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Possible Features That Could Work Well with Seasons

Lots of people want seasons and weather in The Sims 4. I get that. The question that's been in the back of my mind lately is "What other features could potentially work well together with seasons and weather mechanics, either in Sims 4 or maybe in future games in the series?" (For the record, I for one haven't given up on the possibility of The Sims franchise having a future, so now that that's out of the way let's get back on topic.)

Here are a few thoughts I had about potential features that haven't fully come into their own in The Sims 4 yet, and how they might possibly work with seasons or weather mechanics:

1. Farming
I do think it's possible that Sims 4 might get some kind of farm-related content in the future, mostly because horses seem to have been a fan-favorite in TS3:Pets, but since there were no horses in TS4:C&D, then I think the most likely ways that they could return would be either in an entirely equestrian-focused pack or in a farm pack. And when a seasons mechanic does become a thing in TS4, it's probably going to have a considerable effect on the existing gardening mechanic -- it would be weird if Sims needed to water their outdoor plants after a rainstorm, plants wouldn't grow in wintery conditions, etc. Which means that, if Sims 4 or any future games that may exist were to get a farming mechanic, weather and seasons would probably have a considerable effect on that as well.

2. Hobbies & Activities
This one might seem like a bit of a stretch, but I was thinking "If Child and Teen Sims don't have to go to school in the summer, maybe they would go to summer camp instead?" And then I started thinking about summer camps as a way for Child and Teen Sims to do activities and learn skills. Then I started speculating about the possibility of summer camp features in Sims games working like the active careers in GtW so you could control your Sims while they were at camp, or like clubs in GT so you could design your own summer camps for your Sims to attend. I think that features like those would be more of a pipe dream than something we could realistically expect in the future, but actually, come to think of it, it wouldn't be that hard to use GT to make a club that would function as a summer camp.

3. Supernaturals
Okay, this one probably seems like even more of a stretch. I was thinking mostly about spellcasting supernaturals like witches and fairies (and maybe genies). Basically, my idea was that witches and/or fairies with a high magic skill, or certain high-level perks if these kinds of supernaturals wind up working like the vampires in TS4, could cast spells that affect the weather. I think there might have been something similar going on if you had both Seasons and Supernatural for TS3, but I only ever played TS3 base game so I'm not sure.

Please feel free to share your own thoughts and speculations about what other features might go well with seasons and weather, and/or your own ideas about what possible future features in Sims games might pair well together.
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    VriyayaVriyaya Posts: 32 Member
    since the community seemed to overwhelmingly dislike the concept of a pack with gameplay tied to another pack (the my first pet fiasco, I like to call it), I think we wont get to see anything like this in the future with seasons. Which is unfortunate, because I think these ideas would really help create a more interactive gameplay experience
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    BrindletonBrindleton Posts: 415 Member
    During Fall/Autumn having a Halloween event where everyone dresses in costumes for a day if you own Spooky Stuff.

    Like the alien / bear nights in Get Together :)
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    filipomelfilipomel Posts: 1,693 Member
    I’ve said this in other threads, but I would really like to see weather have an actual impact on the sims and their living conditions, things like power outages, flooded basements, leaky roofs, broken windows from hail, alternative power sources for potential lower bills, etc. I want to feel like the weather is an active part of my sims lives as opposed to something optional/extra, because in sims 3 all weather did was look pretty and offer new gameplay for building snowman, raking leaves and so on.
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    DianesimsDianesims Posts: 2,892 Member
    I think it would be nice to have more seasonal activities (skiing, Going to the beach (why can't the sims swim in the sea anymore ?), Hiking, Scuba diving, decorating the christmas tree, Have our sims go shopping for (real, believable) christmas presents (cause the ones in the sims 3 were lame), decorating the house for halloween....
    Seasonal crops would be nice too (pumpkin, clementines....)
    And I hope there will be all the activities there were in Sims 3, I really liked them particularly the snow activities.
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    stilljustme2stilljustme2 Posts: 25,082 Member
    Vriyaya wrote: »
    since the community seemed to overwhelmingly dislike the concept of a pack with gameplay tied to another pack (the my first pet fiasco, I like to call it), I think we wont get to see anything like this in the future with seasons. Which is unfortunate, because I think these ideas would really help create a more interactive gameplay experience

