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Fav Sims 3 World


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    zubrowkaszubrowkas Posts: 375 Member
    Aurora Skies.
    I love the feel of it, the colours.
    It's like stepping into an Ikea.
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    MartinvMartinv Posts: 254 Member
    My favorite world is Moonlight Falls because find it spacious, and Appaloosa Plains a second favourite.
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    Stdlr9Stdlr9 Posts: 2,744 Member
    Boy, it really depends on my mood. I don't have many store worlds, but if I could only pick one it would probably be Hidden Springs. Of the expansion pack worlds, I love Moonlight Falls, and good ol' Sunset Valley is great too.
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    readypostreadypost Posts: 60 Member
    Expansion pack worlds Bridgeport (with some modifications like replacing a few lounges with University hang-outs .More sims show up at the hang-outs than any of the lounges anyways) and Moonlight Falls ,just so many interesting Sims there and the Festival Grounds there always attracts alot of Sims to engage with festival activities.Store worlds Lucky Palms (always enjoy having my Sim marry Lennon Sossa and having a ton of kids with him and despite him disliking children he always made a great father)and Monte Vista (always have to add a Festival Ground and a dive bar I created to it tho to keep it interesting and lively for me).Of all the worlds , (only one I don't own is Lunar Lakes)Monte Vista is the only one that had my Sim's homelot almost over-run with seasonal gnomes. :)
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    UniquePuggleUniquePuggle Posts: 864 Member
    I might be in the minority but I love Appaloosa Plains. It has a nice mixture of large and small lots, I love the view from the large lots overlooking the entire city, and as a dog owner who wishes she could bring her pup to more places, the pet friendly locations are cute. Just as I would in real life, I make my sims interact with every wild animal they come across. No day can't be made better by puppy pets!
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    UniquePuggleUniquePuggle Posts: 864 Member
    dorcsyful wrote: »
    I got Riverview and a bunch of simpoints (and a big discount on lipsticks lol)

    I didn't get any discount on lipsticks. :(


    My favorite store world is Riverview, it has so much empty space for additional lots, and the residents are really cool imo. :)

    Twinbrook is my favorite EP world. Always be prepared for some creepy encounters in the foggy Twinbrook swamp at night! D:

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    MiSFiT203MiSFiT203 Posts: 278 Member
    my most played atleast in the past year is sunlit tides..... it has its routing issues, but someone on MTS made fixes for it, which im truly grateful for. i just like the whole layout and atmosphere.
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    Nomiko13Nomiko13 Posts: 1,497 Member
    I love Isla Paradiso :smile:
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    XorzhaanXorzhaan Posts: 92 Member
    I tend to start my game play in Moonlight Falls a lot. I just like that its an easy world, starts with a lot of extra buildings you have to add to many worlds. I tend want to make one of my sims a Witch at some point and that just makes it easier. Then I move to another world later on for a change of pace.

    When I first got Sunlit Tides it was unplayable. I found someones guide online how to fix it, they had you do things like remove all houseboats, delete all usable parking spaces from community lots and some other stuff I do not remember now. That made a huge difference and it was very playable after that. Then it became one of my faves.

    Hmm, on a side note did they ever fix Sunlit Tides? I just started playing again and I was temped to start there but was too afraid it might still be broken and thought I might ask before look for a guide to fix it again yet.
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    taydevtaydev Posts: 912 Member
    My favorite worlds are what I consider the most aesthetically pleasing, granted some of them are more playable than others. Listed in no particular order:

    Moonlight Falls - I love the entire atmosphere of the world. The deep green, rainy weather, misty cool climate, and snow-capped mountains make me think of the Pacific Northwest. The lot sizes are great and there's plenty of space to place more.

    Appaloosa Plains - Very playable. I managed to add just a few more large lots, but it's the color palette and pets that draw me in. I'm a city girl at heart, but enjoy the Midwest/country vibe this world brings.

    Monte Vista - The scenery and architecture is everything here! My Sims live the good life in their perfect Tuscan villas.

    Dragon Valley - Again, I really love the scenery and lush color scheme here, plus the medieval theme, which is one of my absolute favorite periods in history. I even placed a few castles for my royal family.

    Hidden Springs - Reminds me of the deep fjords of Norway and I've placed many Scandinavian style homes to build on that theme.

    Sunset Valley - The staple. If I'm honest, it's not exactly the most beautiful and the multiple climates is weird and unrealistic, but it's nice. I've added so much to this world that it's now my biggest, busiest, and most populous (and lags like crazy, unfortunately).

    Riverview - I love the river and its island, and the rolling hills and farmlands. I can't seem to find the extra space for more lots that others do, but the world is still playable.

