^.^
    @Rosaletta I am a family player and I have learned that if you set a schedule for the toddlers it gets a bit easier ^.^ Educational toys and the independent trait work as well ^.^
    @Beardedgeek Agethe is very beautiful ^.^
    @Slyvanas Geeta is beautiful! I love her face after finding out she was pregnant :lol:
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    Celticgamer0Celticgamer0 Posts: 1,997 Member
    Terrance found a lovely girl named Alexus Munch and they hit it off well. Mum is playing chaperone as the two get to know each other.

    Percival bought a puppy for Emily as she wants to be friends with all the animals, though it seems William loves the puppy as well ^.^

    Of course it seems William is a glutton for punishment as he was caught by Bessie once more, this time he collects the stolen essence. :lol:

    Checking on the rest of the family, Cornelia married Walter Dickens, son of Charles Dickens, and moved into their own home.

    Maximilian and Autumn both grew into teens and you can clearly see who they took after in looks ^.^

    Returning to the Evans Estate, Terrance gave Alexus a surprise. A promise to marry her ^.^
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    BeardedgeekBeardedgeek Posts: 5,520 Member
    @mctsimmer They look awesome! I love freckles as well though mine isn’t very prevalent.
    @DinowCookie Lovely sims and Hector does look rather dashing ^.^
    @HillyBeth Congrats! Both on the births and making it to generation 5! Lovely family.
    @DoodlyDoofus I love your sims :lol: I love the fact you had Kane venture into Sims 2 just to challenge Buzz for the title of General! Very creative and made me laugh and feel nostalgia all at once ^.^
    @Rosaletta I am a family player and I have learned that if you set a schedule for the toddlers it gets a bit easier ^.^ Educational toys and the independent trait work as well ^.^
    @Beardedgeek Agethe is very beautiful ^.^
    @Slyvanas Geeta is beautiful! I love her face after finding out she was pregnant :lol:

    Thank you.
    She's in my gallery if anyone's interested.
    Origin ID: A_Bearded_Geek
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    DoodlyDoofusDoodlyDoofus Posts: 1,188 Member
    @Celticgamer0 Well I mean who else was going to humor him and call him The General? Also, found a way to give one last insult to Kane after I clicked on my profile.
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    BeardedgeekBeardedgeek Posts: 5,520 Member
    I am having relationship problems. Or, well, Agathe does.

    First of all I would like to try to not do a lesbian relationship again, it makes "breeding" so much easier.
    But: All the guys always look so boring (a problem, I guess, when you try to judge potential male partners for someone as a straight guy ;) )

    Also, even if I pick a guy, I don't know WHOM. I want pretty babies. I also want a spouse that Agathe would actually pick. So far my default has been Johnny Zest, because he's kinda cute, makes good looking kids and is generally inoffensive. Problem he has been the father of about 80% of my sim babies over the years in Sims 4.

    Oh btw, this happened today:

    It's a good thing nobody peeks into Agathe's windows when she does her dance workout... She has the half chimpanzee / half stripper thing going on.

    She's making plenty of new friends!

    Speaking of new friends, she made the cut! She's a member of the Spin Masters!

    She also finally got her butt to an actual gym.

    Dancing in Forgotten Hollow:

    Agathe looks MEAN when she's grumpy!
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    ldmarkoldmarko Posts: 5,487 Member
    Still taking a break from the game, even though I've replaced the worn out mouse that was hindering my game play. We get a long holiday weekend next week, so maybe I'll get it going again then. Until then, I'm loving all your stories!
    Gallery ID: LDM2
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    DinowCookieDinowCookie Posts: 951 Member
    @Celticgamer0 Thanks! Hector is actually Lilith Vatore's husband in my game. ^_^

    In my game today I didn't get to play any. Instead I fixed some broken cc, did some make-overs and I updated all of my plum tree family trees. Which is starting to become a pain because at this point I have a lot of sims who are part of more than 2 family trees.
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    WolfiumWolfium Posts: 2,672 Member
    edited May 2018
    Arya Pia has some big news.


    Ah, that mean streak!


    ...That can backfire.


    Some spouse time.



    It's nearly impossible to get ravenous, except when pregnant and having toddler too.

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    DinowCookieDinowCookie Posts: 951 Member
    edited May 2018
    I played Annie's sister Clementine today. When I started playing her, she was at her twin brother Timmy's house. She gave him her apartment key.


    Clementine and Timmy went to the bar. This is Valentin, Clementine's husband. He's materialistic, cheerful and a goofball and has the leader of the pack aspiration. Valentin has an identical twin brother and an older sister.