    After the MFP disaster they'll be looking for ideas that stand well on their own rather than putting out a pack that requires another pack to get full use. Both farming and hobbies/crafts could fit that requirement. You could have a farming pack with animals and additional plants -- the people without Seasons wouldn't have the seasonal effect on plants if there is such a feature in Seasons (if the devs go that direction) so a Farming pack could enhance Seasons (and vice versa) but Seasons would not be required. Hobbies and Activities could also stand alone if they go with activities that work in any weather -- maybe they bring back inventing so you can develop robots to do a lot of the daily tasks, or more crafting options like the sculpting skill from Sims 3.

    I'd say weather spells could defintely be part of a Witch's repertoire -- maybe they'll get them if you have Seasons installed like we got the Weatherstone if we had both Seasons and Supernatural in Sims 3. But Witches could stand alone perfectly well without weather spells; as long as they had plenty of other spells. I'd like to see a spell tree similar to the one in Vampires, but at a certain point you can choose your path (Good or Evil) and be shown the spells for your own choice of branch, alongside some "neutral" spells that any witch can learn.
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    DannydanboDannydanbo Posts: 18,057 Member
    If they do a farming pack, I hope it will be coordinated with seasons in that crops will grow when they should grow and lie dormant when they shouldn't grow. Just like in real life. I don't want to harvest crops in winter with snow all around.
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    AmeliaNovaAmeliaNova Posts: 76 Member
    I'd love to see sims have favorite seasons, and for seasons to affect mood. Maybe a flirty moodlet for spring, an energized one in summer... I think it'd be fun to see cats and dogs having kittens and puppies in the spring! I also have a DIRE need for cute leaf piles and dogs and kids playing in the leaf pile! I think a pond that changes with different seasons would be great. Freezing over for skating and ice fishing in the winter, toy boat racing or something in the spring, swimming in the summer, and fishing in the fall!
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    chelseastewchelseastew Posts: 1 New Member
    I would love to see something like this happen. We have a holiday and spooky pack but I never feel like I can use them without the proper weather changes and season changes. I love an idea of a farming pack and having more animals along with it. I feel liked theres a lot of potential with these ideas
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    SimDestroyerSimDestroyer Posts: 335 Member
    edited May 2018
    Natural disasters. Stuff like tornadoes, hurricanes, actual earthquakes and so on. Power outages and thunderstorms would also be great.
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    kwanzaabotkwanzaabot Posts: 2,440 Member
    edited May 2018
    Seasonal vacations could work- ski resorts in winter, beach resorts in summer, vineyards and B&B's in autumn, and cheap ski/beach resorts in spring (the off-season).

    College could conceivably work well with seasons, as well. Start school in autumn, and have school years correspond to actual seasonal cycles. You could even have spring break.
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    jimjam1009jimjam1009 Posts: 165 Member
    I really want more supernaturals SOON. We don’t have enough and those of us who want them have been waiting for a while. So hopefully something like witches or werewolves will come soon.
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    SimlishMajorSimlishMajor Posts: 4 New Member
    For seasons, in options I would like to see different country rotations, like in some places Christmas is in Summer and it gets seriously confusing!

    You can swim in the ocean for once, surfing could be a thing.
    Sunscreen that lasts 4 hours, without your sim will be bright red for 24 hours.
    'Sun' festivals or something like that if you have City Living.
    You can get overly hot if you're wearing long-sleeved clothes.
    Heat-proof traits
    Shark attacks.