    *honorable mentions: Shang Simla, Champs Les Sims, Sunlit Tides, Isla Paradiso, Aurora Skies
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    AvataritAvatarit Posts: 836 Member
    Sunset Valley- I play there most of the time, my CASs always begin there, and this is the only town where I remember every town family, every lot. It's easy to navigate.
    Univesity world- the pre-made sims in this world are very cool, and I like the hangout places. also easy to navigate.
    Bridgeport - I like the night club lots but I usually use them in Sunset Valley.
    Isla Paradiso - just because of the scuba diving in the ocean.
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    MMitchell93MMitchell93 Posts: 108 Member
    Honestly, I love Sunset Valley. Always have. Probably because it's just like my town in real life. But my new favorite is Storybook County which is a cc world. So big and super well done!
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    TeenWolf_1999TeenWolf_1999 Posts: 498 Member
    Sunset Valley-İt reminds me of my hometown.
    Sunlit Tides-İt has a beautiful view during winter.
    University World-This city reminds me of the university that ı want to win.
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    JackiMahJackiMah Posts: 46 Member
    Island Paradise -with the lag fix- oohhhh yes!

    After that it's Sunset Valley since it has such a solid design and it was the first game world I saw the fully open world implemented into it which blew me away.
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    ChimarkChimark Posts: 2,166 Member
    I like Sunset Valley the best, it's the original and I love the townies too..
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    PholliePhollie Posts: 20 Member
    Eisbergsente, that is the best scary picture I've ever seen from the sims. Also could you message me (as it's off-topic for this thread) with a brief overview on how you stabilised Twinbrook please? I can play 1 sim week and it crashes to desktop and refuses to load again. I've lost a lot of good sims that way. :/
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    PholliePhollie Posts: 20 Member
    Oh P.S
    1) Bridgeport
    2) Moonlight Falls
    3) Sunset Valley
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    JENNIFERZ77JENNIFERZ77 Posts: 126 Member
    I am just getting back into this game after a long "real life" story. I can't wait to get started. Island Paradise was my favorite. But Roaring Heights has my interest. I am wondering if anyone likes it.
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    fionaloveserranofionaloveserrano Posts: 584 Member
    I bought Aurora Skies a few months back but I haven't really been playing the sims for a while and when I did I was playing with this family I've been playing with for generations. I just got around to playing in AS and I love it !! The townies are awesome and it's the first time I played with pre-made sims. I'm having a blast ! I recommend it to all of you who don't have it.
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    Jerry4Jerry4 Posts: 32 Member
    My most favorite world is probably Bridgeport.
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    Saltysea21Saltysea21 Posts: 182 Member
    Moonlight Falls and Riverview :) sunlit tides is absolutely beautiful too but sometimes I like a world that's a bit more realistic to where I'd live. Don't think I'll be moving to a tropical island anytime soon lol I also love the way Bridgeport looks in the winter
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    fionaloveserranofionaloveserrano Posts: 584 Member
    as i finished my legacy in arurua skies i just wanted to make some comments ! it's very small -not many houses to choose from even with lots of funds and they do not tell you how many bedrooms the houses have . it's a bit annoying and quite frustrating . just a little thing to let you know if anyone is looking into it !
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    FunkycormFunkycorm Posts: 50 Member
    Riverview or Twinbrook. I love the rivers cutting through town. It gives more sims waterfront property :smile:
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    angryfish23angryfish23 Posts: 70 Member
    I'm not the kind of person who can choose just one thing, so I love different worlds for different reasons.
    My favourites would probably be;

    Lucky Palms: I play LP fairly often. It's a very pretty map for a desert area, and I really love the poor "dried up" side of the town. I just like that kind of feel to my game. I don't really pay much attention to the rich side lol but I do love the "That 70's house" lot. I find mid-century modern style pretty neat. It reminds me of the furniture my grandparents had at their cabin. For premades I like the Gilbert family as they remind of playing the Brokes in TS2 which was my most played family from that game. It's cool to see Darren Dreamer wandering around town too hehe.

    Sunlit Tides: So very pretty! The flora is so lush and green. I love the rabbitholes, as they're a bit smaller than a some of the other world's rabbitholes...except for the volcano lair of course. But that one is cool so I like it too :P It has that
    stretch of empty lots which comes in handy. If IP dive lots could be placed in ST it would be perfect.

    Twinbrook: This might be an unusual choice but I really like the swamp section of the map, and the old run down stilt houses.
    The atmosphere of the swamp makes for some cool photos. I love cluttering up the houses with old and rusty looking stuff haha.
    Again, I prefer the poor side of the town over the rich one. It just makes for more interesting play.
    It would be nice if the water in the middle of the town was actual ocean instead of just lake, though :/

    Sunset Valley:'s the original after all :D Like all the worlds it does have it's problems but it has some nice premade homes, the nicest and most useful (in my opinion) of the big park lots, and of course all the premade residents that I've grown attached to over the years. Little Bella and Mortimer are so cute to see. I like the ease in from the green hills to the beach area too.

    As for worlds I don't have... Roaring Heights looks so cool. I'd love to own it someday.
    Hidden Springs looks quite pretty, and so does Monte Vista (plus I really want that pizza oven)

    Island Paradise would have made my list if it wasn't so laggy and crash-y :( I really do love running resorts and diving.
    Cleaning up Hobart's Hideaway is always fun when I can get IP to load properly.

    Champs Les Sims has charming architecture and is probably my favourite vacation world.
    Unfortunately every time my sims try traveling lately, my game crashes :(

    This turned into quite the essay so I'm gonna end my thoughts on TS3 worlds here lol ~
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