    They met some new people at the bar. Valentin discovered that Greyson, the guy in the red hoodie, is an alien! The black haired lady is named Danielle McAfee (she's also an alien, but they don't know that!) and the lady in the striped top is named Deanna Langford (I created her in CAS earlier).


    The next day Clementine visited her neighbor Maureen Wiggins while Valentin was at work, they watched a movie together. Clementine is unemployed at the moment but that is not a problem since Valentin is a well-earning astronaut!


    She got invited by Danielle from the bar earlier to go to the von Haunt estate, after Clementine had sent her a happy text. They played some chess.


    I found out that the von Haunt estate actually has a barbecue where your Sims can cook! :smiley:


    After work I had Valentin come to the von Haunt estate too. He joined the Knights of the Hedge club to play chess which will help him in his career.


    I also had Valentin create his own club named "Burners and Shapers" :lol: working out is also useful for his career.


    Valentin got invited to knights night at the bar by his sister Autumn. She's a vampire but I've never seen her bother any Sims in my game so I think she's one of the good guys. Valentin gave her the apartment key.


    I had Valentin start a club gathering at the bar, I mean what better outing to go to than knights night when your club is called Knights of the Hedge? :tongue:


    Clementine is creative, so I had her go out in the city to express her creativity. She restored a mural. (That's actually the mural my sim Paulina painted quite some time ago.)


    She also made her fist painting!


    Vampire breaking in!


    Nope, turns out that's Valentin's sister. Valentin was asleep when Autumn decided to visit. Clementine hadn't met her yet.. that's awkward! They get along really well though. :smiley:


    So Clementine brought her along when she got an invite for ladies night at the bar! Ladies night must've been that old barman's idea. :lol: She also brought her sister Annie, her new friend Danielle and her neighbor Maureen.


    I switched to playing Clementine and Annie's brother Timmy. He wanted to read a vampire book but he doesn't have a bookcase at home so I had him visit the library again.


    Annie was also at the library. They had a little chat and then decided to go to the gym together.


    Timmy is in Valentin's work out club and so he also started a club gathering.


    Timmy got a call from his friend Hanna (Deidre's younger sister) to join him at the romance festival. Something about how a kiss there is more awesome than any kiss anywhere else? Which had Timmy a bit confused because Hanna is married!


    But the sakura tea seemingly had them ignore the fact that she is married.


    They kissed! Gold medal earned for this event! :smiley: (He may regret it later, though..)


    They're kinda cute together though. :love:


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    SlyvanasSlyvanas Posts: 855 Member
    Played a little bit more today.
    Thanks to the garden and Parker's secret agent job the house got little improvements. Its still very bare and very small however. their electricity and water gets turned off atleast weekly. ;-;

    Geeta gave birth to a little boy that they named Finnegan.

    and before they knew it. It was time for little Fin's birthday.
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    AHolyToiletAHolyToilet Posts: 870 Member
    edited May 2018
    Well, a fire started on my lot and it spread faster than my Sim could put it out. Took about 10 RL minutes to actually finish it off. He even got caught on fire twice. One of my Sim's wives peed herself during it.

    Good times.
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    BMSOBMSO Posts: 3,273 Member
    Not much, decided to restart an old save I've not played since 2017. Amazing I still had it.

    Starscream had to protest outside of the art gallery. (Amazing sim done by Aurinium ).

    Panning the camera towards the food stalls and seen Bella Goth with a pigeon photo bombing.

    Finished his protest but no one showed up (Least he got a bit of charisma experience out of it).
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    jbonks_4jbonks_4 Posts: 1 New Member
    I spent my day playing Ned Whalen! He’s working his way up the Science track from GTW. He’s got a solid relationship with his co-worker, Mortimer Goth, and is currently head over heels in love with Ulrike Faust. Talk about an odd couple, though they seem to really get along! He also just gave birth to an alien daughter, Nova, a side effect of his career choice.
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    DoodlyDoofusDoodlyDoofus Posts: 1,188 Member
    @afai1261 Was just rereading the last few pages when I noticed your genderbent Morgan Fyres. Well I don't know if you were there when I was posting pictures of my generation 2, but I figured you might get a kick out of seeing that your Genderbent Morgan definitely had some resemblance to Morgan Fyres' and Malcolm Landgraab's random townie child.
    Mainly it's the hair.