    Trees change colour.
    Leaves fall.
    Autumn festivals.
    Leaf artwork.

    Snow (snowmen, angels whatevs)
    Special drinks.
    Too cold for singlets etc.
    Polar-bear trait (immune to cold in any clothing)
    Freeze to death.
    Xmas, parties, during the sims sleep santa comes and places presents in your inventory.
    Snow boarding

    Plants grow faster and plants are harvest-able more often.
    Romantic moodlet
    Weddings are more likely to get gold for events.
    Flower crown making
    Valentines Day

    This would be great!
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    SimlishMajorSimlishMajor Posts: 4 New Member
    More supernatural sims would also be fantastic!

    Ocean kingdom (Atlantis)
    Seducing humans
    Ocean creatures

    Good witch trait
    When angry they can cause accidental tricks around them

    Full moon
    Wakes up without memory of transformation
    Bad relationships with sims after

    Gardening skill goes up quicker
    Hidden area (Fae Woods)

    I want horses and unicorns, anyway BOOM suggestions.
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    Blaze_BardBlaze_Bard Posts: 93 Member
    Thanks, everyone, for sharing all these cool ideas.

    I guess I didn't really do a good job of specifying exactly what I was thinking. I was pondering about what other features might potentially go in an EP that also delivered weather/seasons mechanics. Even in TS4, where the packs tend to be more focused on specific themes than they usually have been in past games in the series, EPs still deliver more than one new game mechanic. So when I suggested things like farming, hobbies and supernaturals, I was thinking about game mechanics that could potentially go in a Seasons EP that have never been in a Seasons EP before. Not that a little bit of cross-compatibility between packs is necessarily a bad thing; the real problem with MFP is that you need to have C&D in order for a lot of the items in the pack to be fully functional, but if it was just one feature that players could access if they had both packs -- like @stilljustme2 mentioned the Weatherstone in Sims 3 -- that wouldn't be so bad.
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    outcastsimmeroutcastsimmer Posts: 45 Member
    If Season is going to be introduced I hope they will do a big game patch where

    (Im going to only talk about the packs that I have bc I dont have any idea about the other packs)

    A. Basegame
    *Gardening - Plants can bloom & wither together with sun & rain, wont be able to plant during winters except indoors.
    *Fireplaces - Fireplaces will impact your sim's mood like if it's hot outside & you have your fireplace lit you'll get an uncomfortable moodlet, vice versa if it's cold.
    *Trees, Flowers, Bushes & Other Landscapes - Changes according to season.
    *Thirst - I dont know but my sim loves to drink water from the tap, I hope they get moodlets from this.
    *Ponds & Beaches - I have seen modders to this where your sim can swim on ponds & rives all around the sims 4 worlds. I hope they can do this too.

    B. Get Together
    *Bluffs - More townies will hangout during summer on the bluffs to swim
    *Fire-pits - Fire-pits can be a source of warmth or death during really hot days
    *Teen Parties - spawned all out the world because duh, summer break! Must I add, barbecue parties too!
    *Cafe - Cafes will be crowded when it's hot / cold because sims need to refresh too.

    C. Get To Work
    * I have no idea, I feel like this pack missed so much features like other works in TS3 where you can be a fashion designer & interior designer

    D. City Living
    *Townies - City townies will tend to escape the city when it's summer to hang out out on pools, or maybe at the bluffs again.
    *Festivals - Since festivals are big in this game, maybe it isnt hard to include spooky festival, spring/summer break, winter holidays & so on.

    E. Laundry Day Pack
    *Laundry - Laundry on the clothesline will dry much faster during hot days & get damped again when it rains.

    F. Dineout
    *Restaurants - Please add more customizable lot category aside from "restaurant" pls let us have "cafe" "bar" or anything that have something to do with food & beverage industry.
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    RedSunBluesRedSunBlues Posts: 143 Member
    Id love to see a storm chaser career in a seasons/weather pack
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