    The General I mean, Kane. Just plain old Kane went off to work, at least he got the respect he deserved at work.
    Meanwhile, Justice The Chief realized that wanting another child, at her age no less, was a terrible terrible terrible idea.
    Justice: "This day is going to suck."
    Also, super duper everyone is at work/school speed offers some good glitches. Like this girl who just walked right through my house and into the pond behind the mansion.
    Girl: "The ducks will never notice I'm not one of them."
    And just like Bruce Banner in the 1970's cultural phenomena Incredible Hulk TV series, the girl wanders into the woods never to be seen again.
    Oh wait, I can still follow her.
    She is not human.
    Okay, NOW she disappears into the woods, never to be seen again.
    Wait, I didn't even think it was possible to get here.
    I know what she was trying to do, she was trying to break free of this awful simulation we call The Sims 4. She doesn't want a quick 90 day life span where she's controlled by some weirdo taking pictures of her for some online forum and just like Jim Carey at the end of The Truman Show has escaped and is free to live on the outside.
    Anyways, enough of those shenanigans! Logan and Gem are back from school and greet their father so they can have Father/Twin funtime!
    Or not.
    How cute, little guy is all tuckered out. Let's let him sleep.
    Well now it just so happens to be Harley and Scarlet's birthday!
    But before Justice makes their cake she and Kane have to help the younger twins with their homework.
    Harley: "And I'm helping!"
    Alright Harley, it's your birthday! You can wish for anything!
    Harley: "I can wish for anything huh?"
    The sounds of terrified screaming, sirens and nuclear explosions go off in the young boy's head....
    Harley: "Meh, being mildly attractive is a good enough wish."
    The other siblings show their support for their brother's birthday.
    But now it's Scarlet's turn to age up! What do you wish for kiddo?
    Scarlet: "Well, I'd like to have the ability to hear in my left ear again after that party popper went off."
    We r guud parents.
    Well, since Justice didn't deafen her daughter in one ear Scarlet (who is actually wearing something red now. Sorry for not noticing that when she was a child!) takes a selfie with her mother. Enjoy this while it lasts Justice, in another year she'll be too embarrassed to be seen posting selfies of you two on her Simstagram page.
    Gem: "Whatcha doing?"
    Harley: "Well I mean if Mom's not going to clean up after herself someone has to, right?"
    And then Ghost cat came back.

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    BeardedgeekBeardedgeek Posts: 5,520 Member
    edited May 2018
    Why is the Romance Festival always the WORST placve to hook up?

    Agathe going to the Romance festival... (please note the albino Japanese guy. As always, the game spawns 5 of him every play session).
    Nice to see other people having fun, I guess.

    The morning after was a flea market. As usual, it's a much better place to meet hot singles than the Romance festival. For some reason.
    Now... This guy is cute and nice. But he's quite a bit older AND he's lazy. Agathe has not decided if to pursue anything with him yet.

    Agathe at least is a popular member in the Spin Masters: She can't play for Tips yet, but she does get everyone dancing.
    And speaking of dancing...

    Why is it that I am looking for a male partner for Agathe and she keeps getting surrounded by cute tattooed girls?

    Oh and this never gets old.

    Origin ID: A_Bearded_Geek
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    DianesimsDianesims Posts: 2,896 Member
    edited May 2018
    Well the girls tried on new outfits, at least Hailey.

    Is it just me or does Casey really look like Elsa with that braid??

    "Wake up ! There's an emergency ! My food bowl is empty."

    Also, Derek apparently found some kind of invisibility cloak :D
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    BeardedgeekBeardedgeek Posts: 5,520 Member
    Dianesims wrote: »
    Is it just me or does Casey really look like Elsa with that braid??

    It's not just you. They put it in after the movie AFAIR.
    Also, it's one of my favorite hairstyles IRL and in the game (I love braids and ponytails on women). And not ONLY because of Frozen.
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    LJFoxieLJFoxie Posts: 929 Member
    Today I started a new generation of my legacy after two polls that ended in a tie! After loads of great advice I decided on a Decision Maker Site that randomly chose for me! Can't wait to see what Landon has to offer! <3


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    BeardedgeekBeardedgeek Posts: 5,520 Member
    edited May 2018
    The quest for a relationship...
    Here are the candidates:

    Number one - The Kind Family Man / Sensitive Genius

    Number two - The Rugged Badboy with a Hart Of Gold

    Number three - The Perfect Man with the Perfect Face and the Perfect Butt

    So far I am definitely favoring candidate #1.

    Other developments:
    Agathe have her first appliance breakdown and have to spend half the night fixing her toilet.

    The night after is nicer. She looks so cute and happy when DJ:ing! Also; Ouch!

    Then it was time for a different kind of clubbing:
    First a meeting with the Garden Gnomes in the afternoon...

    Then the first meeting of the exclusive club the "Body-Minders" (a Wellness / Swimming club.

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